Maybole Football Club 1895-96
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Maybole Football Club Season 1895-96
J Kelly (Treas); G Limond, F Collins, J Tait, W Marshall, J Marshall, D Murray (Trainer),
W Wilson, J McAughtrie, A Boags, J Murray, W Edgar (Secy), H Hastings
Contributed by Norman MacIntyre

Old photos in very poor condition can often be restored. Click on the image on the left to view the original image of the football team. With a little bit of work the team "cleaned up" very well. If you have thought of contributing an old photo to the site but had some doubts on its quality, sent it to us and let us see what we can do with it.

...I saw the questions asked about the amateur football club in Maybole back in the late 1800s .. early 1900s and wondered if you'd taken a look at the picture I'd sent of my grandfather, John Robb who played on the Maybole amateur team. My grandfather emigrated to Canada in Spring of 1907 .. so, the "football picture" of him would have been taken either in the Spring of 1907 .. or before that. He was born in 1885 .. so .. I'm guessing .. but I'd say he looks to be somewhere around 18 -22 in the picture on the right hand side of the top row on the page. Carol McLellan July 2011


 We're looking for your help in answering some questions about a football game that Maybole men played against the Rangers on January 27, 1900. Perhaps some of them are shown in the photo above of the team in 1895-96. [ Stuart Robertson contacted us in May 2002 with the answers given to some of the questions below. Our thanks to Stuart!]


Was the team named simply ' Maybole' ?
Were they part-time professionals  [ paid to play] ?
What league were Maybole playing in at the time and what was their status in this league?
How did Maybole qualify for the 1899 / 1900 Scottish Cup? Were they invited to compete by the S.F.A., or did they come through a pre-qualification phase ?

Who did Maybole defeat in the first round of the 1899/1900 Scottish Cup to set up the tie with Rangers ?

The team qualified for the Scottish Cup by reaching the quarter-finals of the
Scottish Qualifying Cup....
 1st round   v Irvine(a)  walkover
2nd round  v Beith(h) 2-0
3rd round  - bye
4th round  v Douglas Wanderers(a) 2-2, (h) 6-2
Quarter Final v Galston(h) 1-4
 In the 1st round of the Scottish Cup they beat Wishaw Thistle 4-2 at home.

Did the Maybole team consist of all Maybole and district men?
Were they playing at Baloney in 1900 ? If not there, where ?
When, and for what reason, did the team finally disband. Did the outbreak of the 'Great War' in 1914 lead to the demise of the team, or did they survive and reform after WW1?

Maybole entered the Scottish Qualifying Cup after the First World War in seasons 1919/20 and 1920/21 but scratched in the 1st round on both occasions.


If you know the answers to any of these questions please contact us.

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