The Village of Minishant, Ayrshire, Scotland
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Minishant - photo by Brian Wotherspoon

"Minishant is situated about two miles north of Maybole -a charming, straggling village in the lee of Brown Carrick Hill. Henrietta and Hugh Douglas have dug deeply into the past to uncover details of the days when this was the granary of the monks of Crossraguel Abbey, when Kennedys and Mures fought fiercely for power and when the village became a busy little place with two woollen mills." Review of the book Minishant is a bonnie wee place. Portrait of a Village.

Google now has the Street View available for Minishant. Walk or drive the streets, pan up and down, zoom in or out or place a figure on a map to go directly to a location. These functions and more make getting around Straiton from a virtual perspective easier than ever before. Give it a drive!

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Minishant Millennium Gala Day Where is Minishant? Minishant is a
bonnie wee place
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The Minnishant Inn
is available for purchase
 Minishant Cottages prior to their demolition. Photo by Fred Westcott Minishant Sketch-Gallery Old Minishant Photo-Gallery
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Minishant Village- by Rev. Roderick Lawson Minishant Village Hall Books by former Minishant resident Hugh Douglas Culroy - By John Hutchison
Contributed by Hugh Douglas
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Minishant residents from the 1883 Directory of Carrick John Brackenridge - Minishant Postman Sir Peter Coates Minishant War Memorial
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