Maybole Amateurs Football
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Back row left to right : George Logan, Chris McConnell, Jason Wallace, Allan Brownlee, Steven Espie, David  Brown, Gary Steele, Reid Logan, George McCulloch. Front row: Derek Bell, Jimmy Sturgeon, Danny Morrison, Graham Eaglesham, Ross Murchie, David Nisbet, Robert Stevenson .   click here for a larger picture


Maybole Amateurs had their first competitive fixture of the season on Saturday, in the 2nd round of the Famous Grouse Scottish Amateur Cup. Their opponents were fellow premier league side West Kilbride and the committee would like to thank the players who turned up on Saturday to allow this fixture to go ahead. They would specially thanks to club captain David Brown, Jim Carmichael, Chris Kennedy and Steven McBirnie who have remained loyal to the club through this difficult period. (Ayrshire Post, October 2004)

Pictured above are, from left to right: Back: Michael Cran, Tommy Connelly, David Brown (Capt.), Gary Steel, Ross Murchie, Robert Simpson, John Roach, Gary McCulloch, Chris Kennedy Front: Matt Davey, Steven McBirnie, Jim Carmichael, Ross Hetherington, Robert Shaw, Michael Thompson, Derek Bell, Richard Stevenson  (Club President)

Ayrshire Cup Winners 1999/2000MAYBOLE Amateurs won the Ayrshire Cup for the second time in three years on Saturday. And one of their players immediately gave away his cup medal! But it was a heart-warming gesture by Alan Brownlee, who scored one of Maybole's goals in a 2-0 victory over West Kilbride. And Alan gifted his medal to disabled Michael Waters, a faithful supporter in recent seasons. Maybole's lucky mascot at the cup final, played at Kilmarnock FC's Rugby Park, was none other than a Girvan boy! But three-year-old Andrew Falls is grandson of Maybole AFC committee man John Cuthbert. (Ayrshire Post  5th April 2002).

Ayshire Cup Medal
Photos of the Maybole Football Team from years gone-by. Click of the images to view them full size.

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Football Team 1895

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 was restored.

Amateurs circa 1930
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Maybole Amateurs 1935

Post card contributed by Tom Fowler .

Maybole Amateurs 1939

Winners of the Ayrshire Cup.

Maybole football teams have had a few defeats as well. Read this letter from the Rangers Football Club.

Results below by Glen Cuthbert, Secretary

Season 2002/2003     Season 2001/2002    Season 2000/2001    Season 1999/2000

Results for Jan 2003

11-01-03    Game off
Maybole goal scorer: n/a

18-01-03    Maybole  v  Milngavie Wand.
 Maybole goal scorer: Mullan(2)

2-3 Scottish Cup 5th Round   Away

25-01-03    Maybole  v  Kilwinning Ams.
Maybole goal scorer: McAdam(2), Mullan

3-2   West Cup 4th Round Home

Results for Dec 2002

07-12-02    Maybole  v  Westhill
Maybole goal scorer: Brownlee(4) Mullan(2), McAdam, McCann, I Brown

9-1 Scottish Cup 4th Round Away

 14-12-02    Maybole  v  Bellaire
 Maybole goal scorer:  Brownlee(2), Mullan, McMurdo, McGrouther

5-0 West Cup 3rd Round Away

21-12-02    Game off
 Maybole goal scorer: n/a

Results for Nov 2002

02-11-02    Game off 
Maybole goal scorer: n/a

09-11-02    Maybole  v  Paisley Ath
 Maybole goal scorer: I Brown, McAdam

2-1  West Cup 2rd Round Away

16-11-02    Maybole  v  Troon AFC
Maybole goal scorer: McAdam(4),Brownlee(2),Mullan(2),Whalen,Murchie,McGrouther

11-1  Donsport Trophy 2nd Round  Home

23-11-02    Game off 
 Maybole goal scorer: n/a

 30-11-02    Maybole  v  Hurlford
Maybole goal scorer: I Brown(2), Brownlee(2), McMurdo

5-4 Premier League Home

Results for Oct 2002

05-10-02    Maybole  v  Troon Ams
Maybole goal scorer:  I Brown,              Brownlee, McAdam(2)

4-2 Scottish  Cup 1st Rd  Home

19-10-02    Maybole  v  Elderslie
Maybole goal scorer: Brownlee(4), Conkie, McAdam, McCann, McBirnie

8-0 Scottish Cup   2nd Rd  Away

26-10-02    Maybole  v Plean
Maybole goal scorer: McCann(2), Brownlee, McAdam

4-1  West Cup 1st Rd 


Results for September 2002

 21-09-02    Maybole  v  Newmilns
Maybole goal scorer:  I Brown, Mullan

2-4   Premier League Home 

29-09-02    Maybole  v  Ayr Thistle
Maybole goal scorer:  I Brown(2), McGrouther, McBirnie, Conkie

 5-2   Goldrealm Trphy 1st Rd   Home

Results for August 2002

10-08-02    Maybole  v  Knockentiber 
Maybole goal scorer:  I Brown, McCann

2-3  Premier League Away

13-08-02    Maybole  v  Clark Drive
Maybole goal scorer:  Mullan, I Brown(2)

3-2  Premier League Away

17-08-02    Maybole  v  Onthank
Maybole goal scorer:  I Brown(2), McCann(2), og,  Conkie

6-0   Premier League Away

21-08-02    Maybole  v  Mosblown
Maybole goal scorer: I Brown, Mullan, McCann

 3-3  Premier League Away

24-08-02    Maybole  v Wst Kilbride
Maybole goal scorer: I Brown,  Mullan

2-2  Premier League Home

 31-08-02    Maybole  v Hurlford 
 Maybole goal scorer: n/a 

0-0 Ayrshire Cup
(Hurlford awarded tie)

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