Carrick Chess Club
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From left to right: Jim McTaggart, Athol Macgilchrist, Eric Mackinnon, Steell MacFadzean, Siegrun Macgilchrist, Ali & Charlie Roy, Dr. Kenneth Brooksbank. The children are Charlotte & Matthew Brooksbank

In April 2018 Carrick chess club moved to St Oswald church hall to play on Wednesdays evenings. We won the 2nd div league & Kenny won the Carrick championship and retained the knight trophy. We play friendlies, take part in various competitions, teach beginners & drink coffee, tea & juice. Unfortunately we can't play there just now because of the pandemic. We advise any newcomers to play online & join us as soon as it is safe.

For photos and trophies see the end of this page.

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 Left :Kenny, Matthew & Jim
Right: Siegrun, Athol & Eric
Left: Jim, Angela, Charlie
 Right: Siegrun, Athol, Eric
 Charlie & Angela on left;
Duncan & Matthew's grandpa on right

Ayrshire junior chess league results: Carrick A team won the Ayrshire junior league last month at Greenwood Academy when 13 teams took part; Carrick B team came 7th. Carrick A team in board order  Peter Edwards, Zak Roy, Stewart Beatie and Andrew Carter Carrick B team  in board order John Dempster, Andrew Clark, Scott Tudhope and David Carter.  Photo: Back row - Ali Roy(non playing captain) ,Stuart Beattie (A), David Carter (B) Peter Edwards (A) Scott Tudhope (B) John Dempster (B) and Andrew Clarke (B) Kneeling, Zak Roy (A) and Andrew Carter (A).

Photo includes both teams and non playing captain Scottish Internationalist Ali Roy (left), Ali helps the beginners in the junior section along with Siegrun and Athol Macgilchrist on Wednesday evenings in Maybole Town Hall . If you are interested in learning to play chess why not go along at 6.30pm; entry is free - all you need to take is some money for the tuck shop   Zak represented St Cuthbert’sPrimary at George Herriot School in Edinburgh at Easter in the Chess Scotland Schools Individual Finals and came 3rd in the primary 5 and under section; he lost his last round on board 1 to win his section outright. Peter Edwards from Girvan finished a respectable 9th in the primary 6/7 section.  

March 2008 The Ayrshire chess league has 3 divisions. Carrick plays in the first division. There are eight teams & every club plays every team once. Carrick had a draw with Troon in round 6: Siegrun Macgilchrist 0-1 John Calder; Eric MacKinnon 0-1 Len Weir; Kenny Brooksbank 0-1 Duncan Malcolm; Ali Roy 1-0 Michael Chapman; Steell McFadzean 1-0 Stuart Lampard; Athol 1-0 Alice Lampard Later Carrick won in round 7 against Largs 4 -2, which puts Carrick in 7th place (14.5). Largs is last (5) & Troon (17.5)is just in front of Carrick. Irvine (33) & Greenwood (33) are leading the race. Now every team is playing three matches - the top 4 are playing each other for the trophy: Greenwood, Irvine, Prestwick & Kilmarnock, the bottom four to avoid relegation: Ardrossan, Carrick, Largs & Troon.

November 2007 Carrick Chess Club has played the first home match against Prestwick and won 3.5 - 2.5. They needed an extra place because Steve Hilton is semi-blind and uses an extra board which he's allowed to touch whilst thinking about his moves. Athol Macgilchrist made Steve’s moves on the normal board, so that Eric McKinnon didn't have to make them himself for black. However, Eric also had to call out his moves and Steve called out his moves twice each time he made a move - once for Eric's benefit, once for his small recorder. It was a pretty unusual experience. Results: Eric McKinnon 0-1 Steve Hilton; Siegrun Macgilchrist 0-1 Michael Harkins; Kenny Brooksbank 1-0 Ian Nelson; Ali Roy 1-0 Gary McPheator; Steell McFadzean 1/2 Jamie McGranaghan; John Shevlin 1-0 John Dement. Photo 1 : The young people who are members of Carrick Chess Club are keen to help each other to improve. Here are most of them: Scott Tudhope, Peter Edwards, Jordan Ross, Jack and Liam Menzies, John Dempster, Andrew Clark, Ali Roy and Gavin Tudhope. Photo 2: Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu is one of the strongest chess players in the world & the strongest in Rumania. He is also the chess player with the longest hair!

June 2007 At Carrick Chess Club's prizegiving & AGM, new office bearers are: President -Steell McFadzean; treasurer Eric McKinnon; secretary Athol Macgilchrist, team captain Kenny Brooksbank; trainer Sigrun Macgilchrist; controller of championship Alastair Muirhead. In the photo are back: Dr. K. Brooksbank, A.Macgilchrist, S. McFadzean, A. Muirhead & V. Tedeschi front: S. Macgilchrist, Liam & Jack Menzies, Peter Edwards & Martin MacPherson. Last blitz of the season is on wed, 27th of June in the town hall, Maybole, everyone welcome.

May 2007 The UK Chess Challenge is the biggest tournament for children in the UK. It starts as a seven round competition in schools and clubs everywhere and the winners go forward to the second stage. Peter Edwards and Liam Menzies qualified in Carrick Chess Club. Peter went on to compete in the 2nd stage, which was held in Newton Mearns for the West of Scotland players. He qualified with 4/6 to join the winners in Manchester for the 3rd stage. In the meantime in Carrick's own competitions, Ali Roy won the Queen, the senior blitz trophy for April, and the Rook, the junior blitz trophy for May! The club meets from 6.30 - 10.00 on Wednesdays in the town hall in Maybole. The juniors are now playing for the Bishop until the end of May, then have some fun events in June. The seniors are finishing the club competition and some blitz events. These are games where everyone gets 5 minutes on the clock for the whole game.

February 2007After five rounds, Greenwood Gambits are leading the 1st division of the Ayrshire Chess League; Largs are leading the 2nd division and Prestwick the 3rd division. The results for the first division: Gambits 27; Kilmarnock 25; Irvine 22.5; Prestwick A & Ardrossan 19; Troon 15; Carrick 7; Greenwood Rooks 5.5 There are two more rounds, then the top four teams play for the trophy; and the bottom four battle against relegation. Carrick Chess Club play from 7 – 10pm every Wednesday in Maybole Town Hall. Join them at 6.30pmwhen members will be studying the endgame for 30minutes.

January 2007 Troon visited Maybole to play against Carrick Chess Club and won 3.5 - 2.5 although it was the home team’s best effort yet in the 1st division: Results were: Eric McKinnon 0-1 C. Weir; Siegrun Macgilchrist 1-0 John Calder; Dr. Kenneth Brooksbank 1/2 D Malcolm; Steell McFadzean 0-1 Len Weir; Ali Roy 0-1 Mike Chapman; Alastair Muirhead 1-0 Alice Lampard It’s not too late for juniors to join Carrick’s competition in which everyone wins a few prizes!

November 2006 Carrick Chess Club travelled to Dreghorn recently to play against the Greenwood Gambits. The games were all very close, but the score went against Carrick who lost another 5 points. Eric Mackinnon was under pressure all through the game and lost on time. Siegrun Macgilchrist lost her bishop on move 9, but had lots of compensation. Kenny Brooksbank was two pawns down in the endgame but engineered a repetition of moves. Steell MacFadzean was winning, but dropped a piece in the endgame. Ali Roy and Alastair Muirhead both lost.  Results were (Carrick names first): Eric Mackinnon 0-1 Elliott Frew; Siegrun Macgilchrist 1/2 David Gillespie; Dr. Kenneth Brooksbank 1/2 Arthur McCurley; Steell MacFadzean 0-1 Robert Moore; Ali Roy 0-1 Andrew Shields; Alastair Muirhead 0-1 Joe Wain. Carrick 1 - 5 Greenwood Gambits

Ali Roy, of Maybole, has been selected to play for Scotland U/12 girls at the European Championships which will be held in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Scotland, England and Wales have all pulled out of the World Championships which was to be held in Georgia Russia in October, due to kidnapping and terrorist threats at the airport they were to arrive at, so there has been a rush to get the team to Montenegro. Ali has had quite a year and here is a list of her achievements. more

Carrick Chess Club opens its doors on 23rd August 2006 from 7 - 10, (7 - 8 for beginners) in Maybole Town Hall. The Scottish chess season finished on 30th of June and its grand prix competition consists of four sections for everyone: candidates, challengers, major and minor. The junior has age sections and this time Carrick had 3 winners: SAthol Macgilchrist, Siegrun Macgilchrist with blitz trophy, Dr. Kenny Brooksbank giving back the championship trophy, Charlie Roy, joint winner of the Robertson cup, Steell MacFadzean, founder member & president. Ali with league trophy & Zak, youngest member of the club.iegrun Macgilchrist was 2nd in the major, Ali Roy was first in the Knights (under 10) and Zak Roy was best ungraded junior. Eric MacKinnon (photo) is Carrick's new champion. Best league player is Ali Roy with 7.5/8!!! Other photo: Athol Macgilchrist, Siegrun Macgilchrist with blitz trophy, Dr. Kenny Brooksbank giving back the championship trophy, Charlie Roy, joint winner of the Robertson cup, Steell MacFadzean, founder member & president. Ali with league trophy & Zak, youngest member of the club.

January 2006 Carrick Chess Club did well against Prestwick B, winning 5-1 with everyone won but Siegrun Macgilchrist. Results with Carrick players first: S. Macgilchrist- R. Carter; Eric McKinnon -S. Todd; D. Ferguson - K Brooksbank; S. McFadzean - J.Dement; S. Lampard - A. Mitchell; A. Roy - W. Fraser. The other match in the second division was won by Stewarton against Ayr 4.5 - 1.5 The last blitz tourney was won by Siegrun. Macgilchrist, Eric McKinnon was runner up and Ali Roy won the junior tourney.

In the most recent league game Carrick Chess Club beat Ayr; 4.5-1.5. Individual results, Carrick names first, were: Eric McKinnon 1/2 Steven Hamilton; Kenny Brooksbank 1-0 Jim Sands; Steell McFadzean 1-0 Bob Carter; Stuart Lampard 1-0 Ian Gardiner; Ali Roy 1-0 T V Melrose; Athol Macgilchrist 0-1 Steven Cole. Stewarton beat Prestwick B 3-2 in the 2nd division. Both teams defaulted board 6.  Siegrun Macgilchrist won a grading prize on Saturday, 11th Feb in a Hamilton open allegro. Ali Roy got 5/5 in the junior Chess for Kicks in Kilmarnock on Sunday, 12th February. Zak Roy won the P3 prize. He has joined his sister in going for competitions and has won a few trophies over the last five months.

December 2005 The Ayrshire chess league has now completed the first two rounds. The league consists of three divisions. The first has eight teams who play each other twice. Later the top four teams play each other for the trophy, the bottom four try to avoid relegation. The second division has four teams who play each other three times. The 3rd division has four teams playing each other thrice. Div 1 & 2 have 6 boards, div 3 has 4 boards only. 1 point for a win, 1/2 point for a draw and the winning team gets an additional point. After two rounds:
Div 1: Greenwood Gambits 8.5; Troon A 8.5; Irvine A 8; Kilmarnock 7; Prestwick A 6; Ardrossan 5.5; Greenwood Rooks 5;  Irvine B 4.5

Div 2: Carrick 11.5; Ayr 6.5; Stewarton 5.5; Prestwick B 4.5

Div 3 : Largs 7; Greenwood Bishops 6; Greenwood Knights 3; Troon B 2

Here is the latest match played in Maybole between Carrick & Prestwick B. 4.5 - 1.5 for the home team!

Siegrun Macgilchrist 1 – 0 Gary McPheator;

Dr. Kenny Brooksbank 0-1 David Ferguson;

Eric McKinnon 1-0 John Dement;

Steell MacFadzean ½ Stuart Montgomery;

Stuart Lampard & Ali Roy won by default as Prestwick could only field four players.

Siegrun was especially pleased to win. She'd played against Gary a few times and usually lost to the young man.

October 2005 Ali Roy of Carrick Chess Club made an impressive debut in the world chess championship in Belfort, France recently when she won her first three games in the girls under ten section. Her excellent game against Irana Bareva from Russia was published in Scotland on Sunday. It was the first time that a Scottish girl was joint leader going into round four. Ali was oblivious to the fact she was causing much interest back home in Scotland via the internet, and good luck messages each day were very much appreciated by her mum and dad who accompanied her for the two weeks along with her little brother Zak.


1200 hundred children took part representing 82 federations and Ali proudly carried the saltire into the arena being the youngest girl, along with Steven Tweedie from Glasgow who was the oldest boy. Before the start of each game the girls exchanged small gifts from their country. Ali’s teachers and classmates from St Cuthbert’s primary school helped her make beautiful Scottish good luck cards with tartan ribbon and lucky heather which all the children admired. Ali played against girls from France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Equador and other countries around the globe gaining 6 points out of 11 which was an excellent performance for her first ever cap for Scotland. Ali and her family had a great time and hope she will be selected to play for Scotland next year when the competition will be held in Russia.

Siegrun Macgilchrist of Carrick Chess Club tells us that the chess world is agog. After years of different people claiming to be world champions there is a new one: Veselin Topalov, 30,from Bulgaria. Everyone agrees that he is worthy of the title. He played against most of the best in San Luis, Argentine and won 1.5 ahead of the rest last Friday. As luck would have it, the reigning female champion is Antoaneta Stefanova, 26, also from Bulgaria. This country never had a world chess champion and now, suddenly, there are two. According to Siegrun, though, she is not the best woman player. The best is Judit Polgar who was playing in San Luis.

Thanks to her, many female players are competing on equal terms with boys. Maybole’s Ali Roy, 10, for example, is the best of boys and girls in her age group in Scotland. Carrick Chess Club is open from 7 – 10pm every Wednesday night in the Town Hall, Maybole. If you want to catch up with Ali, join the club and study the game! Even their adults are making waves: Charlie Roy, and both Athol and Siegrun Macgilchrist have all won prizes at various weekend competitions in September.

September 2005 Carrick Chess Club is in full swing again, meeting from 7 – 10pm in Maybole Town Hall every Wednesday. Four of the club’s new members have played in the league and in the Ayrshire championship. Kenny Brooksbank, Alice Lampard, Alastair Muirhead and Charlie Roy acquired gradings for the first time. They now have nine graded members: K. Brooksbank 1504 (very high for a new grade!); Alice Lampard 548; Stuart Lampard 1119; Steell MacFadzean 1306; Athol Macgilchrist 998; Siegrun Macgilchrist 1579; Alastair Muirhead 1089; Ali Roy 1030; Charlie Roy 897. The average Scottish grade is 1208. Everyone's grade improved, except for Siegrun's. It dropped by 50 points., but she made up for it by coming 2nd in the Marymass under-1750 section in Irvine on 21st August. Ali was the greatest improver in Scotland. Her grade jumped by 515 points. She was also one of the most active players (110 games). During the year she won three grading and giant – killer prizes of £25 each and book prizes in the UK chess challenge. Although the club championship is not completed yet, Dr. Kenneth Brooksbank is the new champion - he got 7/7 - congratulations.

Chess Club News March 2005 

Carrick Chess Club's league matches have all been finished for this season and Carrick is third, 1/2 point behind Ayr. Irvine B will join their A team in the first division after the summer. Stewarton will be relegated from the first to join Carrick. Largs will be relegated to the third division. Results for the last two matches Carrick played:

Ayr won 4 -2 against Carrick.
S. Macgilchrist 1/2 Stephen Hamilton;
Kenny Brooksbank 0 -1 Tom Melrose;
Stuart Lampard 0 - 1 Ian Gardiner;
Alastair Muirhead 0 - 1 Vincenzo Tedesci;
Ali Roy 1 - 0  Alan Wilcocks;
Athol Macgilchrist 0 - 1 Brian Skirving.

Ali had lost to Alan in the Ayrshire Robertson Cup recently. So, this was sweet revenge. Irvine won 4 -2 against Carrick: S. Macgilchrist 1/2 Robert Gourlay; Kenny Brooksbank 1 - 0 Robin Yates; Stuart Lampard 0 - 1 Robert Loughran; Alastair Muirhead 0 - 1 Stephen Clark; Charles Roy 0 - 1 George Harkins; Ali Roy 1/2 Fred Carrick. Kenny Brooksbank won his first game in the second division! Last year he achieved 7/7 in the third! However, he did much better ( 2.5/6) against higher graded opponents in the Ayrshire championship, which was held in Troon this year. Siegrun Macgilchrist got 3.5/6. Four from Carrick played in the grading restricted Robertson tournament, which was won by Alan Wilcocks. Charles and Alastair ended up with 3/6 and Athol and Ali with 3.5. This is a good tournament for people new to competitive chess. Each year it's held in a different chess club, one round per month over 6 month.

Chess Club News February 2005 

Carrick Chess Club lost the last two home matches in a row: Irvine B beat them 3.5 - 2.5 with results: Siegrun Macgilchrist 1/2 Robert Gourlay; Steell McFadzean 0-1 Robin Yates; Kenny Brooksbank lost a very exciting game against Robert Loughran; Stuart Lampard1-0 Steven Clark; Alastair Muirhead 0-1 George Harkins and Ali Roy won by default. Ayr beat them 4 -2: Siegrun Macgilchrist 1/2 Stephen Hamilton; Kenny Brooksbank 1/2 T. V. Melrose; Stuart Lampard 0-1 Ian Gardener; Alastair Muirhead 0-1 Vincent Tedeschi; Ali Roy 1-0 Alan Willocks; Athol Macgilchrist 0-1 B. Skirving. In this match all the Carrick players were winning: Siegrun overlooked a tactic on move 14!, Kenny misplayed the ending, the other three made mistakes near the end (Athol lost on time), only Ali kept cool and coasted to victory! A few weeks ago she'd lost to her opponent in the Ayrshire Rooks championship. So it was sweet revenge for Ali! She has now 6/7 points in the league and is winning the best league trophy! Since there are no more home matches Carrick can resume their monthly blitz competition and play the club championships. The UK chess challenge is well under way with the 3rd round played on 9th March.

Chess Club News January 2005 

NINE-YEAR_OLD Ali Roy of Maybole has been selected to play for Scotland’s under-10s in the World Chess Championships in Belfort, France, later this year. Ali had a great season last year winning junior competitions all over Scotland and England, building a big reputation for one so young. And Carrick Chess Club member Ali currently holds the number one position in a table of the top 50 rising stars. But she has decided not to defend some of the trophies which she currently holds. For Ali has been advised both by the Scottish youth squad and local tutor Mrs Siegrun Macgilchrist to play mainly in adult congresses and allegros, in order to benefit her championship chances in France. St Cuthbert’s Primary School pupil Ali says she doesn’t mind not playing for trophies this year, as in adult competitions you get a chance to win some money instead! Not surprisingly, she is an important member of Carrick Chess Club, where she more than holds her own against adult opponents.

In the club’s most recent matches, they beat Irvine B 3½-2 ½, but lost out to Ayr by the same score. Irvine match (Carrick names first): Siegrun Macgilchrist halved with Robin Yates; Kenny Brooksbank 0, Robert Loughan 1; Steell MacFadzean 0, Steven Clark 1; Stuart Lampard 1, George Harkins 0; Alastair Muirhead 1, F Carrick 0; Athol Macgilchrist won by default. Stuart was especially pleased as he’d been beaten by the same opponent in the clubs’ first encounter earlier in the season. Ayr match: Siegrun Macgilchrist halved with Graham R Wilson; Steell McFadzean 0, S Hamilton 1; Kenny Brooksbank 0, Jim Sands 1; Alastair Muirhead 0, A Everingham 1; Charlie Roy 1, T V Melrose 0; Ali Roy 1, Ian Gardiner 0.

That was a particularly good win for Ali, as Ian is an experienced player, graded 700 points higher. But underlining her massive potential, Ali recently played a ‘simultaneous’ at Carrick against six opponents, beating them all. In this club competition, Ali went from board to board making her moves against opponents who had the advantage of much greater time to ponder their own moves.  Siegrun Macgilchrist’s half against Ayr’s Graham R Wilson was also a fine result, as Graham is a noted chess theoretician.

Carrick Chess Club won their recent match against Irvine B 3 1/2 - 2 ½. Results with Carrick names first are: Siegrun Macgilchrist 1/2 Robin Yates; Kenny Brooksbank 0-1 Robert Loughan; Steell MacFadzean 0-1 Steven Clark; Stuart Lampard 1-0 George Harkins; Alastair Muirhead 1 -0 F. Carrick; Athol Macgilchrist 1 -0 default. Stuart was especially pleased as he'd been beaten by the same opponent in the clubs’ first encounter. However, they lost to Ayr 3 1/2 - 2 1/2, with boards 5 & 6 winning as usual! Results were: Siegrun 1/2 Graham R Wilson; Steell 0-1 S. Hamilton; Kenny 0-1 Jim Sands; Alastair 0-1 A. Everingham; Charlie Roy 1-0 T V Melrose; Ali Roy 1-0 Ian Gardiner. This was a particular good result for Ali, 9,  as Ian is an experienced player and 700 points higher graded than she is. Siegrun also enjoyed her draw against such a theoretician as Graham.

Chess Club News December 2004   Carrick Chess Club at the last meeting of the year 2004  front: Zak Roy; Georgia Wallace; Stuart Tweedie & Andrew Wallace;  seated from left: Alastair Muirhead; Dr. Kenny Brooksbank; Stuart Lampard  &  Athol Macgilchrist  back: Ali Roy; Daniel Wallace; Kenneth Tweedie; Alice & Vincent Lampard Andrew Tweedie & Siegrun Macgilchrist Championships in 2004 Siegrun won the Club Championship for the 6th time Charlie Roy & Kenny Brooksbank were 2nd equal  Junior champion is Alastair Muirhead. Junior B was shared by Kenneth Tweedie & Rachel Whiteman.  Ali Roy won many trophies by playing in Scottish & English events. Alastair Muirhead; Dr. Kenny Brooksbank; Stuart Lampard, Athol Macgilchrist & Steell McFadzean won the third division trophy. Kenny Brooksbank was best league player. The junior xmas blitz was won jointly by Ali Roy & Daniel Wallace, the senior by Siegrun Macgilchrist.

After a slow start in the second division of the Ayrshire league, Carrick Chess Club have made it to the top at the half way stage! Their best result came when Largs visited Carrick and the home team won 5 - 1 Results from that game were: (Carrick players first): Siegrun Macgilchrist 1 -0 Bob O'Brien; Steell McFadzean 1/2 Robert Simpson; Stuart Lampard 1- 0 Alan Plato; Alastair Muirhead 1 - 0 Mark Smith; Athol Macgilchrist 1- 0 G. A. Hilligan; Ali Roy 1/2 Hugh Millar. Alastair has the best record in the league with 4/4. The league position after four rounds: Largs 11; Ayr 13; Irvine 14.5; Carrick 15.5. The club has its blitz party on Wednesday December 22 and starts again on January 12.

Chess Club News November 2004  has now played two rounds in the Ayrshire league’s 2nd division. The first match was won by Largs 4 - 2. Siegrun Macgilchrist, Stuart Lampard, Charlie Roy and Athol Macgilchrist lost on boards 1 -4’ Alastair Muirhead and Ali Roy won on boards 5 and 6. The second match against Ayr was a draw, each team winning 3 games: Siegrun Macgilchrist 0 -1 Graham Wilson; Dr. Kenneth Brooksbank 0 - 1 S. Hamilton; Steell MacFadzean 1 - 0 Jim Sands; Stuart Lampard 0 - 1 T. V. Melrose; Alastair Muirhead 1 - 0 Ian Gardiner; Ali Roy 1 - 0 Vincent Tedeschi.  Both of the club’s youngsters did well to win both of their games and this was Ali's first venture into league games.  In the match against Ayr, everyone was finished with their games except for Ali (9) and Vincent. All the players watched the endgame as Ali skilfully converted a pawn into a queen with the help of her king and knight. When Vincent resigned, she received a standing ovation! Ali also did well in two recent junior competitions in Glasgow. A week past on Saturday she got 5/6 and won the first prize trophy. On the Sunday, she shared first prize with 5.5/6. She received a trophy for best overall girl, including the secondary section.

Chess Club News September 2004  Thousands of schools from all over Britain take par in one of the largest chess competitions in the country. The best players in each school go on to the next stage. Ali Roy was champion in St. Cuthbert's primary school and went on to play in the Megafinal, the second stage where the Scottish children from many schools took part. She won 6/6 and was the best of the girls & boys of her age group. The next stage was the Gigafinal in Manchester, where children from English counties, Scotland, Ireland & Wales met. Ali was runner up in the girls' section for under 9s. The winners went on to play in the Terafinal in Sheffield. Ali was invited to play in the challengers section, where all age groups played together. She won 3/6. From these competitions her grade improved from 515 to 912! She also won £36.93 worth of books and some of them you can see in the photo. Grandmaster Michael Basman emphasised to the remaining 150 children at Sheffield that every single one of them should be proud of themselves for reaching the final day of this very prestigious competition.

Chess Club News August 2004
Carrick Chess Club won the 3rd third division of the Ayrshire league (4 boards) and has won promotion to the 2nd division (6 boards). Siegrun Macgilchrist is now encouraging more people to join. She said, “Come on all you budding chess players and join the Carrick Chess Club on Wed, 25th Aug, when the new season begins.” The club meets in Maybole Town Hall from 7 – 8pm for beginners and 7 – 10pm for experienced players. Siegrun also told us that Johnny Rowson (26), third Scottish Grandmaster, won the Scottish championship in July and followed it by an even better performance in the British in August, winning £ 10,000 in Scarborough for playing 11 games. Joseph Redpath (19), another Scot, won the World major championship, also in Scarborough and gained £1,000.

Chess Club News - April 2004
First - Ali Roy 6/6. She also won a blitz competition at lunch time, also organised by Steven Taylor. 2nd equal - Daniel Wallace and Lauren McFadzean 4/6 Merit for boys - Roddy Paterson Merit for girls - Alice-May Morris best 9 years old - William Saxton (after Ali, who is also 9) best 7 years old - Andrew Wallace.  Geraldine Downie organised the trophies and refreshments on behalf of the library, Steven Taylor controlled the event and Carol Wright and Siegrun Macgilchrist helped to run it.

Chess Club News - March 2004
Nine year old Ali Roy, of Carrick Chess Club, has been successful in recent competitions. She was awarded the best girl trophy in Ayrshire for under 12s and, in another competition. the best Scottish girl trophy for under 10s. She also won 2nd prize in the Edinburgh mixed Primary 5 & under. Dr. Kenny Brooksbank of Girvan won the blitz competition for the first time. He's also the chess club’s best league player. He won 7/7 - 100%! Siegrun Macgilchrist has achieved a Fide (International) grade of 1875. She is one of only four players in Ayrshire and the first in Carrick Chess Club. The others are Steven Brown (Ardrossan), 2089; John Shaw (Kilmarnock), International Master, 2444 and Johnny Rowson (Troon), Grandmaster, 2547. There are only 81 players in Scotland with a Fide grade out of a total of 3000. The lower grading limit for Fide is 1800, but will drop to 1600 in July and it will get easier to achieve a Fide grade over the years. The lowest limit will be 1000 eventually, so that everyone in the whole world can play anywhere and compare their grades to anyone else. At the moment the national grades are quite different depending on the standards adopted. For South Ayrshire children (up to age 16) there is a chess competition in Maybole library on Thursday, 15th starting at 10 am.

Chess Club News - February 2004
Carrick Chess Club won its postponed match against Troon B by 3 ½ to ½ with individual results John Bryden 1-0 Jordon Gray; Kenny Brooksbank 1-0 George Allan; Stuart Lampard 1-0 Alex Smith; Athol Macgilchrist 1/2 Chris King. Every team in the third division has played every other team once and Carrick is leading with 20.5 pts, Troon B is second with 14 pts. Since then Carrick won the return match against En Passants 3 ½  - ½ with individual results Steell McFadzean 1/2 Jordan Swanston; John Bryden 1-0 Tom Young; Kenny Brooksbank 1-0 Gordon Martin; Stuart Lampard 1-0 Michael Boyd. Ali Roy was victorious once again. She was third equal with 6/8 in Perth.

Chess Club News - January 2004
Carrick Chess Club was victorious in both of its January matches. The away match was played in Greenwood against the Bishops with a 3-1 result. Individual scores Steell McFadzean 1-0 Gordon Wallace; John Bryden 1-0 Scott McPherson; Stuart Lampard 0-1 Scott Greenwood; Kenny Brooksbank 1-0 default. Kenny was able to play a friendly against Stephen Taylor which ended in a draw. The home match against Troon B went even better with a 4-0 win! Games were Steell McFadzean - Jordon Gray; Kenny Brooksbank - George Allan; Stuart Lampard - Alex Smith; Athol Macgilchrist - Chris King. Carrick was in second place with 11 points, the same as Greenwood En Passants before these two matches were played. Troon B was first with 13.5 points, the Knights had 7 and the Bishops trailed with 1.5 points. The monthly senior blitz was won by Siegrun Macgilchrist, runner up was Kenny Brooksbank The junior blitz was won by Alastair Muirhead, second Olivia Steven. Ali Roy was 2nd equal in the recent Hamilton junior "under P6" competition. Alice Lampard got 50%.

Chess Club News - December 2003
Carrick Chess Club has completed its annual chess championship and this year seven players took part - the greatest number since Rich Pettit started the Carrick Chess Club webpage! It was a close contest, especially since Steel MacFadzean beat Siegrun Macgilchrist, the trophy holder for the last 5 years, in the first round! However, Steel lost to John Bryden and drew two games while Siegrun won her other games and so, the trophy was hers once again. Full results were: Siegrun 5/6; Steel 4 and John 3.5. The December blitz was also won by Siegrun Mcgilchrist; second equal were Alastair Muirhead (aged 16!) and Dr. Kenny Brooksbank. The Junior blitz was contested by eight players and the winner was Ali Roy with 5/5, and second was Alice Lampard with 4/5. In the league Carrick won 3 - 1 against Greenwood Knights in the last home match. Individual results, Carrick first: Steel McFadzean 0-1 Stephen Taylor; John Bryden 1 -0 Corey McCulloch; Kenny Brooksbank 1 - 0 Garry Easton; Stewart Lampard 1-0 Jordan Mathews.

Chess Club News - November 2003
Junior members of the Carrick Chess Club l to r: Olivia Steven, Sophie Sandor, Andrew Tweedie, Ali Roy, Kenneth Tweedie, Daniel Wallace, Georgia Wallace, Andrew WallaceYoung Ali Roy of Maybole did well at the recent Glasgow chess competition for primary 5 pupils. On the Saturday she got 4th place with three and a half points out of five and on Sunday she got first with six points out of six. Ali, a pupil at St Cuthbert's Primary School, now goes on to qualify for the finals for primary 5 at Edinburgh in May. She is also a member of Carrick Chess Club who went to Greenwood Academy last week and drew with the En Passant team. Individual results, with the Carrick names first were: Steell McFadzean 0 - 1 John Wainright; John Bryden 0 - 1 S Swanston; Kenny Brooksbank 1 - 0 Gordon Martin; Athol Macgilchrist 1 - 0 Kevin Burns. Dr. K Brooksbank lives in Girvan and would like to give anyone from that area a lift to the chess club's Wednesday night meetings at the town hall in Maybole.

Chess Club News - April 2003
CARRICK Chess Club had a 3½ – ½ win over Greenwood Bishops. And only the Bishops’ trainer Stephen Taylor prevented a whitewash by drawing with Steell McFadzean on board one.  John Bryden, Stuart Lampard and Kenny Brooksbank had wins over Jordan Swanston, David Dawson and Aaron Smith respectively. This was Kenny’s first league game and he enjoyed making a winning start. Carrick’s monthly blitz was won by John Bryden for the seniors with 7½ out of 8, and Gregor Steven (9 out of 9!) for the juniors. Ruth Wilson was runner up (6 out of 8) in her first blitz tourney.

CARRICK Chess Club travelled to Irvine to play against the strongest Third Division team, and came back with only half a point!  Individual results (Carrick names first) were: John Bryden 0, Alan Birnie 1; Kenny Brooksbank 0, Stephen Clark1; Stuart Lampard 0, George Harkins1; Athol Macgilchrist halved with John McPhail.  At the same time, Carrick’s Siegrun Macgilchrist was battling it out against much stronger opposition in the Scottish Open in Edinburgh. Honours went jointly to Keti Arakhamia — a ‘first’ for females — and Paul Motwani, who has previous triumphs in the event. Meanwhile, in Carrick’s monthly blitz session, John Bryden won the senior trophy with 7½ out of 8, with Siegrun runner-up. Gregor Steven won the junior trophy with 9 out of 9, ahead of Ruth Wilson (the latest addition to the club) who had 6/8.

Chess Club News - March 2003
FOUR members of Carrick Chess Club travelled to Troon, and came away with a 4–0 victory over the hosts’ C team. The games were mostly good competitive struggles which could have gone either way. Only Stuart Lampard had an easy time in his debut. After six rounds, Irvine B sit on top of the 3rd Division on 18 points, with Carrick hard on their heels with 16.5. Carrick’s February blitz was won by John Bryden with five out of six. The junior trophy was shared by three players who collected seven points — Ali Roy, Amy Strang and Gregor Steven.
CARRICK Chess Club won its February match against Greenwood White Knights by 2.5 points to 1.5. Individual results were (Carrick names first): Siegrun Macgilchrist halved with Alain Macdonald; John Bryden beat Scott Greenwood; Athol Macgilchrist beat Kris McLaughlan; Peter Mirtitsch lost to Ross Campell. This was Peter’s first competition game, so he needn’t feel too downhearted, and his colleagues on the team believe he can only improve with experience. Carrick’s monthly blitz was won by John Bryden with five out of six. Meanwhile, the junior rook was shared by the trio of Ali Roy, Ami Strang and Gregor Steven.

Chess Club News - February 2003
CARRICK Chess Club’s January Blitz proved highly competitive in both junior and senior sections. Nine juniors took part, and Marjorieann Kennedy won the Rook with an unbeaten 8/8. Ali Roy was runner-up, losing only to Marjorieann, who was best Ayrshire girl along with twin sister Natalie, at the age of 10 in 1996. Siegrun Macgilchrist won the senior title with 4/5, while runner-up was George Norris with 3/5. Steell MacFadzean couldn’t play, as lambing has begun at his farm near Crossraguel Abbey. Kenny Brooksbank played his first blitz, and said he would recommend the format to anyone. It’s the only time you can take the king if your opponent doesn't guard it.

Chess Club News - January 2003
Everyone a winner at the chess contest a total of 16 players took part in Carrick Chess Club’s festive competition, and everyone won a prize.  Top honours in the adult section, for the Queen Trophy, were shared by John Bryden and Siegrun Macgilchrist. The junior section spoils, for the Rook, were also shared — between Gregor Steven and Daniel Wallace. Carrick was in second place after four fixtures in the Ayrshire League’s third division. The latest points totals are: Irvine 11 points; Carrick 10; Bishops 4.5; Knights 4; Troon 2.5. Carrick is very much a mixed aged group club, with all ages welcome to the Town Hall on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

Chess Club News - November 2002
CARRICK Chess Club began its new league season with an impressive 3-1 victory over Greenwood White Knights. Results (Carrick names first): Siegrun Macgilchrist 1, Alain MacDonald 0; Steell McFadzean 0, Gordon Wallace 1; John Bryden 1, Scott Greenwood 0; Athol Macgilchrist 1, Scott MacPherson 0. The club is back in full swing, with 10 adult members — at least eight playing regularly most Wednesday evenings in Maybole Town Hall (7pm if you’d like to join them!). A junior section is thriving too, with between 10 and 15 turning up every week. Siegrun Macgilchrist won the adult Queen trophy in the October blitz competition, with eight out of eight. Runner-up John Bryden had five out of eight. The juniors’ Rook trophy was won by Daniel Wallace with nine out of nine. Runner-up Ali Roy had eight out of nine.

Click here to view full size.Chess Club News - September 2002
JUSTIFIABLY pleased with themselves are award-winning members of Carrick Chess Club. They accepted the prizes when the club held its annual presentation ceremony recently. The roll of honour is: Champion for 2002 – Siegrun Macgilchist. League winner – Athol Macgilchrist. Quick Play – John Brydon. Junior 2002 Champion – Ali Roy. Junior Quick Play – Daniel Wallace. The new season starts in Maybole Town Hall on Wednesday, September 13, from 7 to 10pm; old and new members welcome.

John Bryden and family. Click here to view full size.Chess Club News - May 2002

The last match of the season was won by the C siders from Troon against CCC (3 -1). Carrick names first: V. Tedeschi 0 1 Tom Mitchell; A. Macgilchrist 0 -1 Peter Stevens; John Bryden (photo left) 1 - 0 Chris King; Marie Bryden 0 - 1 A. Welch. The April blitz was won by Steell MacFadzean (senior) and Ali Roy (junior). The May blitz was won by Siegrun Macgilchrist and Amy Strang - 4 adults and 4 children took part. The AGM was held after the blitz session and a grand total of 6 members took part in the discussion! The elected members are: president Steell McFadzean; treasurer George Norris; secretary Athol Macgilchrist; team captain John Bryden; junior trainer Siegrun Macgilchrist. We had a good year - the club only defaulted one game and although in the last three matches we lost more than won games, these games were closely fought and could easily have gone in our favour. So our three ungraded players are looking forward to the new season with enthusiasm. Most of our juniors came regularly and were well behaved. We had between 5 and 12 children attend and hope that they'll continue to enjoy the chess club. We also have a rota of parents to help out. The club championship will be played over the next eight weeks and so the club will be open from 6.30 - 10.00 every Wednesday until the end of June.

Chess Club News - April 2002

CARRICK Chess Club defeated Largs 3«-« in their latest fixture. Scores were: Steell MacFadzean 1, Stuart Henderson 0; John Bryden «, G.A. Hilligan «; Athol Macgilchrist 1, Hugh Miller 0; Marie Bryden 1, D.D. O'Donnell 0. Marie and John Bryden played for Carrick club as teenagers. They now live in Kilwinning but still support their old mates.

Chess Club News - March 2002
CARRICK Chess Club had another good win over Greenwood Attackers, this time 2«-1«. Results (Carrick names first): Steell McFadzean 0, Ross Darroch 1; Vincenzo Tedeschi 1, Adam Pieroni 0; John Bryden «, Alan MacDonald «; Athol Macgilchrist 1, David Dawson 0. Carrick's monthly blitz was won jointly by Helen Douglas (senior) and Ali Roy (junior). The successes give Helen and Ali doubles with the Queen (senior) and Rook (junior) trophies, respectively.

Chess Club News - February 2002
EILIDH Douglas won all her seven games in Carrick Chess Club's January Blitz, going home with the Rock Trophy. Eilidh's mum Helen also lifted an award, the Queen Trophy, in what was her first-ever blitz session. The Carrick club. meanwhile, lost to Prestwick B by 2« to 1« in a recent league game. Results (Carrick names first): Steell McFadzean 0, Arthur McCurley 1; Vincenzo Tedeschi «, David Ferguson «; John Bryden 0, John Dement 1; Athol Macgilchrist 1, Rory Timmons 0. Carrick captain Siegrun Macgilchrist recently played three games for Ayr in Division 1, drawing on boards 1 and 2, and losing on board 3. Busy Siegrun also plays for Polytechnic C in the Glasgow League, and the team is shaping for a top three place in the city's Division 2.

Chess Club News - January 2002
AFTER four rounds, Carrick Chess Club is leading the third division in Ayrshire by one point; second is Prestwick B. The Christmas junior blitz was won by Eilidh Douglas. The club recently had a good match against Troon C-siders, beating them 3-1 in round Five. Results (Carrick names first): Steell McFadzean 1 James Lennie 0; Vincenzo Tedeschi 1, Tom Mitchell 0; John Bryden 0, Vincent Bennis 1; Athol Macgilchrist 1, Chris King 0.

Chess Club News - December  2001

A batch of youngsters made a good move when they joined Carrick Chess Club. And they are enjoying the challenge of the game, as well as the friendship of mates. The new young members are Ali Roy, Maeve Murphy, Emily Douglas, Connor Graham and Eilidh Douglas. Meanwhile, the club's adult team drew 2-2 with Largs B in their latest league fixture. Matches (Carrick names first): Steell McFadzean 1, Malcolm MacQueen 0; Vincenzo Tedeschi 1, David Cowell 0; Athol Macgilchrist 0, Hugh Millar 1; Eilidh Douglas 0, David Wilkinson 1.
From the Ayrshire Post 12-7-2001

Chess Club News - October  2001
CARRICK Chess Club starts up again on Wednesday, September 26, in Maybole Town Hall from 7.30-10pm. This year the club may not meet every Wednesday. For further information phone 01655 882728

Chess Club News - May  2001
Carrick chess club held its AGM in the town hall. The new appointments are President - Steell McFadzean; Treasurer - George Norris; Secretary & team captain - Athol Macgilchrist; trainer - Siegrun Macgilchrist. Club champion - Siegrun; Blitz champion - Steell; best league player - Vincenzo Tedeschi. The team was second in the third division, winners were Greenwood Knights who are promoted to the second division. The club is closed for the summer and starts again on Wednesday, 5th September in the town hall. Paul Baerm, former president of the Chess Club died in Ayr Hospital. He will be sadly missed.

The Ayrshire league has completed all games for the season 2000/1. The third division was comfortably won by the Greenwood Knights with 21 points out of a total of 24. Runners up were Carrick (14) followed by Ardrossan B (9) and Largs B (4). Best Carrick league player was author Vincenzo Tedeschi.

Chess Club News - January  2001
Carrick chess club went all the way to Largs and won 4 - 0 against their second team. Carrick players first: Siegrun Macgilchrist - D. Cowell; Paul Baerm - H. Millar; Steell MacFadzean - D. Wilkinson; Athol Macgilchrist - C.D.O'Donnell The last home match was against Ardrossan B. It's a good team when they turn up! None of them appeared, so they all lost by default. They did the same against Greenwood Knights who were leading the third division after three rounds. We were so busy that we didn't find time to play the monthly blitz competition in January!

Chess Club News - December 2000

chess4.jpg (49831 bytes)

THEY take their games seriously at Carrick Chess Club. Presenting a study in concentration here are (back row, left to right) Vincenzo Tedeschi, Siegrun Macgilchrist, Steell McFadzean and Alan Willocks. They're watching Athol Macgilchrist and Ardrossan visitor Christopher O'Donnell at the board. Click on the image on the left to view this article.
From the Ayrshire Post 12-15-2000

Chess Club News - November, 2000
Carrick Chess Club drew the first league game on Wednesday, 8th Nov against Largs B (2 - 2): Steell MacFadzean 0 -1 Alan Plato; Vincent Tedeschi 1 - 0 Henry Millar; Alan Willocks 0 - 1 David Wilkinson; Athol Macgilchrist 1 - 0 Christopher O'Donnell. The new gradings of the year are: Siegrun Macgilchrist 1585; George Norris 1555; Paul Baerm 1400; Steell MacFadzean 1375; Vincent Tedeschi 1150; Alan Willocks 985. Siegrun is the nonplaying team captain since all the other players only play competitive games in the league and are keen to play some games. She has already played 12 games in the Glasgow and the national league. 

CCC played a match against Ardrossan B on Mon, 20/11. The community centre in Saltcoats is very difficult to find & two members gave up looking for it. So, the non-playing team captain jumped in and played with only 30 minutes left for 30 moves. Result: S. Macgilchrist 1 - 0 Mark Smith; S. McFadzean 1 - 0 Donald Kerr; board 3 default 0 - 1 Ninian Jack; A. Macgilchrist 0 - 1 Alan Orderly. The next match is on Wed, 6th December in Maybole town hall. Spectators welcome.

The chess Olympics are in full swing. Paul Motvani in the men's team & Elaine Rutherford in the women's team are the most successfull of the Scottish teams. Both play in board 1 & 2. You can follow their success from Chess Scotland | The home of chess in Scotland

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Some adult members: from left to right - Athol & Siegrun Macgilchrist, Steell MacFadzean & Paul Baerm. (Photo taken 2000)

The Robertson Challenge Cup was won for the first time in 1909 by the EDINBURGH LADIES CHESS CLUB. Click on the image above or here to view chess trophy photos.

Juniors from 2000: left to right - David Foster, Blair Kirkpatrick, Jonathan Simpson, Nicola Docherty, Louis & Chloé Simpson & Kerrie Docherty

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