Chess Trophies
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Robertson Challenge Cup Carrick Chess Club Trophy President’s Trophy Bishop, Rook & Medals

Paul Baerm: League trophy winner 1997-1999. Click here to view full size. Vincenzo Tedeschi: League trophy winner 2000-2001. Click here to view full size. Athol Macgilchrist: League trophy winner 2002. Click here to view full size.

Paul Baerm
1997- 1998- 1999

Vincenzo Tedeschi
2000- 2001

Athol Macgilchrist

John Bryden

Kenny Brooksbank

Ali Roy

The Robertson Challenge Cup was won for the first time in 1909 by the EDINBURGH LADIES CHESS CLUB. It is a cup for teams of women and was played between this club and the GLASGOW LADIES CHESS CLUB until 1971. In 1972 the ladies of the Dundee mixed club took part in this team event and won the cup many times. Later the ladies of the Polytechnic (Glasgow), the Wandering Dragons (Edinburgh) and some other women’s teams of different clubs took part. In 1992 & 1997 the KESTRELS (women, mainly from Carrick) won it. In 2000 the KESTRELS won it jointly with the WANDERING DRAGONS. The competition is organized by the Scottish Chess Association –

The Division 3 Winners Shield was presented for the first time in 1994 by the AYRSHIRE CHESS ASSOCIATION. Until then there were only two divisions. The winners of this shield: Stewarton 1994; Greenwood Gambits 1995; Largs 1996; Ayr 1997; Greenwood Rooks 1998; Largs B 1999; CARRICK 2000; 2001Greenwood Knights; 2002 Prestwick B; 2003 Irvine Porthead B; 2004 Carrick!

Carrick Chess Club trophy (height 30 cm), carved and donated by Allan Lees (Kirkmichael) won by Harvey Robertson 1991-92; Terry Johnson 1993; Steell McFadzean 1994; T Johnson 1995 – 97; Siegrun Macgilchrist 1998 – 2003

The President’s Trophy (height 30 cm) is for the Carrick monthly competition (5 mins per player). . George Norris won it most often in 1999, Steell MacFadzean in 2000 and Siegrun Macgilchrist in 2001. In February and March 2002 a newcomer to competitive chess won it: Helen Douglas.

The Bishop (height 30 cm) is the junior trophy for serious games, where the children record their moves and get one hour each on the clock. Winners: 1994 - 95 Kelly Ward; 96 & 98 Marjorieann Kennedy; 99 David McDermott; 2000 Blair Kirkpatrick; 2002 Ali Roy; 2003 M. Kennedy; 2004 Alastair Muirhead

The black Rook is the junior blitz trophy played for once a month at a rate of ten minutes per game. The winner in June 2000 was Blair Kirkpatrick. The blitz games for this trophy were started again in Dec 2001 when Ali Roy (6) won it. Eilidh Douglas (10) wrestled it from her at the Christmas blitz. and won it again in February with a perfect score of 7/7. March 2002 saw Ali Roy, now aged 7 win it again.

The merit trophy was introduced in 1997 and Paul Baerm won it thrice. Vincenzo Tedeschi then won it twice in 2000 & 2001. Athol Macgilchrist won it in 2002; John Bryden 2003; [above right] and Kenny Brooksbank [below] (with a perfect score of 7/7!) 2004; Ali Roy 2005.

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