More on the Andrews of Maybole
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I took my family over to Maybole a couple of years ago. We live in Canada and thought the town very nice. It's good to go back to your roots once in a while. We walked around the Church yard and took a number of photos. Your web site is truly impressive.
We also spent some time in Ayr at the library doing some research but ran out of time... so we'll have to come back one day. Can't tie Robina Andrew into the family but we think John Andrew "the Schoolmaster" mentioned on the gravestone was married to Mary Caldwell. There is a note in your Maybole Kirk session records that John was baptized by the minister in Coulton of Largs. Not sure if we have the Coulton part correct or if we simply couldn't read the word. In any event we went to Largs and spent some time with their historical society and they could not help with the Coulton part. He was born on November 27 1734 he died Sept 20 1791. Mary Caldwell was born in 1741 and died on march 13 1823. She is buried in the church yard in West Bridgend of Dumbarton. We went to the church yard but unfortunately due to some road widening that took place some time ago all the headstones have been removed. Too bad! We think that John and Mary had a number of children.. This information comes from your Maybole Kirk session records. Independently the Mormon records show John Andrew and Mary Caldwell as being married on 20th Oct 1756 in Kilmacolm. So there is some discrepancy in whether the Mary Caldwells are the same.. This would put her at about 15 years of age when she got married. ???? We do know that Walter Andrews' grandfather was a schoolmaster in Maybole.. That is from the headstone. we also know that this John was a schoolmaster in Maybole so we have made a leap of faith to connect the two. This John and Mary had a number of children,,, As we found in your Kirk session records. We believe that one of John's children was also called John and he married Robina McCulloch. This John was a shoemaker in Maybole 1796 - ?. Don't know when he died. We do know that the married Robina on August 10th 1792 in Daily.
anyhow ... we continue our search.

Rigby Andrews