The Communion Cup of Straiton
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The following message and footnote to the text of the 1845 Statistical account was received from Herbert Kay.

Parish of Straiton. Presbytery of Ayr Synod of Glasgow and Ayr. The Rev. Robert Paton, Minister. The name of the parish, in charters of the thirteenth century, is written Strattin and Stratoun. A pair of communion cups, which are believed to have been presented to the parish in the reign of Charles II, have an inscription for the Kirk of Stratin,

I have seen the page for Straiton and it looks good. One of my interests is antique silver and in Straiton church I found the communion cup which was made between 1613-1621 by Gilbert Kirkwood and there is a second communion cup made by him in Blantyre Church. .King Charles II became King of Scotland in 1651 and was promptly defeated by Cromwell and went into exile for nine years thereafter. I have doubts if he was the donor but I may be wrong. Of one thing I am sure and that is that the communion cup is very rare and quite a treasure.