The Village of Straiton, Ayrshire, Scotland
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Straiton is located 6 miles (10 km) south east of Maybole, on the Water of Girvan, and dates back to 1760 when the village was laid out by Thomas, Earl of Cassillis. The village has a narrow main street with low single storey cottages on either side. Sir Edward Hunter Blair, Laird of Blairquhan Castle rebuilt the village of Straiton around 1900. Buildings of interest include the Black Bull Inn (1766), Traboyack (1795) and St Cuthbert's Church of 1758, restored in 1901.  Click here for  maps of Straiton.

Straiton primary pupils raised 331.60  during December as part of their Christmas activities. Accompanied by staff, parents and friends they toured the village Carol Singing. Their final port of call was The Black Bull Hotel where owners Kenny and Jane had laid on a lovely spread for them. The children also put on a Carol Concert for the senior citizens and a collection was held during the concert, further collections were held at the Infant/Nursery Nativity Play and the Christmas Service at the church. more

Google now has the Street View available for Straiton. Walk or drive the streets, pan up and down, zoom in or out or place a figure on a map to go directly to a location. These functions and more make getting around Straiton from a virtual perspective easier than ever before.    Give it a drive!

I've always been of the belief that there is a specific period in time when we first become aware of our surroundings. As we enter various phases of life we become aware of other things, such as, self, emotions, and how we relate to one another. This awareness, I'm sure, happens to people in different ways, some may experience them much sooner in life than others. The very first awareness of my surroundings happened as I lay on the ground wrapped in what I presume was a shawl, better known in Scotland as a plaid....
From memories of Straiton by Jim McAlpine

Main Street St Cuthbert's Church Straiton War Memorial Straiton War Memorial

The photos above were contributed by David Law of Maybole. Click on the images to view them full size.

Blairquhan Castle is about a mile northwest of Straiton. It is of the finest Georgian castles in Scotland, built for Sir David Hunter Blair 3rd Baronet in 1821 - 1824 on the site of a previous castle dating back to 1346. A much-loved family home, it has an atmosphere that is distinct from that of a hotel or club. From the Blairquhan Castle website. Click on the image or here to link to the website.

This transcription was done for the Scotland FreeCEN project. The database is hosted on

Things to do and places to see around Straiton. Straiton has some great walks which will tempt you to explore the area even more. Stay a few days in the area and you can experience a thousand years of history, multimedia visitor centres, and ancient lochs. From Click on the image or here from more information.

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The photo on the left is the Black Bull Inn (1766). The photo on the right is McCandish Hall.

This photograph of the Kirk Session dated March 1971and signed by the Rev J F McCallum of the Straiton Kirk Session was to mark his retirement. He had been Minister of Straiton church for 43 years. Click on the images to view them full size. Contributed by Herbert Kay  former pupil at Kirkmichael Primary.

Straiton Manse about 1920 Straiton main street about 1950

Straiton from the distance

Straiton War Memorial-Main St.
View of Main Street Girvan River near Straiton View of Straiton Milron House Straiton

Main Street - 1936

Parish Church

Bolbeg House

Straiton & Patna Ayrshire Directory by Pigot & Co 1837
Straiton is a neat village, in the parish of its name and District of Carrick; 80 miles sw from Edinburgh, 26 s from Kilmarnock, 14 s by e from Ayr, the like distance w from Girvan, 8 se from Maybole, the like distance ne from Dailly and 6 sw from Dalmellington, finely situated on the banks of the Girvan and on the road leading from Glasgow to Newton-Stewart, 48 miles s by w from the former and 30 miles w from the latter town. To read the full text of the 1837 directory description including a directory of gentry and shopkeepers click on the link above or here.

Parish of Straiton. Presbytery of Ayr Synod of Glasgow and Ayr. The Rev. Robert Paton, Minister. The name of the parish, in charters of the thirteenth century, is written Strattin and Stratoun. A pair of communion cups, which are believed to have been presented to the parish in the reign of Charles II, have an inscription for the Kirk of Stratin, Since the Revolution, the name has been written Straiton. It has been, in all probability, derived, as Chalmers suggests, from the Gaelic strath, a valley. To view the first page of the text of the 1845 Statistical Account of Straiton click here.

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GenUKI for Straiton.The parish of Straiton is located on the moorland between Dalmellington and Barr with Kirkmichael to the north-west. It is a large but now thinly populated parish centred around the small village of Straiton. The village lies alongside Girvan Water. The village is described as the most picturesque of Ayrshire with two rows of single-storey cottages facing each other across the quite main street. To view genealogical resources for the village and parish of Straiton click on the image or here.

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