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Class Photos from prior years:  Page 1 Page 2Page 3 Page 4 │ School Staff 1964/65  (Click on the photographs for larger images)

Cairn Primary School. Class photo taken about 1949

Photo and names contributed by Ian Page.
Select the link above to view a larger image and names of the pupils.

Cairn Primary School, Maybole May 1950 Pupils aged about 12 years.  Contributed by John McCulloch.

Back Row - John Gray, William Steel, George Campbell, William McDowall, Norman Kennedy, Eric McIntyre, Gordon Briggs, John Houston, John McBlane
Second Row James Clark, John McCulloch, Alexander Lothian, William Stirling, Martin Hay, James McWhirter, Robert Cron, Stewart Qua, Hugh Rorrison
Third Row Barbara McMichael, Elizabeth Paul, Jeanette Kilty, Marjory Davidson, Elizabeth Kay, Jean Gardiner, Frances Kennedy, Elizabeth McKay, Jean McClymont, Margaret Tweedie
Bottom Row Charles Reid, Margaret Ramage, Agnes McMillan, Sheena Walker, Agnes Anderson, William Murdoch

Our photograph of Robert McCrindle and his classmates from 1957 has certainly caused quite a bit of talk among other pupils who were at the school in 1957. This photo is also 1957 and we think they were in the same class but perhaps a different intake? Why was the class so big - there are also a number of pupils from Minishant why were they at Cairn?

Back Row L to R Ann Clark, Agnes Fisher, Senga McBride, Jenny Dalziel, Margaret Corbett, Nessie Tweedie, Wilma Hunter, Christine Jackson, Mary McLeish, Eileen Kiltie, Margaret Taylor. Second Back Row L to R Leonard Boughen, Robert McDowall??, Billy Cowan, Robert Dickson, Robert Dalziel, Willie Hicks, ??, ??, Dennis?. Second Front Row L to R Jeannie McEwan, Wilma McLanaghan, Eileen Cairns, Catherine McDill, Elizabeth Blair, Margaret Jones, Jean McClure, Jean Sands, Sally Hearton, Marion Wilson, Hazel Bratten,. Front Row L to R Sam Milby, James Slaven, Donald Harvey, Jim Waggitt, Ronnie Tweedie, John McDowall, Willie Murray, John Whiteford, Jim Wilson. (Photo sent by Margaret Hutchison (Ne Corbett) who is in the back row 5th from left)

Cairn Primary School Primary 2A 1957


I came across this school photo. I think it is Primary 1-2 of Cairn 1968 approx. just before Gardenrose was built. I can only name a few pupils so perhaps someone out there can fill in the other names Back row ? Kenneth Galloway ? John Hunter Iain Collie ? Jim Falconner ? J.Richie Clark Paul Mc Dowall ? Second Back row ? ? ? ? ? Linda Donald ?Karen Paterson ? Mary Ann Mersor ? Second Front row ? ? Kenny Bruin ? ? Rhona Henderson ? ? ? ? ? Front Row Stuart Mackie Kim Paterson Shaun Dunaby? Drew Mc Birnie Stephen Carlisle ? My apologies if I got anyone wrong.  Fiona Gilmour. More comments from Fiona and a larger image.

Cairn pupils are still going strong, although all must be using their bus  passes. This is primary 2 in 1942 and we think they must have been born around 1936.  Can anyone supply their names? Larger image.

Cairn Primary 5. 1963. Click on the image to view full size.

Primary 5 1963. Names below contributed by David Crawford who is in the back row. Photo contributed by Norman McIntyre.
Back L to R - Hugh Thompson, Tommy Wotherspoon, David Crawford, Billy Murchie, David McCulloch, James Cuthbert, Robin Maltman, Jim Patterson and David Logan
2nd Row L to R - Douglas McCrae, Jimmy Ogg, Alex McDowell, Andrew Dorans, Alan McDowell
3rd row L to R - Myra McCreath, Beryl Taylor, Jane Barclay, Elizabeth Gibson, Wilma Tilk, Elizabeth Dalziel
Front Row L to R - Mauren McKay, Isabella Dunn, Jane McCrindle, Margaret Hearton, Evelyn Salsbury, Ann McKay, Janice Hearton, Elizabeth Grant, Doris Rae.

Click here to view this photo full size.

Class Photo of grade 8 from 1942. Contributed by Jim McAlpine.

HEADMASTER: Alex B Coburn not shown
TEACHER:  Mrs Bell, formerly Miss Ritchie 
TOP ROW: Jack Smith, Bertie Patterson, Duncan Ronald, Hugh Whitefield, Hugh Cron, Seymour Solomon, George Spiers

THIRD ROW: Bobby Crossley, Margaret Watson, Nan Henderson, Janet Thompson *, Bobby Collingwood, Sarah Hearton, Cathie Blackley, Sadie McPhee, (cant recall this boys name)

SECOND ROW: Betty Murray, Jean Spiers, Jessie McCartney, Nellie Patterson. Helen McCullough*, Nan Shaw, Betty Robb, Evelyn McIldowey, May Templeton, Margaret McConnell.

FRONT ROW: Jim McAlpine, (cant recall name of boy beside me), Tom McQuiston, Robert Taylor, Sammy Hearton, Jim McDermott.

* Janet Thompson and Helen McCullough. I just put names to this photograph in 1995 (50 years plus after the fact) so it is possible that I have transposed the names of these two girls. If wrong perhaps someone will correct me. Some of these people may still be around Maybole or area - I know some have passed away and Im sure others have dispersed, as did I.  Jim McAlpine, 1879 Una Road, Pickering, On. L1V 3J5. To view the photo above full size click here or for a very large format click here.

Click on this image to see the photo full size and read the story about the teacher Billy McCreath.

Photograph to the left is Cairn School, Primary 7 around 1956-57. Contributed by Heather Wotherspoon.
Reading left to right

Front Row Gwen Pollock, Betty McIlwraith, Sylvia King, unknown, Anne Garry, Brenda Milby, Margaret Dorans, Jean Anderson.
Second Row - Alex McKie, Charlie Heath, David Powell, Ian Gibson, Roy McCulloch, David Kiltie, Peter Boughen, Ian McAlpine,
Third Row -  Margaret McDowall, Heather Ruscoe (Self), Margaret Whiteford, Jan Braidwood,, Heather Lynburn, Sadie Dalziel, Elizabeth Murchie
Back Row - Billy Kilpatrick, John Thomson, Peter(Gilbert) McCrindle, Archie Jamieson, Andrew McDowall, Neil Wotherspoon, Robert McCulloch, Scott Latimer, Gerald Anderson, Jim Galloway.
Teacher- Billy McCreath from Girvan  now living in New Jersey, USA.

Class Photos from prior years:  Page 1 Page 2Page 3 Page 4 │ School Staff 1964/65  (Click on the photographs for larger images)

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