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From: Patrick Adamson
Date: June 15th 2001
My great GParents Thomas Adamson and his wife Margaret Gibson came to NZ from Maybole in 1866 Margaret's parents were Adam Gibson and Mary nee Melvin/Melville. Thomas was the son of Thomas Adamson and his wife Jane Watt born Girvan.A brother of Margaret, Andrew came to NZ via Australia 1862 and another brother John went to Adelaide 1862. Regards
Patrick Adamson

From: Susan Goldie dron1866 @
Date: 23 Sep 2000
Hi My gr. gr gr grandfather John Anderson was an inspector of the poor before his death in Maybole in 1902. What did a inspector of the poor do? I have a notice from the town clerks office that says that they wanted all shopkeepers to close their stores for an hour on Sept 1, 1902 from 12:30 to 1:30 as a show of respect. Are inspectors that important? Thank you Susan Goldie

From: Rigby Andrews  Rigby Andrews
Date: June 3, 2001
I think the Maybole site is fantastic...
I am looking for some more information on two of my ancestors who lived in the Maybole area.
1) John Andrew Nov 27 1734 - Dec 20 1791 He became the parish school master in Maybole. He married Mary Caldwell 1741 -1823. They had a number of children.
2) John Andrew Nov 9 1769 - ? He Married Robina McCulloch Aug 10th 1792. John Andrew had a son Walter Andrews (The grave stone in the Kirkwynd Cemetery dedicated to his grandfather John (1) ). Walter lived in Maybole for a number of years. He was a Writer. Later he moved to Girvan. John Andrew(s) also had a number of other children. This John Andrew was the R.W.M of the Freemason lodge 264 which was formed in 1797. He was a shoemaker in Maybole. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it. (For more research details click here).
Rigby Andrews

Great stuff ... congratulations on the Maybole newspaper article.I visited my cousins in Maybole in 1987 and had a great time. It is a lovely town and the people were so friendly and welcoming.
Anyway .. I am in Nelson, British Columbia Canada and the names I would like added to the list are:
Aird Ferguson Robb Wilson Thanks. Carol McLellan

From: Polly Lawler
Date: April 2002
My Great Grandfather was Andrew Baxter born circa 1830 in Maybole. His parents were William Baxter and Isabella Boyd. William and Isabella were married in Maybole on 7 December 1823. I know nothing about William and Isabella or their family. Does anyone know of their birth and/or death or anything else relating to the family.

From: Judy Roake
Date: 25 Jan 2000
I am absolutely delighted with this fantastic web site. Keep up the good work. My ancestors, Richard Bigham and Helen Wison, married in Maybole on 7.12.1828, although both had been born in Ireland. Richard was a cotton weaver. Between 1829 and 1855, 12 children were born to the couple although no baptisms have been found. Could they have been baptised at another church? Richard's parents were Richard (or John) Bigham and Janet Murray and Helen's parents were John Wilson and Eliza McDonald. I wonder if the parents also lived in Maybole and perhaps are buried there. Has anyone any knowledge of the hand loom weavers in the town. The Bigham family were living at Quarry Glen in both the 1851 and 1861 censuses. In the early 1860's, the family left Maybole and moved to Glasgow. My g-g-grandfather had already immigrated to Australia in 1860. I hope I may be able to visit Maybole one day. Many thanks for any information you can give me.

BLACKWOOD, James, Jeweller 
From: Irma Isnor, <  >
Date: 22 Jan 2000
I am searching for information on a James Blackwood ,from Ayr, who came to Pictou county, Nova Scotia. He was in the area of Stellarton and Westville,and bought property up on Mc Lellan's Mountain. In 1859 he made up a will,stating that he was about to take off for Rhode Island, USA and he and his son James left. In 1870 he sent a power of attorney letter to a son-in-law in NS to sell his land. I do not find and tombstones here for him, so I assume they died in USA.

From: Elaine
Date:  Nov 2003
My great grandparents were Margaret McQuiston (b. 1858 in Kirkoswald) and James Boden (b. 1846 in Ayrshire Maidens). Both of these families have connections to Maybole and I'm hoping find some connections. Margaret's parents were John McQuiston and Margaret Knox. James' parents were Robert Boden and Margaret Clanochan. Please contact me if you feel there may be a connection. Elaine in Toronot, Canada

From: Sheila           01.sheila @
Date: July 2009
I am looking for what happened to Robert's (b. 1852) siblings - Agnes Caldwell Bone b. 1841; David Bone b: 1844; John Bone b. 1847; Adam Bone b. 1849 and James Bone b. 1854 all born in Dalrymple. Robert's parents Adam and Jane Brunton lived at 4 Skeldon Garden which I think was in Maybole and the land was owned by Hunter's who married into my family or vice versa I guess! My question now concerns the first William in the tree who was also listed last name Boner -would anyone to be able to direct me using Bone, Boner and perhaps Bonnar for surnames before 1700? Thank you so much Sheila



William Bone………………….Jonet Smith

Married November 30, 1704, Dalrymple Parish Registry.


Residence Hosill


William Bone b. 1705 September 2    to William Bone in Holl (Fr. 010 )...

Margaret Bone,b. 1708 November 28th   daughter to William Bone in Hosill.(Fr. 012 and 013)

David Bone b. 1710  September 3rd ...   son to William Bone in Hoill. (Fr. 012 and 013)

Jonet Bone b. 1712 June 29th ...   daughter to William Bone in Hoill.(Fr. 013 and 014)

Jennet Bone b. June 10, 1714…daughter of William and Jennet Bone in Maybole  (Fr. 21)

... James Bone b. 1717 June 1st   lawful son to William Boner and Janet Smith in Priesthill.(Fr. 015)


 David (German)  Bone b. 1710……….….….Jean Bowman

Married at Maybole in April 13, 1754

(Fr. 365 & 2166)


Jean b. January 31, 1755 to David (German) Bone and Jean Bowman (fr.2166)

Jean baptized December 14, 1760, daughter of David and Jean Bone in Dalrymple ( fr. 202)

David born and baptized .July 27, 1764 son of David and Jean Bowman (fr. 218)

David Bone b.1764…………….Agnes Caldwell

Married at Dalrymple in December 15, 1791in Maybole


Residence Croirieshill, Maybole


James Fergusson b. September 24, 1782 in Maybole Fr. 391

Margaret b. Feb 8, 1794 in Ayr Fr. 706

William b. January 15, 1796 in Maybole Fr. 419

Mary b. March 28, 1800 in Maybole Fr. 476

David b. July 17, 1802 in Maybole Fr. 485

Agness b. February 22, 1805 in Maybole Fr. 502

Robert b. July 17, 1807 in Maybole Fr. 521

Elizabeth b. Jan 30, 1810 in Maybole Fr. 536

Jannet b. Jan 30, 1810 in Maybole Fr. 536

Adam b. July 5, 1812 in Maybole Fr. 551


Adam Bone b.1812……………….Jane Brunton

Marriage Proclamation on March 25, 1838 at Kirkmichael

Married on April 6, 1838 in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland


Residence Skeldon Garden, Maybole


Ann b. September 5, 1838 in Kirkmichael Fr. 585

Agnes Caldwell b. July 19, 1841 in Dalrymple Fr. 344

David b. June 15, 1844 in Dalrymple Fr. 340

John b. April 8. 1847 in Dalrymple Fr. 354

Adam b. December 20, 1849 in Dalrymple Fr. 358

Robert b. May 12, 1852 in Dalrymple Fr. 362

James b. September 21, 1854 in Dalrymple Fr. 367


Robert Bone b.1852……………..Mary McCreath

Married on August 15, 1877 in Ayr, Scotland

Residence Ayr Road, Dalmellington


Margaret b. January 17, 1879 in Wallacetown, Parish of  St. Quivox

Elizabeth b. January 17, 1879 in Wallacetown, Parish of St. Quivox

Joseph b. April 21, 1881, at Monkton in the District of Kyle

Thomas McCreath Born Oct 17, 1883,at Dalmellington,

John b. March 26, 1888 at Dalmellington

Isobel McCreath b. August 1, 1895 born  Dallmellington

From: Cynthia Mouro
Date: July 2005
I am looking for information regarding CATHERINE BONE. Who listed her birthplace on the 1851 census as MAYBOLE...and on her death certificate her father was listed as WILLIAM BONE...she would have been born about 1787...she was married to JOHN FERGUSON of Dalrymple in 1818..Thankyou

From: Jim Bone
Date: June 2005
Have just recently found your web page and think it is fantastic. The pictures you have posted are great---gives you a feeling of the country. Keep up the good work. My grandparents emigrated to Canada in 1905. If anyone has information on the following I would very much appreciate hearing from them. 1)My great grandparents William Bone/Harriet Erskine Burns Brown m. Jan 1,1858 in Edinburgh. 2) My possible GG grandparents William Bone/Marion Fergusson. Married in Maybole parish Dec. 22, 1822. My e-mail address is  Thank you Jim Bone

from Alistair BONE at
I have confirmed the marriage of my relatives one William Bone to Agness McWhirtor 1770 and the birth of there son William 1772 in Maybole. William worked as a  boot and shoemaker  if any one is researching the period 1700-1800 I would be grateful if they could contact me at the above address.

BOYLE, North Threave
From: Margaret Morrell
Date: 11 Jan 2000
Searching for any connections to Boyle, McQuaker, Foster, McDowell,McGill and Kay. Mostly Kirkoswald. Have found Boyle at North Threave, Croftingee , Littleton and Macawston Glen. Any information on these places appreciated. Also looking for any information about Turnberry Airfield, anything at all !. Regards Margaret

Re: BOYLE, North Threave
Date: 17 Feb 2000
Dear Margaret,
I have a James Boyle married Eliza Campbell in Kirkoswald 10th July 1835. Their daughter Eliza (born 13th August 1847 - third daughter and sixth child) married David Wilson in Kirkoswald 18th June 1866. David was my Great Grandfather and Eliza my Great Grandmother.
Cheers! Anita Lorenz.
More photos and information at the family website

From: Oona MacDonald
Date: December 2005
I am researching my family tree and have found some details on my great grandmother, Sarah Boyd. She was married Malcolm MacDonald in 1895 in Waterside, Ayr. Sarah was born in 1875 to Kennedy Boyd and Margaret Murray. Kennedy died aged 46 in 1884 and Margaret remarried to become Margaret Adams. I understand that Sarah also had brothers called William and Robert and a sister called Jane. On the 1881 census they are shown as living in Dalmellington. Kennedy's parents were Robert Boyd and Margaret (I think her maiden name was Hamilton but I can't be sure - can't read the writing on the census) and they were married on 12/8/1836 in Maybole. They also had children called Isabella, William and Robert who were all registered on the 1861 census as being born in either Kirkmichael or Maybole. Does any of this fit in with anyone else's family tree (I notice there are quite a few mentions of the name Boyd on the website). I would be most grateful if anyone can share some information with me. Many thanks Oona MacDonald



From Terry Boyd 

Date: 6 May 2001 
With many thanks to Ian Heath for the help thus far, I am looking for any details on an Alexander Boyd, b. 8 Jan 1867 (I.G.I. lists him as Alexander Boyd Gibson). His mother was Jane Gibson, his father Alexander Boyd, not married. The father went on to marry Margaret Davidson 29 Mar 1867 ( ! ) and sire a bunch of other children. I am after more on the mother. Any relatives out there?

From: F. Lowe
Date: January 2006
John BROWN born about 1810, Scotland or Ireland
Jane WELSH born about 1810, Scotland or Ireland
Married:           Around 1830.
Children:           Elizabeth born about 1831, Scotland

                        John born about 1834, Scotland

                        Joseph born about 1836, Scotland

                        Isabella born about 1843, Scotland

                        Samuel born about 1846, Scotland

                        Robbart born about 1850, Scotland, married Mary MACKAY 01 Jan 1872 Maybole.


Robbart BROWN born about 1850, Scotland

Mary MACKAY born about 1850, Scotland

Married:           01 Jan 1872, Maybole.

Children:           Jessie born 18 Jan 1872, Maybole married Joseph COLQUHOUN (born 1871 Maybole)

                        30 Dec 1892, Maybole

                        Jeannie born 04 Jun 1874, Girvan, Ayr

BROWN, Agnes
From: Jason McCann
Date: March 2002
Looking for BROWN, Agnes from Maybole. She married Walter Collins from Kilmarnock and her son was also called Walter Collins. Her son was born on 13 Nov. 1934. Walter Collins (son) was born in Kilmarnock. And was brought up in an orphanage (couldham?).

BROWN, Robert
I would like to ask for information about a Robert Brown who married Rachel McMaster in Maybole on 26 Dec 1847--she was the daughter of William McMaster and Rachel Paterson. They had 9 children between 1850 and 1869. 3 of the daughters ended up in USA and married here. I am not sure about any of the others at this point but am trying to find out when they let Scotland and who Robert's parents were. Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks Sheila

BROWN, William and Anne Esdale HUNTER BROWN
From: Maggie Bessette
Date: 28 Jul 2000
Hello, We are looking for information on the parents and families of William BROWN and Anne Esdale HUNTER BROWN. They were married in the Old Parish Church in Maybole 31Dec1833. They lived in Maybole until 1839. They then moved to Kilmarnock. They had three children born to them that died in infancy. They emigrated to the United States between 1840 and 1842. In New York and Washington D.C. several years until about 1848. They moved to Pardeeville,Columbia Co.,Wisconsin. They had three children that grew to adult life. John Archibald, Hugh and Isabella. Wm.Brown had a brother Hugh, who lived in Kilmaurs AyreShire as late as June 1866. Hugh's children were John, James, Hugh, Gilbert and Janet. The sons were all in the clothing trade. Anne had a brother Thomas HUNTER who was a Building Surveyor to the Corporation of Liverpool in 1867. He had a large family names unknown. Anne also had brothers Allan,Archibald,John,James and a sister Margaret. If any of this family story looks familiar, please respond! Thank you and Best Greetings, Maggie Bessette

From: Bruce Swan   bpswan26 @
Date: November 2006
My grandfather, Douglas Hazel was born in Kirkoswald in 1804 and died in
Minnesota in 1894.  I am trying to locate information on his family.  Before
he died he wrote a letter as follows:





I've been to Kirkoswald and have verified that the tombstones are there.  Is there someone that could help me location answers to the following:
1) What information is there regarding Maragaret Mary Ann Pruvan - birth, death, etc.
2) What information is there on John Goudy and the Goudy family?  Did the family come to America?
The Hazel, Graham, Gowdie, and the Mary Margaret (german Princes} Pruvan are all of interest.

From: Stella Trainor   strainor @
Date: May 2011
I have discovered a branch of my family on the 1881 Census – my paternal great-grandparents, John and Grace Cadoo lived for a time at 25 Weaver Street, Maybole. They came from Ballymena, Ireland and by 1891 are living in St Quivox, Wallacetown. At the time, they had two children: Margaret, age 2 (my grandmother) and Thomas, 3 mos, who sadly died. He was baptized in Maybole, although I do not know if he was born there. John was a bootmaker, as were most of his neighbours on Weaver Street.

From: Brian Cardie, Toronto, Canada
Date: 08 Jan 2000
My g'father was born in Girvan in 1896, moved to Maybole before brother was born in 1899. There's a black hole of information before he married in Glasgow in the 20's. Anyone recognise the name?

From: Dennis Piggot   Email: duels @
Date: Aug 2007
I am from the south west of Western Australia and have connections to the Campbell’s, Hill's & Hay by my records in Ayrshire, but I have not found them on any databases at this time. Therefore I provide the following listing of ancestor’s and some of their descendants, perhaps someone can help in providing us with further information or family details

From: Wayne Campbell
Date: Nov 2003
My great great grandfather Andrew Campbell was born in Maybole in 1833. He married Janet Anderson there in 1855. They had four children: William (1856), Thomas (1860), Jane (1863) and Robert (1870). I am descended from Thomas, who died in Ayr in 1904. I would very much like to be in touch with any descendents of Thomas's siblings, though at the present time I am not aware of if or when they married. Janet Campbell died in Dailly in 1914 and her son Robert was there at that time.
Wayne Campbell

From: Vicki Graves
Date: June 30, 2001
I have just recently started searching into my family history and have found your site and the Maybole pages. I was so excited as my grandparents are from Maybole and they came to the states in 1907. I see the pictures and read the history and it is like I am walking in the footsteps of my Grandmother. You have done so much work and I am sure that you know what a benefit your work is to all of us who are just beginning our search.
I am located in a small town in Wyoming so the internet is the only source of information and tool that I have for doing this work and it is difficult as the records are in Scotland and the family name is so common there.
I am the granddaughter of John Campbell and his wife Jeanne Orr McKie.  Their parents were:

James Campbell - McBride               John McKie and Jane Herron
their parents were:
Unknown                                          Alexander Herron and Jane jean Thomson.........
Unknown                                    (his)Thomas Herron and Margaret Niven
unknown                                   (hers)Alexander Thomson and Mary Clark

My Grandfather had three brothers that came over to the states from Maybole also: James - Thomas - and Robert Hunter and my Grandmother had one brother come over : John McKie. They settled in Wyoming in a place they called "little Scotland" up near the present town of Dubois WY - then it was called Dunoir - they had 4 more children there, my father being one of them.
I am so thankful for your work and this site and just want to express my appreciation. If you can be of any help to me in my search I would sure appreciate it as I say I am in a very small locality and have only my computer.
Thank you!

From: Peter Ashworth
Date: Nov 12 2000
My own interest in Maybole stems from my three times Great Grandmother,  Sarah CAMPBELL, who was baptised there on 26th March 1797, the daughter of  John and Sarah, nee Smith.  I would be pleased to be contacted by any other interested parties in this  name in Maybole.
Peter Ashworth,  Poynton, Macclesfield, Cheshire

From: Nancy-Lea Legge
Date: June 2005
I've just come across this wonderful site whilst doing a bit of family research, which has led me to an ancestor by the name of John Cairns born in MAYBOLE, Ayrshire 1745, died Maybole 1844. I can't get any further information, (most of the Cairns seem to be from Crichton, Midlothian), on him. I don't know his profession or his wife's name as she is simply listed as "Mrs.John Cairns"; common practice of the times I believe. They had a daughter Elizabeth who married a James Deas. If, per chance, anyone had any further information I would love to hear from them. Thank you, Nancy-Lea Legge

From: Max Carrick mjcarrick @
My Carrick ancestors have been traced to Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland but I have a suspicion/feeling they might have been part of the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century and originated in Scotland. I have no delusions of them being related to Duncan de Carrick or any other notables but rather the question may have been “Where are you from Thomas”? to which he answered “Carrick” and that became his surname. Thomas Carrick married Anne Gillespie in the Portadown area in Armagh c.1800 and he was my GGGrandfather. I would be grateful for any suggestions for searching etc. Many thanks Max Carrick Sydney, Australia

CARRICK, Duncan de Carrick ,1st Earl of Carrick
From: Robert J.Karrick
Date: 01 Mar 2000
I have traced my Ancestors to Fergus ,Lord of Galloway who died 1166 and his grandson Duncan ,1st Earl of Carrick,who had a son Nicholaus Lord of Carrick (at Fife 1280 ),who had a son Robert Niel de Karrik (Robert Karrick in Newbattle 1280,) I am seeking and would appreciate any information on above and their descendants ..

Re: Duncan de CARRICK ,1st Earl of Carrick
From: Pauline King
Date: 28 Aug 2000
My mothers maiden name is McCarrick. It is believed the she is a decendant of The Earl of Carrick. Her father was John McCarrick and as children we were told this rather romantic story that because he married beneath his station he was ostrasized by the McCarrick family who are believed to be landed gentry in Ireland. My mother is now in her eighties and this information, about the Earl of Carrick came out when she was talking about her childhood just recently. My grandfather had three sisters that I know of their names were Lilian,Annie and Cecilia. One of whom married a Frank Vodden who became the govenor of the Kwala Lumpian railway. I dont know if any of this information is of any use to you, please let me know if any of this ties in with any of your research into the more recent decendants Best wishes Pauline King

Duncan de CARRICK ,1st Earl of Carrick
Date: 17 Apr 2000
Hello, It seems that you might be able to help me with my search. I am looking for the name of the wife of William de Forbes. I have been able to find that she was a daughter of Kennedy of Dunure. His name was John. From what I can gather he was confirmed as chief by King Robert II in 1372. But I have now struck a complete dead end. There doesn't seem to be any information about her anywhere. If you can help I would be eternally grateful. My Grandfather is a Kennedy, Frank Desmond. kindest regards, Seonaid

Date: 02 May 2000
Just had a good nights viewing of the website. Brings back memories. Jean Clark, Maybole

/McLoun/Watson/Murphy/Timpney/TempneyRussell/Blain/Blane/Aitken/Clark/Agnew/ Walker.
From: Jean Quinn nee Conway
Date: October 2001
I have definite links to Maybole and surrounding districts.
I was born in Prestwick but now live in England.
The family names I have are, Conaghan/Conachan/Conway/Connoway/Robb/Sloan/Tolland/Tolan/
Timpney/Tempney,this is the paternal side,some of them left for Australia and America c.late1800's,early 1900's.
Maternal side, names include, Russell/Blain/Blane/Aitken/Clark/Agnew/Walker.
This is a lot of surnames to post ,but I am hoping it will bring in some results!!!,
Best Regards,
Jean Quinn nee Conway


From: F. Lowe
Date: January 2006
John COLQUHOUN born about 1775, possibly Ireland

Unknown/possibly Mary about 1775, possibly Ireland

Married:           about 1800 Ireland

Child:               Joseph born about 1801, Ireland

I believe John’s first wife died between 1801 – 1832 in Ireland.  I lean more toward 1801.  Perhaps she died in childbirth as I have not been able to find other children of this union.  Mary is a guesstimate of the wife’s/mother’s name as Joseph (born about 1801) names his first daughter Mary.

I believe John remarries.

John COLQUHOUN born about 1775, possibly Ireland

Jane MCLACHLAN born about 1811, Ireland

Married:  possibly Ireland or Maybole about 1830.

Lived in Maybole by 1832.

Children:           Sarah born about 1832, Maybole

                        John born about 1835,  Maybole

                        Arthur born about 1838, Maybole

                        Elisabeth born about 1840, Maybole

                        Grace born about 1843, Maybole

                        Jean born about 1848, Maybole          


Joseph COLQUHOUN born about 1801, Ireland

Margaret CAIRNS born about 1802, Ireland

Married:           about 1832 Ireland

Arrive about 1842 Maybole, Ayr

Children:           Mary born about 1833,  Ireland

                        Joseph born about 1837, Ireland married Elisabeth Renfrew (born 01July1840,                                          Maybole) on 27 Apr 1864.     

                        Margaret born about 1843, Maybole

                        Robert born about 1849, Maybole


Joseph COLQUHOUN born 1871, Maybole

Jessie BROWN born 18 Jan 1872, Maybole

Married:           30 Dec 1892, Maybole.

Children:           Elizabeth “Lizzie” born Maybole.

                        Joseph born 20 Jan 1894, Maybole married Ellen WHYTE Apr 1913, Maybole.

                        Mary born Maybole

                        Jessie born Maybole

            Robert born Maybole

                        Margaret Cairns born 1899, Maybole

                        Isabelle born 1905, Maybole   

                        Agnes born 1907, Maybole

            Jane “Jennie” born 1903, Maybole

                        John born Maybole.

                        Anne Brown born 1910, Maybole.

    Approximately 5 other children died and rest in Maybole.  Ages of the children range from months to 5   years at time of death and names suggested include James, Agnes, Kathrine, Jessie and Martha.

The family immigrates to Welland, Ontario Canada about 1912.  Additional info not included for privacy reasons.


Joseph COLQUHOUN born about 1837, possibly Ireland

Elizabeth RENFREW born 01July 1840, Maybole

Married:           27 Apr 1864, Maybole

Children:           Mary born 1864, Maybole

                        Robert born 1865, Maybole, Baby Robert passes prior to 1867.

                        Robert #2 born 1867, Maybole

                        Elizabeth born 1869,  Maybole

            Joseph born 1871, Maybole married Jessie BROWN - 1892, Maybole William born 1873,

                        James born about 1875, Maybole 

                        John born about 1877, Maybole

            Henry T born 1880, Maybole 

Joseph COLQUHOUN born 20 January 1894, Maybole

                       Ellen (Nellie) WHYTE born 5 Dec 1892 Kilmaurs, Ayr

 Married:         1913, Maybole.

Children:          Born in Canada and for privacy reasons are not listed.

                       They immigrated to Welland, Ontario, Canada.

                       Joseph apprenticed at Jacks Agricultural.

From: Wendy and Wally Colquhoun
Date: July 2005
We are looking for more information on the Colquhoun family line. I am Wallace Colquhoun, born in Montreal Canada. My parents were Robert Colquhoun and Mary Colquhoun, nee Smith. My father Robert was born March 5th, 1130 am on Drumellon St in Maybole, 189_? His parents are registered as Robert Colquhoun and Mary Peters who were married on July 17, 1889. Any help extending this line would be appreciated and especially wish to discover members of the male line. Thank you. Respectfully Wendy and Wally Colquhoun

From: Stephen Ronald Conkie
Date: 08 Jan 2000
My Grandfather "Charles Burns Conkie" was born here in 1892 to John Conkie and Agnes Conkie (M.S. Burns). I am searching for a living relative to communicate with, discuss family history and to complete the connection between Canada and Scotland.
Stephen Ronald Conkie

From: Stephen Ronald Conkie
Date: 08 Jan 2000
I would like to pass on some further family information in the hope someone in Maybole can make a connection to it. Marriage of JOHN CONKIE and AGNES BURNS Date: 25th June, 1891 How Married: by Declaration in presence of James ....?, Cork Cutter (Master) and Mary Ridler, Cork Sorter Where: 94 Portland Street, Glasgow Groom: John Conkie, Age 47, Spirit Merchant (Widower) Groom's Residence: Kirkland Street, Maybole Groom's Father: James Conkie, Grain Miller (deceased) Groom's Mother: Isabella Conkie, formerly Robertson, M.S. Campbell (deceased) Bride: Agnes Burns, Age 19, Housekeeper (Spinster) Bride's Residence: 4 Kirkland Street, Maybole Bride's Father: Charles Burns, Shoemaker (Journeyman) Bride's Mother: Agnes Burns, M.S. Murray Warrant of Sheriff Substitute of Lanarkshire dated June 25th, 1891
. Birth of CHARLES CONKIE Date: 23rd November, 1892. Time: 2.30pm Where: Market Inn, Maybole Father: John Conkie, Spirit Merchant Mother: Agnes Conkie, M.S. Burns. Parents' marriage: 25 June, 1891 in District of Gorbals, Glasgow 

1881 Census

Dwelling: 11 Newmarket St Census Place: Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland Name Marital Status/Age/Sex/Birthplace John CONKIE M/38/M/Ireland Rel: Head Occ: Contractor & Carriage Hirer (6 Men) Jane CONKIE M/36/F/West ..., Lanark, Scotland Rel: Wife Occ: Contractors Wife Charlotte CONKIE U/16/F/Paisley Rel: Dau Occ: Dressmaker James CONKIE U/15/M/Paisley Rel: Son Occ: Clerk John CONKIE U/11/M/Darvel Rel: Son Occ: Scholar Isabella CONKIE U/9/F/Darvel Rel: Dau Occ: Scholar William CONKIE U/7/M/Darvel Rel: Son Occ: Scholar David CONKIE U/5/M/Darvel Rel: Son Occ: Scholar.

Dwelling: Weaver Vennal Census Place: Maybole, Ayr, Scotland. Name Marital Status/Age/Sex/Birthplace Charles BURNS M/32/M/Maybole, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Shoemaker Agnes BURNS M/28/F/Maybole, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Wife Occ: Shoe Finisher Maria BURNS 13/F/Maybole, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar Agnes BURNS 8/F/Maybole, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar .................

From: Carol Cardello
Date: December 2005
My great-grandfather, James Hamilton Conley, was born in Maybole ca 1848. Through this site, I accessed the 1841 census. I have located his parents (William Connelly and Mary (Hamilton) Connelly, as well as her parents (Gustavus and Sarah Hamilton) living at Kirklands, Bullockloans, in Maybole Parish. I found notice of birth of his sister Sarah in January 1841. I've found other birth and marriage records which have been very helpful. I found nothing in the birth records for Maybole (or for anywhere else in Scotland) for James Conley or his brother William, born ca. 1845. The family left for the United States in the late 1840s, but William and James are both listed on the 1860 census in Massachusetts with birthplace Scotland for both of them. William applied for naturalization in the 1890s and gave Maybole as his place of birth. James was not so consistent; his military enlistment says Scotland, and on the 1870 census he stated Scotland, but in later years he gave his birthplace as Massachusetts.

From: Elizabeth
Date: 31 Jan 2000
Mary MCEWEN b. EST 1800, Maybole, d 1884 Maybole. m James CONWAY 6 May 1834 Maybole. Their children Robina, Agnes, James and William, all born in Maybole. Great site!Thanks.

From: Annette Michell nee Cook
Date: January 2004
Let me congratulate you on a wonderful website. I discovered it about 18 months ago while researching my dad's family, Cook, in Maybole and I have visited it regularly ever since. I discovered I am related to Murray Cook. I have all the Cooks living in Maybole in 1881 and my own ancestors from the 1851 and 1861 Census records. I haven't seen any signs of anyone else interested in this family. On a completely different issue; while browsing through my memory box I found a letter (attached) from my Gran to my Grandpa when she, along with my mum and uncle, was evacuated to Kirkmichael. It was written from West End Cottage which I believe still exists. There is no date but my Uncle Jim, who is the baby in the letter, was born in December 1938 so I assume it was written in 1939. I thought it may be of interest to anyone living there at the time.
Annette Mitchell nee Cook, Glasgow, Scotland

From: Alison Aldersea  aesredla @
Date: January 2011
I am researching the Kean and Cooper families of Maybole. My 3rd great grandmother, Agnes Kean, was born in Knowside in 1841 to Agnes Cooper and William Kean. They were married in Kirkmichael on the 4th June 1841. They had another daughter called Marion Kean, born the following year. Agnes Cooper died before the 1851 census, and William married a Margaret (probably Munn, they had another child Ann Kean in 1851.) William's parents were William Kean ( a carter, born Ireland) and Marion Robb born Ayrshire, both born around 1780. I have no other information on the Cooper family. If anyone can help with any information on these families it would be much appreciated. I am particularly interested in trying to get some information of the Coopers of Maybole.

From: Bob Cowan - Sydney
Date: November 2001
My COWAN ancestors immigrated to Scotland from Ireland in 1851 and were at Maybole from that date until around 1885. Of the 11 children who were born at Maybole three had the middle name of CUMMING. This includes my grandfather John Cumming COWAN (b. 1864) and a sister Elizabeth Bell Cumming COWAN (b. 1866) . I know from records that in 1826 a John CUMMING married an Elizabeth BELL at Maybole and I wonder whether anyone knows any history of the CUMMING Family that may explain any connection

jwilliamson @
Date: 04 Aug 2000
Looking for information on CRAIGFIN farm and the HAZLE/HAZEL family who farmed there. Any information really would be appreciated. Many thanks - Jim W.

CRAIG, Barlaugh Farm
From: Margaret Morrell
Date: 20 Jul 2000
Hi, does anyone know of Cecilia Craig of Barlaugh Farm, By Maybole in the 1940's. Whilst researching Turnberry Airfield for my Commemorative History I have been approached by an ex RAF crew member who has been asking for Cecilia. Thanks Margaret

From: Margaret Smith
Date: Feb 2003
William Crawford, possibly born in Maybole, married Jean Niven, born
c1760 in Kirkoswald. William was a shoemaker. Their known children:  
1.  James Crawford, born 20 Sep 1782 in Maybole.
2.  Margaret Crawford, born 14 Jun 1785 in Maybole, married Gilbert Gray.
3.  Janet Crawford, born 5 Apr 1788 in Maybole, married James Smith, who  was baptised 17 May 1789 in   Pentclantie. They were married 30 Jun 1809  in Kirkmichael. James' and Janet's first few children were born in  Maybole, Barr and "Carrick District" but then moved to Stevenston, where  the rest of their children were born.
4.  Mary Crawford, born 20 Dec 1790 in Maybole, married William Baird. Jean Niven is believed to be the daughter of Adam Niven of  "Balchriston," Kirkoswald - possibly the one whose will was filed in 1811. Janet Crawford's and James Smith's son James married Ann Ritchie in  Stevenston in 1832 and the two emigrated to Petersburg, Virginia, USA.  The family story is that they went to visit a relative of Ann's, and she  refused to repeat the ocean journey, so they stayed!

From: Bill Lovell         lovell @
Date: Sept 2008
Walter Crawley was born in Launceston Cornwall 1869 his name appears on the death certificate of his sister Susannah who died in Manchester in 1907 his address is given as Carnegie Library Maybole Scotland. Any information on his connection with Maybole would be welcome.

From: Anne Anderson
Date: December 2005
My family interest include John Davidson b: 1820circa and his spouse Janet Fergusson residing at Drummuck Farm near Kirkoswald / Old Dailly and their sons James Davidson b: 1856c and his spouse Emily McKnight b; 1863 both residing at Drummuck Farm near old Dailly/Kirkoswald and John Davidson b: 1839 and his spouse Eliza Kerr.

From: Gavin Davidson gavinandsandid @ Queensland, Australia
Date: June 2005
Can Anyone please help !!! I am looking for any information regarding the Davidsons of Kirkoswald. I believe I have stumbled onto a bit of a breakthrough, there is a John Davidson Junior mentioned in the Kirkoswald assessment roll of 1849 as a tennant of Dummuich Farm. I have a marriage certificate sent from Scotland registry showing that John Davidson ( ploughman ) Married Eliza Kerr ( Spinster ) 25th January 1864 and Johns place of residence was Dummuich, Kirkoswald. John's father was also John Davidson shown on the marriage certificate as a farmer and John's mother was Janet Davidson ( M.S i believe this is maiden surname - Fergusson. The marriage took place in Ayr , in the traditions of the established church of Scotland. Eliza's parents were William Kerr - who's occupation is shown as the Foreman Railway Goods Station and Sarah Kerr ( M.S McKnight ) shown as deceased on the certificate. Click on the image above to view the certificate.

Anybody with any information regarding these people, ( the Davidsons of Dummuich Farm, or Kirkoswald or related in any way to the above people mentioned, births, deaths, marriages, anything ) could you please send me an email to . It is a bit harder to trace things from over here in Australia and this is the latest information I have to hand so far. Kirkoswald is the first breakthrough as a resting place for some of my family.

John Davidson & Janet Ferguson      William Kerr  & Sarah McKnight (Dec)
                      |                                                     |
            John Davidson               &                   Eliza Kerr ( Married 25 Jan 1864 )
(John's place of residence on Marriage certificate - Dummuich, Kirkoswald)

From: Kelly Plumb
Date: May 2004
My gggg grandfather, and his father, and their families, lived in Maybole.  The Davis family:  Thomas born around 1811, Helen, born around 1811, Thomas' parents George Davis (b. ca. 1766), Helen Davis (b. ca. 1776), living in the weaving area (weaver's vennel and welltrees square) from at least 1841, until at least 1881.  Also, John Bonnar/Bonar and Elizabeth Miller, married in Maybole in 1829 and having several children there.

From: Wanda
Date: 19 Jul 2000
I am looking for any information on Thomas Dick Sr. I believe he was bornin Feb 1749.

From: Francis Dobbie
Date: June 2002
I am looking for info on a Francis and Agnes Dobbie who both died in Maybole in 1880, leaving two young son's James and William. They were both only about 25 when they died. William went on to become an MP, Lord mayor of York and a CBE. Any help very welcome.

From: Myra Bolt, Australia.
Date: May 14th, 2001
I am looking for information regarding James Drummond father of Martha Drummond who married to John Edgar Dec.26 1834 Parish of Maybole, County of Ayr, or her mother Helen Jardine, who was married to the above James Drummond. I also have a Margaret Edgar married Adam Wallace, Maybole 1863. I am told, [that recorded in the] 1861 census a Jean or Jane Drummond also lived at Weaver Vennal and may be Martha Drummond's sister, who married John Edgar. William Edgar migrated to Canada, also a previous generation Samuel Edgar, migrated - Martha Edgar is buried in Maybole churchyard died 1859. As there are some Jardines in Maybole, I was wondering if any of them may be related to my Helen Jardine born about 1800 most likely Ireland. My cousin Sydney Wright also has advertised for information and visited Maybole in the year 2000. I haven't yet been to Scotland, but is a place I certainly will try and visit before I get too old.

From: Jacqueline Johnson email:  jacqueline.johnson16 @
Date: May 2007
My great grandfather, John Duke, was born in Maybole on 2 April 1872, son of Jane Duke, baptised 22 March 1846 also in Maybole. My grandfather, John was born in Mauchline in 1896, and my father, yet another John Duke, was born in Muirkirk in 1925 and happily, still with us. Any information regarding this family would be sincerely appreciated.

From: Di Mothershaw
Date: March 2004
Thanks for a wonderful site. Have found tons of information on my ancestors via this site. I'd just like to update you on Mary Dunlop my 2 X great grandmother. She was born 4 May 1835. Her parents where David Dunlop and Agnes Fergusson. It would appear that as her mother died at this time it was due to childbirth. Mary moved down to Heath Charnock., Lancashire where she was a housemaid before marrying James Clark (born 22 December 1832 in Kilrenny, Fifeshire and baptised 14 January 1833). Mary and James married in Adlington Parish Church, Lancashire on 8 June 1860. Mary died at the Waterworks Cottage, Anderton near Horwich on 28 February 1894. She is buried in the former Lee Chapel churchyard, Lee Lane, Horwich (now the United Reform Church) with her husband James who died 17 March 1909. Best wishes Di Mothershaw

From: Beverly Cooen  jibec @
UpDated: Oct 2011
"My great-grandmother Annie Dunlop was born on 12 July 1852 at Port Fairy in Victoria, Australia, to William Dunlop and Mary Ann Campbell who were married in Ayr on 3 June 1850 and arrived in Victoria on 28 Sept 1850. William Dunlop was born 19 Sept 1823 at Grange Cottage in the Parish of Maybole to David Dunlop and Agnes Ferguson, whose other children were Helen b.1817 (m.1843 Joseph Hannah), James b.1819, Jane b.1821 (m.1844 Edmund McClymont), David b.1826, Agnes b.1827, Elizabeth b.1829, Janet b.1832 (m.1856 William Smellie) and Mary b.1835 (m.1860 James Clark) d.1894 Lancs,Eng. Agnes died May 1835 and David then married Margaret McWhirter (daughter of William McWhirter and Agness Newal). David was born 1793 at Maybole to James Dunlop and Jane Shaw."
Best regards, Beverley Cooen 8 Milfull Close, Rowville, 3178 Victoria Australia

From: David Kiltie
Date: Nov 2000
Looking for information and family connections to Dunlops which are mentioned in a window in the West Church and which have the following dedication



From: Keith Clark (email address no longer available)
Date: 07 Jan 2000
Your website is absolutely terrific!! I thought I'd check it out before looking up details on Mary Dunlop (c1835). Could you add the following to your Surnames Page please? James CLARK b 1833 Kilrenny married Mary DUNLOP b c1835 at Maybole. They moved to Addlington Lancashire about1855 where James was a"domestic coachman". They had at least three children Jane 1862, James 1863 and David Ailsor 1868 (presumably named after Ailsa Craig). I don't know when James & Mary were married but presumably it was in Maybole, the brides Parish. Keith Clark


Date: 5 Nov 2000
From: Mary Eaglesham (email address unknown)
Looking for connection to James and Elizabeth Eaglesham of Maybole. Married in late 1800's. Known to have five children. James (oldest), Robert, Hugh, Anna and Grace. James and Elizabeth moved to Montreal, Canada (relatives may still be in Canada - possibly Saskatchewan)  in the early 1900's. Their eldest son James had a wife named Mary at the time and stayed in Maybole and lived at Coral Hill in Maybole. James and Mary had twin sons named Robert and Alex, a daughter Annie and a son James born 1923. James born 1923 is my late husband.

Oct 25th 2003
Harry Eaglesham
I saw your message from Nov 2000 regarding the Eaglesham family on the Maybole website. I am Harry Eaglesham son of Jack who is son of James and Elizabeth. If you are James' wife I have met you when I was a kid and I remember playing with your young blond daughter while you visited with us in Montreal.

My dad (Jack or Jackie) is alive and living in Picton, Ontario with my mom Josie. Dad is not that well. regarding the other siblings you mention James, Robert (my uncle Bob died quite a few years ago in Montreal as did his son Jessie), Hugh (my uncle Hugh also died quite few years ago in Montreal), Anna (my auntie Anne is still alive in Montreal but is very ill), Grace (my Auntie Grace died quite a few years ago in Toronto where I live. I attended her funeral). You ommitted my father, Jack and Francis (married Jack Dawe and both died in Montreal not that long ago) and Lottie (who moved to South Africa where she died several years ago)

If I recall correctly you moved to western or northern Canada for a time and then went to Scotland. I would love to hear from you and my parents as well.
Harry Eaglesham

From: Moria Ferry
Date: 10 Oct 2000
Margaret Eaglesham m Gilbert McCrindle 4.2.1827 at Maybole.
On Gilbert's death cert we have the informant Hannah Todd, Niece, of Cairnwell, Stranraer, Wigton.

The 1881 Census at Carnweil Farmhouse, Stoneykirk, Wigton gives
Alex Todd, farmer 300 ac emp 6 men 4 women, age 71 y b Dundonald Hannah Todd, wife 66 y b Maybole John Todd, son U 30 y b Stoneykirk, Wigton Hannah Todd, Daughter, U 24 y b Stoneykirk, Wigton + 3 other farm workers. LDS Marriage Alex Todd, Hannah Eglasham, 18.1.1842, Stoneykirk, Wigton.

Other non related Eagleshams found are:
James Eaglesham m Isobel McHutcheon 5.5.1810 Kirkoswald - Their daughters
Jean Eaglesham b 1812 Kirkoswald m John Davidson 1834 Kirkoswald
Janet Eaglesham b 1816
Isobel Eaglesham b 1820

From: Caroline Easdon sarea012002 @
Date: July 2009
I believe my Great Great Grandfather Ralph Easdon was born in Stirling and according to the 1891 census he and his wife Jane (born in Cumberland) lived in Maybole at sone stage as they had 5 children, four of which, Joseph, Jane, Ralph and Jessie were born in Maybole. They also had another son called Peter who was born in Cumberland. I would love to know any information that anyone has as I am finding it hard to find any information and Ralph doesn't seem to appear until the 1891 census where it says he was 45 years old. I would also love it if anyone has any old photographs of any of the family. Thank you very much for your help. Caroline



From: Sydney Wright or

Date: 8 May 2001
I visited Maybole in  July 1999 as I believe my maternal Great great great Grandmother and father lived and were buried in the town. Unfortunately the town offices  were closed but I visited the churchyard below the town and found  several names but not the ones I was looking for Martha Edgar (nee  Drummond) and John Edgar we believe was buried in 1858 in the churchyard in  Maybole.  Sons James emigrated and he had four  sons - my grandfather James Edgar came to N.Z. in the Gabrielles Gully  goldrush in N.Z. later owned land in Waitara, North Island of N.Z.,  served in the Boer War with  the N.Z. forces and married into the pioneer  Baigent family of Nelson, N.Z. . Some of James' brothers went  from N.Z. to Canada I believe. Martha Drummond was part of the Drummonds of Perth and the NZ family myth is that there was a black sheep in the Edgar family who was sent to N.Z. but unless I know the family occupation is still remains a myth. I did meet a shop keeper who told me that the last Edgar has a stationery shop in the main street.  I would love someone who knows.



From: Marvin/Alan Farquhar

Date: September 2006

My Great, great Grandfather Robert Farquhar was born 12 November 1822 in Slateford, Maybole. Son of David Farquhar & Sarah Dunn. In August my wife and I visited Maybole & Kirkmichael for a brief one hour visit and took a taxi to the Slateford property. I had been researching my family history and visited Stair, Ayr, & Millport spending time in the Ayr local library extracting birth and marriage records. The missing link are the records of deaths and I only wish I had had time to visit cemetaries for more information. eg I have the marriage certificate of Sarah Dunn (Stair Church 1816) but cannot trace her birth or death. Robert born 1822 came to New Zealand in 1864 and prospered eventually owning 100 acres of freehold farmland in the South Island. My Great, great, great Grandfather was John Farquhar of Kirkmichael born 12 July 1747. I obtained the birth certificates for his 13 children, nearly all of whom had been baptised by the Reverend Mr John Ramsey between 1777 and 1802. Each birth certificate mentions "Ballacoach" eg David, son lawful to John Farquhar in Ballacoach was born June 20th (1792) 10 minutes after 9 at night Baptised 26th by the Revd Mr John Ramsey" I am frustrated in trying to find out if Ballacoach was a farm or a place?



From: E. Elliott
Date: May 2003
I am from British Columbia, Canada. I have recently found a register of birth for my grandmother. I always thought she was from Glasgow, but see on this she was born in Maybole May 10, 1909. Fisher was her fathers surname and he was a shoe finisher. Her parents were married in Kirkmichael in 1898. I went on to the Maybole web site and was able to at last see the area she was from. Thank you. Would you know if there are any Fishers still in the area?


From: Joanne Fletcher ( nee Humay)  joannef @
Date: November 2009
I am a 2nd Great grand daughter of a James Fletcher and Janet Ramsay of Scotland. They had two children in South Australia: David Melville and Mary Snodgrass. See page at   I am the youngest grandchild/grand-daughter of David Melville’s youngest child, James Melville Fletcher. I am trying to find some maternal relatives. Any help would be appreciated.

From: Margaret Southern
Date: June 5, 2001
I have really enjoyed browsing the Maybole web site and have found several items linked with our family. I would be interested to contact anyone who has connections to a James Fulton, farmer of Glenton, Kirkoswald who lived approx 1780 - 1848, and had 14 children in two families ( his wives were Marion Earl of Colmonell and Jean Mcculloch) I believe his father may have been another James Fulton who married Ann Kennedy 24.11.1774 at Kirkmichael and had about 10 children. Also trying to find anything about Robert Fulton, son of James Fulton and Jean McCulloch, born at Kirkoswald in 1823.

From: Noreen Oliver  noreen.oliver @
Date: February 2007
A deed of 1776 refers to a sale by a Quinton Kennedy of Knockdon to a Thomas Galbreath sometime before 1776 of
- all and whole of the land and estate of Knockdon comprehending the land of Knockden the lands of Upper and Lower Rillston the lands of Burnhouse and the lands of Doulag with the lands parsonage and vicarage thereof and mill lands mullures sucken and sequells woods fishings mines minerals and pertinents of the same all & whole the twenty four shilling land of Little Knockdon------------- all and whole the five merk land of little Tybermarrie otherways Killston------------ lying in the parish of Monkland and parish of Maybole ---- also all and whole the two merks land of Dowlang ---------------in the parish of Givan --------
In the deeds Knockdon is also given as - Knockendon/ Knockenden/ Knockden /Knockton Rillston is also given as - Kilston/ Killston  Thomas Galbreath was an ancestor and was a merchant in New York and London. We believe he had married a Janet Russell and had lived in Paisley before he went to America in 1771 but have yet been unable to prove that or his any clue information about his whereabouts and his business activities could be useful. Are there any local records which might give details of the sale of the property to him by Quinton Kennedy?

From: Marilyn Astle, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Date: February 2004
William GALBRAITH (1813, Dalrymple - 1881, Maybole) and Janet GRIERSON (1822-1885), my second great grandparents, lived in Maybole from the 1850s to 1881 where William was a grocer. They had 8 children (Elisabeth, Agnes, John, Samuel, George, Janet, Agnes and William) the last four born in Maybole. Our line moved on to England and then Canada. I would like to connect with others researching this family and I am especially interested in knowing if I still have relatives in the Maybole area.

In July 2003 my family visited Scotland. We enjoyed Maybole hospitality at the lovely Drumellan Country House B & B and found more helpful people at the Community Resource Center and the Register Office. We were able to visit the grave of my great great grandfather William Galbraith, merchant and burgess of Maybole, and also Culzean Castle where family lore says he was a gardener in his youth. We have evidence that William was a gardener for a duke and duchess at Bargany in 1846. I hope to return to Maybole and Ayrshire to continue my family history research.

From: sandra slater

Date: 11 Jan 2000
I am looking for my father's family who lived in Maybole in the 1900's. John Galloway and his wife Jane/Jean Galloway ( Wallace) They had 10 children one of them my father.

Mary Gairdner    marygairdner @
Date: March 2009
My husband's ancestors were John Gairdner and Janet Ramsay of Culroy. John was a Cartwright. They are buried in Kirkwynd cemetery, Maybole with their children. Their daughter Elizabeth married Charles Thom from Stair, and their son James married Jane Bone, from Maybole. They are all buried in Maybole cemetery I have been trying to trace the ancestors of John Gairdner without much success. John Gairdner and Janet Ramsay also had another two daughters, Margaret who married William Limond, she was the first postmistress in Minnishant and died in 1910 at 94, her sister Janet married a Thomas Limond, a wool spinner. They could be related to the Gairdners of Dailly or Kirkoswald. I believe Elizabeth Thom's daughter, Elizabeth, married the Rev Limond from Culroy.

From: Margaret Green
Date: April 2005
James Caldwell born 29.11.1867 Kirkmichael married Jane Gillespie born 1870. Married on 9th June 1893 at Castle Street, Maybole. She was the daughter of Malcolm Gillespie and Jane Gibson. Maybole. He was the only son of Thomas Caldwell and Mary Aird of Kirkmichael. James was a Joiner. After their marriage they lived at Alma Place, Irvine. They went to Canada but we cant find out when. I am trying to help James sisters Grandson in Canada to find out about this family. He didnt know his Grandmother had a brother. Are there any Gillespies left in Maybole who could help. Thank you. Margaret Green, North Ayrshire.

Date: 19 Aug 2000
WILSON GRAY I am wondering if anyone in Maybole would know where Goosedubs or Goosedabs is situated. This was given as the place of residence for my GGG Grandparents (Allan Wilson and Rosina Gray)when my GG Grandfather John Wilson was born. It is around Maybole somewhere. Any info gratefully appreciated.
Anita Lorenz.

From: Carol Davis
Date: 02 Jul 2000
Looking for descendents of ALEXANDER & CATHERINE (McDonald) GORDON. Had one son that I am aware of - my great, great, great grandfather, JAMES WILLIAM GORDON born May 31, 1819 Paisley, Renfrewshire. He married Mary Hamilton December 8, 1843 at Paisley Abbey. They had seven children James (1844 Paisley); Mary (1846 Paisley) Annie (1848 Ayr), Alexander (1850 Ayr), John (1852 Ayr), Thomas Hamilton (1856 Greenoch) and James Falconer (1860 Maybole) This is my first foray into internet genealogy; hope some of this will sound familiar to someone out there.
Carol Davis
UPDATE April 2010
I have visited this site several times over the years, and because of it, a distant relation from Australia contacted me. We share common great, great, great grandparents and now we are able to share that lost section of the family tree that we had both been searching. Our common ancestors were ALEXANDER GORDON & CATHERINE McDONALD, parents of JAMES WILLIAM GORDON b. May 31, 1819 in Paisley. James married Mary Hamilton December 8, 1843 at Paisley Abbey. We believe Alexander & Catherine had more than one child – at least one more son with the nickname of “Mosie”. Does this sound familiar to anyone in the area?

From: Ross Goudie airg @
Date: November 2009
I am a descendant of Thomas Goudie who was born in Maybole 7th July 1840 He had a half brother Andrew Goudie also lived in Maybole for many years. Their Father was William Goudie , prominent resident of Maybole in the early 1800s he lived on Main Street and was a wholesale Spirit Merchant . We have a copy of his will that seems to lead us to believe in died in 1845 , but for the tombstone that indicates 1881! He does not feature on any census after 1841. From the records of Maybole there were many Goudie’s in Maybole and at the time that William Goudie was on the Town Board ! other Goudie names appear such as Gilbert, John, and John senior. All very confusing to someone 150 years later and half a world away. Some details for William Goudie. Born adt 1790s

Married Helen Pollock  12 Sept 1813

Their children were John  b    10 Nov 1814   d   1815

                                       Mary   b   9 July    1816    d   25 Feb 1852 aged 16

                                      Jane     b   8 Feb    1818     d  22 May 1824

                                     John     b   13 May  1820    d   22 May 1824    

                                     Henry  b    5 May 1822      d    26 May  1829

                                    Robert  b               1824        d   14 Mar    1840  aged 16

                                   Andrew  b              1827        d   11 Nov 1910 aged 83

                                   Helen     b               1829        d   1 July  1832 

Only Andrew survived to old age , and we do not know what the children died of, Andrew married Jessie Newall Campbell and they had 5 Children , Jane , Helen , Jessie NC , Andrew O, and William H. Jessie Campbell died 8th April 1892 aged 73. Helen Pollock died in1835 aged 43 William married Margaret Brown on Aug 3rd 1838 and Thomas my grandfather was born 7th July 1840 . Margaret Goudie/ Brown died 10 May 1841 when Thomas was only 10 months old. From the census records he lived with his step brother Andrew @ Main Street. Thomas later emigrated to New Zealand soon after his marriage to Sarah Ann Cumming on the 6th Mar 1863. On the ship the War Spirit also was Sarah’s Mother and Father and a Family of Muir’s The Muir’s lived next door to William Goudie at the 1841 census. In his will [William Goudie] dated 6th January 1845 he also refers to a out of wedlock son [and also a legacy of five pounds to William Leckie son of Mrs Margaret Goudie or Leckie residing in Ayr my sister and the sum of one hundred pounds to William Goudie presently in Glasgow, my son born out of lawful wedlock payable said legacies six months after my decease of all charges to be incurred in carrying these presents into execution. ] Was this the William Goudie died 2rd Oct 1881 aged 79 referred to on the Tombstone Maybole Old Cemetery. William referred to his father Henry Goudie in Crosshill and mother Mary Muir and also his sister Margaret. [Also all and whole that piece of ground in the estate of Crosshill bounded on the southeast by the few of Andrew Dykes Wright at Crosshill by the few of Henry Goudie, my father, being the said piece of ground herein first above conveyed in trust on the northwest by the Garpun road on the Northeast and by the rest of the lands of Crosshill possessed by John McNider upon the southwest consisting of about fifteen falls and thirty ells of ground on thereby (reserving to the superior the whole coal and other mines and minerals within the bounds of the portion of ground above described) together with the house built thereon all lying in the said parish of Kirkmichael and shire] Final questions, Who was Henry Goudie ? and sister Margaret / Leckie ? I can’t find anything about them with any online internet search sites. I have all the history of the Goudie’s from the Shetland Isles but no connections to the Maybole Goudie’s if it be one.

From: Linda Livingstone
Date: August 2002
Desperately searching for Agnes Goudie born Kirkmichael 16.3.1817 who with her husband James Livingstone of Dalmellington came to Williamstown Victoria Australia 1861.  also Peter Goudie (Agnes's father) and wife Margaret McGarroch both of Kirkmichael.

Date: 30 Apr 2000
Does anyone have any information about Neill Gow. He was a famous fiddler - around Robert Burns' time. Please contact me! From Katie

From: Berenice
Date: March 2004
WILLIAM GRAHAM b, Abt 1843 - Ireland. d. 12 March 1920, Old Cumnock, Ayrshire
Married 21 Nov 1865, Beith, Ayrshire
GRACE or JESSIE DUNLOP b 15 May 1844, Maybole Ayrshire. d, 15 Nov 1936, Old Cumnock, Ayrshire

JAMES GRAHAM                  b. 19 July 1881, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
JOHN GRAHAM                    b. 1 Feb 1871, Dalmellington, Ayrshire
SAMUEL GRAHAM              b. 5 Jan 1869, Dalmellington, Ayrshire
MARGARET GRAHAM        b 16 Jan 1873, Dalmellington, Ayrshire
FRANCES GRAHAM            b. 2 Oct 1885, Kilmarnock,Ayrshire
PETER DUNLOP GRAHAM b. 10 Mar 1879, Barleith, Ricarton, Ayrshire
GRACE GRAHAM                 b, 30 May 1875, Mossbank, Riccarton, Ayrshire
ROBERT GRAHAM               b. 15 Jun 1877, Barleith, Riccarton, Ayrshire
EDWARD GRAHAM             b. 11 Aug 1866, Riccarton, Ayrshire
ELIZABETH GRAHAM         b. 5 Sept 1888,  Ricarton, Ayrshire
WILLIAM GRAHAM            b. 6 Sept 1864, Beith, Ayrshire
HENRY GRAHAM                b. 11 Sept 1883, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Parents of
GRACE or JESSIE DUNLOP b 15 May 1844, Maybole Ayrshire. d, 15 Nov 1936, Old Cumnock, Ayrshire
WILLIAM DUNLOP married MARGARET KNIGHT 14 Dec 1832, Maybole, Ayrshire.

I think Grace's parents died before she was 6 years old as she seem to be in the orphanage/poorhouse in the 1851 census. there might have been a brother there at the same time called ROBERT .The parents are definitely dead by the time she got married.

From: Linda Hamilton
Date: 19 May 2001
I am new at this and was wondering if anyone might have any information on any of these people. I am looking for any information about either Hamiltons or Gillespies from Maybole.

My great-grandfather, David Hamilton, was born in Maybole in 1823. He immigrated to Canada in about 1860 after serving during the Indian Mutiny. His parents were David Hamilton and Margaret Gillespie, married in 1818 in Maybole. They had many children, Mathew in 1818 (registered in Kirkoswald and all of the rest are in Maybole), John in 1820, William in 1821, David in 1823, Margaret in 1824, James in 1826, Thomas Crawford 1829, and Anne in 1833. As well as David I have also found the marriage and children of Thomas Crawford Hamilton and of Mathew.....and maybe John.

I think I can trace the Gillespie line in Kirkoswald. There was a Mathew Gillespie married to Joanna Love who had a daughter Margaret in 1793. I think it likely that this is my Margaret Gillespie. She named her first son Mathew. They also name a girl Anne ....which isn’t Joanna but close.

As for the Hamilton line....There was a James Hamilton born in Maybole in about 1760 who married a Jannet Crawford in 1792. I think that my David who married Margaret Gillespie was this James Hamilton’s son. David named one of his son’s Thomas Crawford Hamilton which would fit with Jannet Crawford being his mother. The only child that is ‘registered’ for James Hamilton and Jannet Crawford is a John Hamilton born in 1793.

Does any one have any information on any of these people or any suggestions where to go from here. I would love to be able to confirm if James Hamilton was David’s father and also any information about the Gillespies. I am new at this so any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Linda Hamilton

From: Geoffrey Clark
Date: 08 Jan 2000
I have many branches of my family tree emanating from Maybole.
My great grandmother Elizabeth HAMILTON was christened in Maybole on 23 March 1845. Elizabeth was married twice, both times in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The first marriage was to a John BURNESS, to whom she bore 2 daughters, and the second was to my great grandfather, William LENNOX who was from Galston. They had 6 children. Elizabeth died in South Geelong, Victoria, Australia in August 1919 My great great grandparents were Alexander HAMILTON born c1822 somewhere in Ireland and Sarah McKIE born 12 February 1825 in Maybole. Sarah's parents were James McKIE and Sally Betty McNEILL who were married on 12 September 1819 in Maybole. Their children, all born in Maybole, other than Elizabeth were, Jane born 7 October 1821, Hellen christened 28 December 1823 and Grace born 13 May 1836. Any assistance you can provide would

From: Peter Hannanin
Date: 27 Jul 2000
Looking for Hannan in Maybolearound 1800. My relative was b. abt. 1807. He married an Agnes Wilson b. Girvan abt 1829. There is some reference to his father and the local Gas works.I think Agnes ended up in the Poor Law home in Glasgow, she was chronically sick for the last ten years of her life. She was in Goal on anumber of oc assions. She actually died in the Poor Law home in 1862. I got these details from the Mitchell library from a good friend in Glasgow They had five children all b. in Glasgow. The father John Hannan was also in and out of Goal and left his wife destitute again frequently. I would love to trace his forebears. he was my gggrandfather. Ilike your home pages. Regards Peter Hannanin Tasmania

From: Jim Sheppard
Date: April 2005
Seeking information on HARDING and related familes from Newton Stewart area. The following information has been gleaned from notes kept in a scrapbook by my wife’s grandfather John Harding of Newton Stewart. This John was descended from a John Harding who came to the area from Devon in 1788. He was a shoemaker and came to Bargaly Mansion in 1811. In 1814 he married a Margaret Russell also of Bargaly Farm. Their son William married a Hannah McGill. William like his father was a shoemaker and later a postman. The Harding men were postmen in Minnigaff and Newton Stewart up until the 1930’s. They were also active as correspondents to the local Ayr Advertiser and Galloway Gazette and librarians at the Newton Stewart Mechanics Institute. Some additional information can be found on our website 
Jim Sheppard Cornwall OPC Antony/Torpoint web:

From: Lynne readon.4 @
Date: August 2010
I am looking for any information re my ancestors who lived in the village of Dunure John Harbison, born 1827 died 1878 Elizabeth Haldane, born 1829 died 1880. I believe John was the inn keeper in later life, not sure if this was what is now the Dunure Inn. Any information on either of these two families would be greatly appreciated. I have traced the Harbison line back to James Harbison and Mary Hart who were born in Ireland sometime in the 1700's but have now hit a dead end.

From: Dorothy (Fleetwood, Lancashire)
Date: February 2004
I am interested in the HARVEY family of Maybole/Kirkoswald/Crosshill. In 1866 FERGUS HARVEY was born in Kirkoswald, his father was HUGH HARVEY/HERVIE and his Mother was JANET HARVEY nee Mc Millan. In 1881 HUGH HARVEY was a gamekeeper at HOLLOWSHEAN LODGE, KIRKOSWALD. The other children of Hugh and Janet were John Harvey, Jessie Harvey, Jane Harvey, Elizabeth Harvey and Hugh Harvie.  In 1886 Fergus Harvey married Florence Nightingale Revel in Manchester. In 1901 Fergus and Florence had moved back to Scotland, and they lived at BERMODDIE Cottage, Crosshill, he was a gamekeeper, like his father before him. With them were their children Jessie aged 11, Hugh aged about 7 and Fergus aged 5. Florence was my Gt Grand Aunt.  Some of the older members of my family, remember their parents talking about the 'gamekeeper' in Scotland, and two elderly cousins can remember being taken to stay with them. They were told Fergus worked on a 'Royal Estate'? It is possible Fergus married again, as someone remembers that he might have a second wife called Jean? I would be grateful for any help, that any one can give me, regarding this family and the estate where Fergus was gamekeeper. It would make a couple of elderly ladies very happy.

Hi Dorothy,

My sister recently mentioned that there was a query regarding the Harvey family on the Maybole website.  She felt I might be interested since we also have Harveys from Ayrshire (various spellings!) in our line.

Well, I've been researching Fergus Harvey and I find that you and I are long-lost cousins!

OK, Hugh Harvey married Janet McMillan on 11 Nov 1864 at Maidens.  You list their children as being Fergus, John, Jessie, Jane, Elizabeth and Hugh.  I suspect this information is from the 1881 census when Hugh was gamekeeper at Hallowshean.

In fact, Hugh and Janet had an older child, Catherine, born on 1st Jan 1865 (aye, do the sums - Janet would have been around 7 months gone at the wedding!).  She was a year older than Fergus, 16 at the time of the 1881 census and was living with an older couple, James and Catherine Davidson in Maidens Cottage; her occupation is listed as Domestic Servant.  James and Catherine Davidson are brother and sister; he a fisherman, 65 and she is listed as being 50 and a housekeeper.  I don't know whether Catherine Harvey was acting as domestic servant for James and Catherine - it seems unlikely that a humble fisherman could afford a servant - or simply lodging there.  I suspect the latter, since the census sheet notes that she is the niece of the head of the house - another wee clue for us to explore some time.

Some 7 years later, on 6 Mar 1888, Catherine Harvey married Benjamin Dick McVey and they set up home in Dhuloch Cottage, high on the hill above the village of Straiton.  Ben was an under-keeper for the Blairquhan Estate (pronounced Blair-Whan), seat of the Hunter-Blair family.  One of their sons, Francis (Frank) was my grandfather, making Catherine Harvey my great-grandmother.

Poor Catherine didn't make old bones - she died in 1909 in Kildoon Cottage, Maybole of a stroke at the age of 44.  Ben lived until 1940.

I've just been speaking to my father, Hugh McVey, son of Frank, on the subject (he's 82) and he remembers hearing of one of the Harveys working with Ben McVey on the Kilkerran Estate, (seat of the Fergusson family) but the name Fergus isn't ringing any bells with him.  However, it would make sense to me for Fergus to come back from England and take a job with his brother-in-law, and I believe that Barmoddie Cottage is part of the Kilkerran Estate.

According to the 1901 census, Fergus and Florence had 3 children, Jessie (11), Hugh (8) and little Fergus (5)  Florence, Jessie and Hugh were born in England and litle Fergus in Scotland, so it seems likely they moved back North prior to 1896.  I haven't found any record of Fergus Senior's death in the Ayrshire records between 1901 and 1936, although I note that a 39-year Fergus Harvey died in Alloway in 1936, which would have been about the right age for Fergus and Florence's son, little Fergus.

That's about as far as I've got with Fergus and Florence, Dorothy.  No royal connections, I'm afraid, so far.

Frank McVey   frankmcvey @


From: B Jackson Ontario Canada sjandbj @
Date: June 2008
My ggrandfather was David Hastings born Maybole April 20 1866. He married Jane McCallum in Edinburgh 1888. Her parents were John MCCallum and Jane McGHee possibly also from Maybole . Her brother John MCCallum was born 1874. The father John MCcallum or the son John McCallum was a piper of repute and I do Have a Maybole pipe band photo date obscure showing a Jock McCallum. The parents of David Hastings were Hugh Hastings and Agnes Peden. Hugh Hastings was born Kirkoswald about 1846. Agnes was born Maybole about 1844.Other children were Daniel 1864 and 1867; Anges 1868;Hugh 1870 ;William 1872,1879;and Ellen 1880. Hugh Hastings and Agnes Peden were married Welltrees Square, Maybole 1864 .Hugh's parents were Stephen Hastings and Janet Davidson. Stephen was born about 1816 possibly Ireland ans Janet was born about 1818 in Maybole. Along with Hugh 1846 other children were Hellen 1859 and James 1862.The parents of Agnes Peden were David Peden and Margaret Galloway married Barhill in 1843.A brother to Agnes Peden was David Peden born Barhill 1839. The 1881 census shows my ggrandfather David Hastings living Weaver Vannel , age 15 and a shoemaker . One "sort of" connection to Maybole is through Jane's sister Christina Gibbs McCallum married a John Gale. Two descendants of this union are George Gale 1929-2003 who was a noted political cartoonist for the London Times and his son Iain Gale. Iain is an author of historical fiction novels and currently an art critic for various newspapers including the Scotsman bud Jackson Any Maybole kin still out there? Please let us know.

Date: 06 Feb 2000
First of all, i would like to say that this is a great site. an excellent resource. what i am basically looking for is any information regarding the family of my grandmother, who i think (99% certain) whose's surname was Davidson. she married Charles Heath, whom was English in origin, and set up a family. They had five children (oldest first) : charles, jessie-anne, sylvia, mary and john. i am not sure about mary. i know that my grandmother had another son called James. he kept his surname Davidson. he was born before my grandfather met my grandmother. they left maybole and moved down to London (i am not sure when). could any give my any info on the davidson family? as i am most keen to start building a history of my family. thanks John Ewen

From: Deana Henderson  deana @
Date: July 2010
I am starting a search for my ancestor, Andrew Henderson, born 1857 in Kirklands, Maybole, son of Thomas Henderson. On a previous search for Andrew's sister Margaret, I became aware of his existence and it was suggested that he stayed in the area, although widowed at an early age. I've found my grandfather Robert, illegitimate child of Margaret and much about my Henderson ancestors, with the help of Ayrshire Archives, (and what a great place to deal with....they were so helpful). Margaret spent most of her years in Ayr Asylum and the Combination Poorhouse, but it seems Robert was taken in by the Robb family, of Hutchinson Street, and the patriarch, W. Robb trained him in shoemaking. I would like to get in touch with the descendents of that family, if possible, but I would also like to find any family of Margaret's brother Andrew, someone I didn't know existed till now. Their parents were Thomas and Agnes (nee Paterson) Henderson.

From: Andrew McDonald
Date: March 2004
Hello, I'm researching my 4th great-grandfather and his Maybole born descendants:- Robert Hogg (born sometime before 1801 in Maybole), He is believed to have married Agnes Hunter 21 Jun 1814 in Kirkmichael. Their three currently known children were:- Mary, born 17 May 1819 Agnes, born 29 Oct 1828 Janet, Christened 23 Apr 1831 Mary married my 3rd great-grandfather; Hugh Sloan (born 28 Feb 1818 in Glenapp Parish, Ballantrae), 11 Jun 1847 in Riccarton. Any information you have on these individuals would be greatly appreciated, no matter how trivial. Many thanks Andrew

From: Anita Carr
Date: May 24th 2001
My name is Anita & I am contacting you from Australia. I have enjoyed browsing over your site & to date find it the most comprehensive site I've visited. I am currently doing some research on my family history & have obtained a marriage certificate of my Great Grandparents. On their marriage certificate it lists their occupations as school teachers. They both lived in Maybole & were married in Maybole, so I guess Maybole is where they would have worked. I am wondering if, in your archives, you have any information on past Schools, Teachers or Students. I would love to find an old school picture of my Great Grandparents. Their details are as follows -

Mr William Houston of 53 Whithall, Maybole born approx 1877 (father Robert Houston a Coal Miner & mother Martha Paterson)
Miss Minnie McClymont of 50 Whithall, Maybole born approx 1881 (father Quinton McClymont a Railway Porter & mother Mary McCall)
They were married on 01 July 1904 at the "Kings Arms Hotel Maybole"
I hope that maybe this information will be enough to put some more pieces of my jig-saw-puzzle together.
Anita Carr

From: Janet Worne
Date: Feb 2006
I'm looking for information on Archibald Hunter, my great-great grandfather. Family stories say he was born in 1844 in Edinburgh but  I think he was born in Maybole to Archibald and Catherine. He went to  Ireland, married Ellen Compton and they came to New York sometime around 1869, then settled in Massachusetts. Does anyone have  information that may help me figure this out? Thank you!
 Janet Worne

Date: 17 Apr 2000
My great grandmother was an Agnes McCrindle, a dressmaker in Maybole who married david Allan in 1871. her father was James McCrindle a farmer who married Marion McMillan. Are these any links to your McCrindles? Jeanette Laughton

Date: 08 Jan 2000
My lot owned the Greenside inn til 1908 and had previously been active in a somewhat unpleasant way selling liquor to the Irish from about 1860 til 1870. John ROY b~1794 in Penninghame was a woollen weaver, later manufacturer and even later grocer, vinter and innkeeper. I am most interested in contacting connections with the surnames: HUNTER, McCRINDLE, TURNBULL, WILSON.

John Roy Schijflaan 6 2625KG DELFT Holland Researching: MILROY / McILROY / McKILROY/ROY/ McTAGGART / McCRINDLE / TURNBULL. 

Date: 08 Jul 2000
I do not know if there is a connection or not. my father was alexander mccrindle born march 1910 and he had six brothers and sisters. his family were farmers. his fathers name was Archiebald and his mother's name was Jeannie Turnbull. they farmed in the ayrshire area and later retired in to the village of Colmonell. Irene Higgins

Date: 18 Jul 2000
My father, Andrew Matthew McCrindle (1938-95), came from Girvan which is a small town just down the road from Maybole. His father was Samual McCrindle and he was a fisherman and his mother was Marion nee Walker who came from Kirkoswald. They were married sometime in the 1920s and had 11 children, many of whom still live in Girvan.

From: Susan Lefebvre-
Date: 20 Jun 2000
Hi! I have become "stuck" looking for ancestors from Girvan. HUNTER and CHERRY are the names I am looking for. Francis Hunter b abt 1806, Eliza Cherry b abt 1810. They were born, married and had their children there. My gggrandfather(Jonas, their son) went to Glasgow. He married Elizabeth Robertson either before or after. I'm not sure if the whole family moved from the area or just Jonas. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Susan from Canada.

From: Dianne Cunningham, Whangarei, New Zealand
Date: Nov 2004
Wanting information on William HYLSOP, born 1st January 1868 Girvan, Ayrshire to William Hyslop and Grace Maxwell. I believe he lived in Maybole, and died sometime in the late 1920’s, maybe 27/28. He was sister to my great-grandmother Annie Hyslop. Interested in finding out if he had any family? Thanks in advance Dianne Cunningham Whangarei, New Zealand

From; Claire Jewkes ( nee Hyslop)
Date: June 2002
I was looking through your website and was very impressed. I have been doing my family tree for the past 4 years. The surname I am researching is 'Hyslop', and recently I found my gt gt grandfather James Hyslop also called 'Jas'. He was born in 1854 and died in 1933 and lived in a little street called Kirkport off Ayr High street, he was a cabinet maker by trade a master, but also a well known citizen. He was a Presbyterian officer for well over 50 years and also started the penny savings bank in Ayr, and also treasurer for the boys brigade. For such a well known man and his funeral was attended by many I was wondering if you had ever come across him?  James was also in the 1915-1916 Ayr and district directory. There are a couple of Hyslops in your photograph part but with out the first names I don't recognise them. Kind Regards Claire Jewkes (nee Hyslop)

(Click on the link to see Jamieson family history documents contributed by Elizabeth Knowles.)

From: Johnna Jamieson
Date: April 2003
I had visited Maybole in 2001 with my sister Cathryn Jamieson in search of our roots. Your local paper Mabole Community News had announced our arrival prior to our trip thanks to you. We had such a great time and had met some wonderful folks at Cassilis". Unfortunately we were going on information that was inaccurate.Since our return home, we have located very exciting info names, dates and years. I still haven't found the connection to Maybole but am determined to gather all I can. If you could be of any help that would be GREAT! Grandfather- James Jamieson came to US via S.S. Hesparian out of Glasgow in 1910. His father-James Jamieson resided at 3 George Street, Howood. My Great Grandmothers name was Isabella Smith. Other children Robert,also immigrated to the well as Joseph. Hugh Jamieson ,remained in Scotland as well as 2 married daughters, MrsRobert Ralston and Mrs Edward Telling. Whereabouts unknown. Please feel free to contact me Thank you,Johnna.

From: John Jamieson 
Date: 23 Oct 2000
I am trying to find information on relatives which lived in Maybole in the late 1700's, early 1800's before immigrating to the United States. My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Quinton Jamieson, born <1771. He married a Catherine Bone, born 1775. They had 6 children: Jesse, born 1800 John, born 1802 James, born 1804 Robert, born 1808 Cassillis, born Feb. 2, 1811 Gilbert, born 1824 All children were born in or around Maybole. Would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction in order that I might find out about these people and my Scottish heritage of which I am very proud. Also, could you tell me what Clans were in the area of Maybole. I know that Jamieson is a sept of either the Clan Stuart or Clan Gunn. Thank You in advance, John Jamieson, Boardman, Ohio USA

From: Janis Eillison
janisellisonracing @
Date: Oct 2009
My Grandfathers family were born and lived in Crosshill My grandfather was called David Jardine and he lived until he was only 24 years old. He was a woodcutter and married my grandmother. Janet Saunders from Annbank He had a brother called Harry Jardine. I am going back a long way and wonder if there are any Jardines in Crosshill. I would love to hear from anyone. I live in England after leaving Annbank in 1962. Regards Janis Ellison (ne Galt).

From: Carolyn Bland ckjbland @
Date: May 2009
I am trying to find descendants of Thomas Johnston and his wife Catherine Gowde (Goudie) who are listed on the 1841 census on a farm called Glenglowlan. Archibald and Sarah born later in the 40's sailed to New Zealand in 1873 and he is my great grandfather. There are nine children and we think that David went to Australia and that others may have gone to USA/Canada. I have found the family in 1851 under Jackson in Lendalfoot and in 1861 listed as Johnston in Kirkmichael. Janet married Daniel Paton in 1866 and they were found in an 1871 census. Would love to hear from you if we are related. This Maybole site is great, passed through it on my way to Ireland in 1985 and wish I had been able to stay. Carolyn Bland, Kaiapoi, New Zealand

From: Rosemary Luyendyk
Date: May 2002
I am researching a JOHNSTONE family who lived at Crosshill around 1851. JOSEPH was a roadman who was born in Ireland. He and his wife Margaret, had 8 children including my gt gt grandfather, William born in 1835. They all emigrated to Australia in the late 1850's. Would love to contact anyone else researching this family.Rosemary

From: Margaret Morrell
Date: July 31, 2001
Can anyone help with information regarding this Maybole Family, who lived at 'Millbank', during the last war. It is believed that Mr. Johnstone was the Town Clerk or similar and had three very pretty daughters. Mrs Johnstone was involved with the St Andrews Ambulance. Any help as to their current whereabouts welcomed. My request for information about the Johnstone family is on behalf of an air gunner who I recently had to stay with me, he spent many happy hours at their home at Millbank and would like to know what happened to them.

From: Evelyn Kennedy
Date: June 2002
I am trying to link up Thomas Kennedy (Maybole) who married Agnes Raynkine (Mauchline) on l3th June 1678 with Rankin Kennedy who married Janet MacWhirter in 1760 (missing link). Raynkine is very probably the origin of the name Rankin). Maybe someone out there just might have this link.!!!

The following info is what I have:-

Rankin Kennedy (b) ? married Janet MacWhirter 19th June l760 (Dailly Ayrshire)


Thomas Kennedy b 19th April 1761 (Dailly) Flesher/Gamekeeper married Isabella Reid 8/2/1793 (Mauchline)

John b. 10th October 1762 (Dailly) Anne b. 28th Jan. l767 (Dailly)

Agnes b. 7th June 1771 (Dailly)

Rankin b. 21st Sept. 1773 (Maybole)

Mary b. 5th March l776 (Maybole)

Primrose b. 25th June 1777 (Maybole)

Primrose b. 8th May 1781 (Maybole)

It is through the Line of THOMAS KENNEDY that this family is connected. The Rankin Kennedy, Engineer, who published many engineering books in early 1900's is also down our line. My late husband, Rankin Kennedy, was related to the above mentioned

Thomas Kennedy (b. 19 Apr 1761) Dailly, Flesher & Gamekeeper (Son of Rankin Kennedy & Janet McWhirter)
m. Isabella Reid 8th Feb. 1793 (Mauchline)
Agnes & Janet (twins) b. 2lst Nov. 1797 (Mauchline)
Rankin b. 30th Sep. 1799 (Maybole) (Blacksmith m. Janet Merry 24th Jun 1825 Kilmarnock) Rankin died 15th May 1879
Anne b. 20th Feb. 1802 (Maybole)
Jane b. 11th Apr . 1804 (Maybole)
Thomas b. 19th Oct. 1806 (Irvine)
James b. 1811 (Carpet Weaver m. Mary Wallace 5th July 1839.
Robert b. 31st Jan 1819 (Maybole)

Family of Rankin Kennedy born 30th Sep.1799 & Janet Merry:-
Isabella b. 1825 (Kilmarnock)
Mary b. 1830 ( do. )
Thomas b. 1832 Working Engineer m Margaret Adam
James b. 1834 (Kilmarnock) Brass Founder, Engine Fitter m. Isabella Hart (b. Ireland) lst June 1855
Agnes b. 1842
Rankin b. 1846

Family of Thomas Kennedy b. 1832 & Margaret Adam:-
Jean b. 1852
Rankin b. 25th Jan. 1855 (Author of many Engineering Text books)
Janet b. 1858
John b. 1859
Margaret 1861
Agnes 1866

From: Dave Kennedy
Date: January 2002
I am looking for any information on robert kennedy (1817-1886?) married  sarah Wilson in 1832 and had 8 children (gilbert, john, robert, sarah, mary,  george, james, william). George is a direct relative of mine who shifted to  NZ. My contact email address is

From: Ian Heath:
Date: 13 Jul 2000
Seeking details on John Kennedy and Anne Aitken. One known child, John Kennedy b Abt 1854 Kirkmichael, married 26 Feb 1886 at Maybole Elizabeth Boyd b 22 Dec 1856 at Maybole: One known child,John Kennedy b 15 Nov 1887 at Maybole.

Date: 03 Jun 2000
My ancestor, Alexander Kennedy, arrived in Australia in 1861 and was born in Perthshire. He had a family connection in Ayrshire, but as yet I haven't found any details regarding the family. In a book written about his life, he asserted that his family was connected to the Marquis of Ailsa, or Craig and was a lateral branch of the Perthshire Kennedy's. Would be pleased to hear of anyone reserching the Kennedy family and to learn of their level and depth of interest. I am eager to find the connection between the two Counties. Cheers! Ray Kennedy (Launceston, Tasmania, Aust.)

KENNEDY... Scotland to US
From: Kate Young
Date: 21 Jun 2000
This is a wonderful site... I have been fascinated by my family's connection to Maybole. Would love to visit one day. Here is a link to my family's history after leaving Scotland, with a great deal of their perception of the family they left behind... Includes genealogy and commentary from a relative who visited the family's home. (With links to Culzean, of course!) Thanks... Kate Young

From: <Kathleen>
Date: 02 Aug 2000
It is a beautiful sight and is much like I imaged my ancestral home to be(Gilbert, Earl of Kennedy-Clan Kennedy). Thank you for making my day! Kathleen, WA state, USA

KENNEDY , great site!
From: Derek
Date: 08 Jan 2000
You have done an excellent job there. I enjoyed it very much. Your layout would make an excellent model for other towns. Nothing yet on the Kennedy family,but I have the site bookmarked and will visit again later.

From: Alison Warburton
I am trying to trace any information on Andrew Kidd born 9 April 1887 at Newyards, Maybole. He was the son of Thomas and Agnes Kidd ms Fulton, who were married on 1 January 1884 at Coral Glen, Maybole. Andrew Kidd was my great grandfather and I am trying to find the name of his wife (I believe he was married twice) and he had 13 children, 10 of whom I have the names of. Any information anybody could provide would be of interest.

From: Marian Kidd at my son's email addres
Date: 08 Jan 2000
Here's a couple of families to add to your list.Immigrated from Maybole early 1900's to Hamilton. Andrew Kidd came first and joined C.E.F.Wife was Isabella Moore who followed after the war. Andrew had a brother William who settled in the Niagara Falls area. Also a sister Martha who married a Tuck and farmed near the Burlington Canal. Isabella had a brother James-married to Mary. They lived in the area of Bellview St. My first visit to Maybole with my husband was in 1972 we stayed at the old hotel on the High St. Andrew's uncle, his mother's brother was a baker. His wife was Jeanne.
UPDATE: April 2002
We are the family of Andrew Kidd (b. 1921) to Andrew and Isabella Kidd on Victoria Avenue in Hamilton Ontario. Andrew and Isabella were married around 1910 in Maybole; one child born Maybole during WWI, but later died in infancy. Andrew emigrated to Canada, to "Little Maybole" in Hamilton Ontario, followed by Isabella in 1919. Isabella Hyslop Moore's brother was James Moore, married to Mary. Also an Andrew Moore (another brother to Isabella?), married to Jean, who was a baker in Maybole and died around 1972. Jean Moore worked at the factory where "knickers" were made for Marks & Spencer! In 1851 census, an Isabella Hyslop, hand sewer from Ireland, was living in the home of Mary Moore in Society Row, Maybole. We wonder if she is the mother of Isabella Hyslop Moore, thus our great grandmother. Would like some more information on both Andrew Kidd and Isabella Hyslop Moore if anyone has any they would share with us.
Thank you - and you have a wonderful
Laurie Childs
Michael Kidd
Kitchener, Ontario

From: Shirly (Cross) Myroniuk
Date: November 2006
I am looking for more information on my Grandmother's family. The family name is "Kinny" or "Kenny", we have found both spellings in the records. Marriage of James Kinny/Kenny to Jane McKay - January 2, 1882. They had four children, Robert born 1882, John, 1884, Elizabeth, 1886, Edward, 1887, died at one month old, and Samuel Mcdougall, 1893 (born out of wedlock and was rasied by his father's family). James Kinny/Kenny died in 1887 and Jane died in 1918. Is it possible that the line of Kenny is still around? Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. Shirley(Cross) Myroniuk

LAWSON, Thomas
From: Scott Lawson Pigford
Date: 24 Jun 2000
My maternal great grandfather, Thomas Lawson, born in Maybole Oct 31, 1844, moved in his youth to Bermuda and eventually to Nova Scotia. We have no further information, and would like to trace a little further back. Scott Pigford in Denver, CO, USA

From: Brian Logan
Date: Nov 2002
See details of family tree and census extracts for Maybole.

From: Gail Hammond
Date: July 2002
Looking for descendants of Quinton Logan and Agnes Campbell. They were m in Straiton on 23 Mar 1849. Children b Margaret Moffat 1849, Sarah 1851, Agnes 1853, Quintin 1856, Jane 1859. Moffat the middle name seems unusual to me any ideas? Also is there an area around Straiton called Meikle or Muckle Shallock? Love to hear from anyone who has connections or know of this family. Regards Gail NZ

From: Archie Love
Date: September 2006
I am searching for any information regarding Thomas Love and his wife Agnes Galbraith. They were married in Kirkoswald on 28 July 1782 and had 5 children in Maybole,
John, 24 Jan 1784
Jane, 8 October 1786
William, 3 June 1789
Thomas, 3 September 1794
John 13 March 1801.
Presumably the older John died. I believe that the younger John was my great grandfather who moved to Ambleside where he worked as a tailor. He was in Ambleside by 1827. His father Thomas died in Ambleside in 1846 at the age of 91. Information regarding Thomas's birth place, date and occupation would be very helpful. There is one strong possibility that he was born in Kilbarchan on 2nd November 1755, a son of John Love and Margaret Dunsmuir.

Duncan Malcolm (London)
Date: June 2006
I have been searching for details of my great grand mothers family - Jessie McColm from Girvan, whom I know had relatives in Maybole and the Girvan area. I spent a lot of time in Girvan as a kid (I'm now in my 30's) and my father was then trying to put the pieces together. I know I have relatives buried in the Maybole area because I remember visiting them as a young boy. However, from here it gets complicated. Jessie McColm (probably born around 1900) had a child, a boy, outside of wed lock and never got married and he (my grandfather) was given the name Robert Muir (born approx 1921)....but was given the surname of Malcolm (why the change form McColm? I have no idea). I wanted to post this just to see if anyone could help dot the i's and cross some t's.  Jessie McColm (great grandmother) Robert Muir Macolm (grandfather) Robert James Malcolm (father) Robert Jason Malcolm (brother) - Duncan James Malcolm (brother)

MATHIESON, William,  / DUNLOP, Charlotte
Date: 12 Jul 2000
Looking for any information on the above. William was blacksmith in Dalrymple 1837, he was my ggg grandfather. His wife was Charlotte Dunlop, about whom we know little. Some of the family moved to Greenock.

From: John Martin jswank2010 @
Date: August 2011

I am looking for addition information regard William Martin /' Mary Smith Family as follows ,
William Martin born ? Profession Mason believed married ? to Mary Smith born ? could be 23 July 1740 ? Maybole Father could be William Smith Mother could be Jannet Smith Family as follows ,
believe they were all of Scotch Presbyterian Church .
ANNE MARTIN BORN 14 NOV 1767 " " "
ROBERT MARTIN BORN 29 APRIL 1771 " " " ( Spouse Agnes Mcwhirter ) ******
I have copies of all Birth certificates/baptisms re children above
****** Ref Robert Martin marriage ? to Agnes Mcwhirter no record
Re Agnes Mcwhirter no birth ?
Children to this union are as follows ,
ROBERT MARTIN BORN ? 1791 " " " ( Spouse Agnes Mcblane from Dailly married 11 July 1816) ****
JOHN MARTIN BORN 24 JAN 1795 " " "
**** cannot locate birth of Robert Martin

From: Sarah Galbraith
Date: March 2003
Looking for more information on a Maybole man who died in Kintyre. William Martin (b 1847 Maybole to James Martin and Mary Cairns; died Southend, Argyll in 1907) married Mary McTaggart near Campbeltown in 1874. They had at least ten children, one of whom, Christina (1891 - 1964) married my great uncle. Another daughter, Elizabeth married a Thomas Blue, and one of their descendants, Jeannette, is doing some good research on this family. That branch emigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1952.

MAXWELL, Matthew
From: Donna Bevensee
Date: Jan 2003
My great grandparents lived in Maybole in 1855.  I am seeking information on Matthew Maxwell and his wife Agnes McKinstry
both of Donoughmore, Ireland were married in Newry, Down in 1850. Their oldest son John (4 years old) died in Maybole in Sept 1855 and was buried in Maybole cemetery.   Their oldest daughter Mary was born in Maybole in Oct 1855.  I have copies of those records plus the copy of a male stillborn birth in Nov 1853 and son Samuel born May 1861 all in Maybole.   There were 13 children; my grandfather William 1875 was the youngest.  He and other siblings were born in St. Quivoix and  one daugther Agnes was born in Kirksowald in 1864.   Do I have any relatives in Maybole?  Has anyone else done research on this Maxwell line?   My grandfather William was a plumber/footballer and came to the USA in 1904. I can be reached at  . Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Donna Agnes Maxwell Bevensee

From: Karen
Date: 23 Sep 2000
Looking for families of Robert Maxwell and Agnes McConnell who married in Maybole in 1813 and had 5 children - Thomas, Alexander, Agnes and Sarah.

John Loudon MCADAM
From: Jeannette Herzberg
Date: 09 Mar 2000
I am looking for any information on John Loudon McAdam 1756-1836 and his ancestors and descendants. Any help would be appreciated.

Date: May 2005
From: Robyn Jobson
I am prepared to exchange copies of research if anyone thinks they may have a link. I would to link up with all our lost 'relatives' while here. My abbreviated details are:

McBi(u)rnie: Descended from James McBurnie, occupation weaver, born approx 1795 possibly Ireland, county not known (died Crosshill, buried Kirkmichael), but lived in Crosshill - married to Ann Thomson. Children: James b.1810, Thomas b.1813,Samuel b.1816, remainder of siblings unknown. McBi(u)rnies mostly labourers or weavers, lived predominantly around Crosshill, Kirkmichael and Maybole. McBirnie brothers and sisters emigrated late 1800s early 1900s to both Canada and Australia, while some remained in Scotland.I am in close contact with some of the Scottish and Canadian relatives who are collaborating on this research as well. I go back to Australia for 3 weeks for a cousin reunion leaving next Wednesday, so very keen for a miracle, to crack this problem I have with our James. Who is he and where is he from? Census records all state his place of birth 'Ireland', no more detail.

Lafferty: Descended from John (Laverty) Lafferty m. Martha Dunlop 1823 in Maybole. Children: William b.1842, Cecilia b.1832, David b.1837, remainder of siblings unknown. William m. (1) Agnes Greigg and (2) Margaret Swan Fleming. Lafferty family apparently also came from Ireland, county not known.

My great grand father Thomas Davidson Lafferty b.1881 married Elizabeth (Bessie) Swan McBirnie b.1876. My grand father William b.1905 was first child of Tom & Bessie, who emigrated to Australia around 1911. The Laffertys were known to have been mostly railway workers living around Girvan and Stranraer predominantly. Records vary on whether Ivie and Thomas Davidson were children of first marriage or second. His siblings were: John 1868,William 1869,David 1872, Hugh 1872, Marion 1873,John 1874,Ivie 1884, Alexander?, Andrew?.

I cannot locate birth or baptism records for our James in either Scotland or Ireland. Obviously spelling variants may play a part however for three generations they must have been illiterate and signed with their mark. So spelling must have been insignificant to them.

Contact via email or mobile welcome.
Robyn Jobson Tel Home: 01463729742 Mobile:   07867823671/07799688379

Date: Oct 6th 2000
From: mailto:mhardingdavis @
My mother Margaret McCance was born in Maybole Scotland in 1898. Her father was William McCance and her mother was Jane Peden McCance. She was the daughter of David Peden and Annie McClymont of Maybole. My gggrandparents were David and Margaret Galloway of Wigston. They moved from Wigston to Maybole.  I visited Maybole in 1992 and found all of Scotland lovely. Maybole was of great interest to me for John Knox street was where my mother was born. We traveled almost every inch of Scotland and even the outer Hebrides. I did not know much about my family then and therefore didn't have much to go on. I have a 2nd cousin on the Okney Islands a McCance . Probably more around. I have discovered many of the Pedens. When Mom was about 6 or 7 they moved to Alloway. Thanks for listening. Here's a photo of me by Maybole Town Hall. Please e-mail if you have heard of any of these people Thanks . Sincerely Margaret Harding Davis of Ashaway RI.

From: Gail Hammond
Date: July 2002
Looking for descendants of Samuel McClung and Catherine Newlands. Children: Gilbert, Mathew, Margaret b 1856, Samuel 1859, Agnes 1862, Elizabeth 1865, Robert 1868. In 1871 they all lived at 44 Old Lagg Cottage, Maybole. Gilbert m Agnes Logan in 1877 at Lagg, Maybole and emigrated to NZ. Would love to hear from anyone connected or knows of this family. Regards Gail NZ

From: Andrew McDonald
Date: March 2004
Hello once again. I'm also researching William McClymont and his parents/siblings. William is believed to have been born in Maybole 27 Aug 1749. He married Agnes Clark of Straiton, 10 Dec 1772 in Kirkmichael Again, anything known about William and his family would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and thanks to Rich for managing all this - much appreciated. Andrew

Date: 9 April 2001
I am searching for information on my family. Several of the children of John Mccolm and Margaret Sinclair were born in Maybole from 1820 to 1833. Several were baptized as McComb. The family emigrated to Canada in 1833 except for 1 daughter.I am searching for other relatives.
Harold McColm

Date: 25 Feb 2000
I am trying to trace my grandmother's family who lived in Maybole. My grandmother, Elsie McCreath was born on 07/12/1919 and I have not been able to trace all her siblings and would appreciate any help with this. I believe that my great grandparents lived on the Kirkoswald Road in 1942 as my father - Robert Douglas Moors, was born there on 29/05/42 as my grandmother returned to Maybole during the war and my father lived there for a few years. My Great Grandfather was Ebenezer McCreath b. 1875 d. 30/07/1960 and his wife was Jane b. 1879 d. 04/01/1964. (Both are buried in Maybole new cemetery with a daughter, Annie who died after her heart was weakened by scarlet fever). I know that Ebenezer was involved in the shoe trade and had a factory with his brothers, but I do not know who his brother's were. I would love to know more, especially who Ebenezer's parents were. Please e-mail me if you can help at all, any information would be very gratefully recieved - no matter how small!
Yours truly
Fiona Moors

From: Carol McLellan
Date: 26 Feb 2000
Hi Fiona
I am related to a John McCreath ... born 1921 in Maybole ... he married my mother's 1st cousin Mary Robb... also from Maybole. They now live in Canada as do I. Send me the name of the parents and I will call them and see if they are connected.

From: Elizabeth McCreadie Pearse
Date: 09 Feb 2000
Looking for information on James McCreadie born 1858 had a daughter Catherine (Kate) Robertson / Jess who lived in and around Maybole Her first husband James Robertson was killed in an accident burned to death I believe he was carting slag from one of the pitts. I still have some cousins in Maybole but cannot get in touch with them Catherine's daughter Ella Jess and Mary Jess not sure of their married names. Also Victor McCreadie son of Alex McCreadie. I believe Victor was born in Dailly but now lives in Maybole Would sure appreciate any help anyone can give me regarding Ella, Mary and Victor. Victor McCreadie son of Alex McCreadie from Dailly. Elizabeth M Pearse 175 Albert St. W. Fergus, Ont Canada N1M 1X3

From: (Ernest G. McReynolds Jr)
Date: 9 Oct 2000
In researching the origin of my family name, the region of Carrick in the environs of Maybole came to figure substantially. I've assembled some information regarding this at the web-location:
The information at the site above may prove interesting to many. Any interested parties should feel free to send me corrections for errors that I may have made. I am currently researching the origins of this great family derived from Ranald. Our family has ancient roots in south Ayrshire and we have distant cousins there today bearing the surname McCrindle. Since 1489 our name has been rendered:

M'Kyrnele, M'Crynnyll, Makrynnyll, Makrinald, Makcryneill, Makrinnyll, McCrynnill, Makcrynnell, McCrindill, M’Crinnell, McRyndill, Makcrunnell, McCrunnell, M'Crendill, M'Crynnoll, McRindle, McRunill, McCrindle, McRinnell, McRonald, McRonnald, McRanel, McCrannell, McRanal, McCrunnell, McRenald, McRanald, McRannels and McReynolds

Best Regards, Ernie

From: Lynne Runaghan lynne.runaghan @
Date: April 2010
Am researching my mothers family tree, McCullochs who we have traced back to Straiton & Maybole Scotland. Many of my grandfathers were Gilbert, as follows below
1911 Gilbert born in Mainshaw Ayr married Violet
1890 Gilbert born in Maybole married Janet Paterson
1857 Gilbert born in Straiton married Margaret Munroe from west kilbride
1806 Robert born in Dailly married Helen McCreath from Straiton then we think there is a William McCulloch who we are searching at present. If you believe you may have come across any of my relatives or believe any of yours maybe related to my bunch would be greatly appreciated if you would get in touch.


From: Jim McDowall (
Date: 08 Jan 2000
I was born in Maybole, in 1943, and my mother and I migrated to Australia in 1952. My full name is James Paterson McDowall and I used to live with my grandmother at 5 Cairnfield Avenue. I know very little about my father's side of the family as he was killed in the war so I am very interested in finding out as much as possible about the McDowall's and I noticed there were McDowall's in the school photo in the 60's. Maybe I'm related?? My address in Australia is 34 Toronto Avenue, Cromer, N.S.W. 2099, Australia

From: Margaret Morrell
Date: 11 Jan 2000
I have McDowall ancestors back as far as the birth of Margaret McDowall 1801 in Girvan ( about 10 miles from Maybole ). The name McDowall seems very prominent in this area. If you give me a few more clues, I'll see what I can dig up.

From: Annie McEwan
Date: March 2002
I am trying to trace the McEwan family tree. There are still McEwans in Maybole today but the line I am tracing is for James McEwan born at Girvan,15/12/1838. He was married to Joanna McGarvie and they had 7 children, l James,John,Mary,Robert,ALexander,William and Thomas. All are listed on the 1881 census when the family were resident in Ayr. I would also appreciate any information on James McEwan who was married to Anne Mcgarvie sometime in the 1820's/30's. Thank you.

From: Nancy Fleming n.fleming @
Date: April 2006
I'm looking for more information and connections to George McFarlane and wife Isabella Brown.  Their children were all born in Maybole/Crosshill/Kirkmichael. Children are - Jane b1824(married Charles McCulloch), Agnes b1828,  Mary b 1830 (married John McCulloch),  Alexander b1833 (married Jane Hamilton) Anne b1841 (m Charles McCulloch
They are recording in the 1841 census of Maybole as follow. Any help greatly appreciated
Weavers Vennal -
MCFARLAN George M 40y Cotton Handloom Weaver OUC
MCFARLAN Isabella F 30y  AYR
MCFARLAN Isabella F 13y  AYR
MCFARLAN Alexander M 6y  AYR

From: Gord MacFarlane
Date: March 2003
Mac/McFarlane from Maybole, back to Henry's death in 1878. I lose the thread with his father William. I also have some info on Riddix (thanks to Anne & Pat), Pollock, McCulloch & Dick. This is an incredible web site. My compliments and thanks to the people responsible!

From: Brenda Miller      lake.woman @
Date: Feb 2010
Your website is amazing. I descend from James McGaan, the Saddler in Catrine, who was my gr gr grandfather. His father, Robert McGaan was an Inkeeper/Vinter on Mill Street. Robert and his wife Elizabeth had ten children, all born on Mill St. The other McGaan names mentioned in Catrine/Mauchline are related also. I would love to add my name as a contact list for anyone who might be looking for information on the McGaan/McGavin family names from this area. As well, I have much info others who resided in Kilmarnock and Galston.  Brenda Miller Canada

From: Anne Price
Date: 26 Nov 2000
I am carrying out research into my grandmother's family who were originally from Maybole. They arrived there from Northern Ireland around the beginning of the 19th century and settled in the town as weavers and shoemakers. Surnames I am interested in are McGARVIE and RIDDIX (sometimes spelt REDDUX, RIDDICK, RIDDUX). I have a lot of information already that I could share with anyone doing research on the same names and would welcome any further boost to my own research. Thanks Anne Price

Date: 17 Jan 2000
Looking for any information on Archibald McGill and his wife Marion Ross, who married in Maybole in 1824. They had daughter Margaret, and sons David and John. They may have also had another daughter, Marion McJennat McGill (who was bought up by Montgomery McGill and Robina Porteous?)
Marion Ross was the daughter of David Ross and Jean McJannet, b. 1790. Her sisters were Margaret, Jane, Ann, Mary and Agnes.

From Kevin McDonald
Date: 23 July, 2001
Can you please help me?  I am trying to trace my family history. My family name  was Mcgiffen, They were all born and bred in maybole ,I have found names and  dates from 1800 to (1877 Henry Mcgiffen) but that is all I can get.  I am  trying to trace from when Henry was born I know he married a Mcmillan in 1894  and had 8 children between 1895 and 1905. please can you give me any  information on who to contact.
Kevin McDonald

From: Joy Fisher
Date: March 2003
I am looking for the mysterious man who fathered my G Grandmother, Barbara Moran-McGuffin, in 1849, and any details of her maternal grandparents as well. He was said to have been a coastguard who died apprehending smugglers. The Moran family, from Ireland, appear on the 1841 Maybole Census as parents, Nicholas and Barbara, aged 40, and their five children: James, Mary, Anne,Susannah and Jane. In 1851 Mary and Susannah are living in their brother, James' household, both supposedly married, and Mary with two children, Barbara, aged two,and Thomas, a baby. There is no sign of either husband. Their sister, Anne, married a local Maybole boy, Hughes, and had four children, two of whom migrated to Australia and Canada. In this generation there is a marriage into the Kennedy family. The offspring of Anne are called Hughes, Kennedy, Collins and Gray. Mary Moran migrated to Melbourne, Australia between 1854 and 1864, with her daughter Barbara. Once there she called herself McGuffin. She and her daughter Barbara were amazing women, who managed their own businesses and farms, and the Emerald Post Office. Barbara, as Mrs George Fisher, had nine children. I would like to know about Barbara's father, McGuffin, and about what happened to the rest of the Moran family.

From Marjorie Burton
Hi All. My 3x Great grandfather Thomas McHard said on his Army Papers that he was born in Maybole. When he joined the 35th Reg Foot under the Duke of Richmond in 1800 he was 22 years old. So he was born c1778. On his discharge papers it said born in the Parish of Maybole in the Town of Maybole Ayr. After the Army he lived the rest of his life in Carlisle Cumberland, dieing in 1851. ANY HELP WITH HIS BAPTISM

From: Hugh McHarry mcharryh @
John McHarrie of Maybole appears on the list of Covenantors taken at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge, confined at Greyfriars Churchyard, and then drowned off the coast of Orkney en transit to banishment in Barbados in 1679. The family are also found in Wigtownshire and later on the Ards Penninsula and in County Cavan in Northern Ireland. Now some descendants live in the USA, Australia, and England. I am interested in exchanging information. McHarrie is a very rare surname and it appears that we are all related, no matter how the name is spelled. You are welcome to list as much personal information about me as you wish.

From Karen McIlwain
Date: April 2005
I had the privilege of visiting the Maybole Family History Office a couple of years ago and really appreciated the help I received. I am now looking for the father of ALEXANDER MCILWAIN ((MCILEVAIN) born abt 1790 (lds)married AGNES RAMSEY abt 1815 (lds)
Their children are :
Alexander McIlwain 4.8.1810 Maybole
Elisabeth McIlwain 17.3.1812 Maybole
David McIlwain 18.10.1815 Kirkmichael
Janet McIlwain 3.10.1818 Maybole
John McIlwain 30.6.1820 Maybole
William McIlwain 04.8.1822 Kirkoswald
James McIlwain 13.2.1825 GIRVAN
Margaret McConnell McIlwain 12.8.1826 Maybole
John McIlwain 1.6.1831

Date: 16 Jun 2000
William McKaill, Wright earned 5/- 1816-1817. Stent Roll, Maybole. Does anyone have any further history on this person.

From: Gary Hutchison abqess @
Date: 24 August 2009
From old parish records I find information on the marriage of John McLatchie to Mary Brakenridge. 1851 census lists this family and several children. Canadian census records indicate the youngest children were born in Ireland, and the family then emmigrated to Canada, around 1870. Census indicates Mary was born in St. Quivox, but I cannot establish Mary's parentage, though there is a Mary and Margaret Brakenridge listed as servants in the Andrew Dick household in 1841. Janet (Porter) McLatchie's death certificate lists her husband as John McLatchie, and all children. Any connection to these families greatly appreciated.

MCLEAN / MCMASTER / LIMOND Headstone in MOC - , 
From: Ian Heath-
Date: 08 Sep 2000
Just passing this along for anybody who might find it useful. It was sent by a cousin but it is not my line that I know:
Maybole Cemetery, 3rd section, 3rd path from top:
Erected by David McLean In memory of his brother Gilbert Who died 7.2.1890 aged 42 years Also his mother Margaret McMaster Who died at Minishant 28.11.1890 aged 73 Also Father in law Charles Limond 27.10.1898 aged 79 David McLean 22.9.1931 aged 84 And wife Helen Howie Limond 4.11.1931 aged 82

From: Carole Rose
Date: July 2005
Please can anyone help me with information on John McMurtrie? I saw a photo of the church elders of Maybole 1890. I also have a photo of a uncle of mine it is like looking at the same person. John was born about 1820 he married a Agnes McClairie   They had a son Alexander who married Agnes McQueen. Alexander McMurtrie and Agnes McQueen had a son Alexander born in Maybole 1867. In 1886 Alexander (b.1867) joined the Scottish rifles. He was posted to India in 1888. He married a Dinah Scott in 1896. They had Mary Eileen who was my grandmother. He stayed in India till is death . I never met him and I only met my grandmother once so I don't know much about the family. Any info would be very welcome.

From: Charles Kelly
Date: June 2005
I am researching the McMurray/McMurrie family of Cultezeon/Drummorane in the parish of Maybole. The earliest record in Carrick to the McMurrie Family is that of a Fergus and a John McMurrie in Egidia Blair, i.e. Lady Row of Baltersan's will which was dated 1530, there are also a number of wills and sasines relating to the McMurray family existing from the late 16th century. There is a flat table stone memorial in the Auld Kirkyard to a Moreis McMurray the Laird of Cultezeon who died in 1618. His father, William McMurrie of Drummorrane was a Baillie Depute in Carrick, William died in 1578. The name Cultezeon is of Gaelic origin Cul Tigh Eoghain which means "At the back of Ewan's House". A Quintin McMurrie took Sasine of Cultezeoun in 1678 from his father John McMurrie, after Quintin's death in 1752 his nephew Robert McMurrie (shoemaker in Barr) took Sasine. He was followed by his son James McMurrie who was the last family member to own Cultezeoun when in 1782 it passed into the hands of Sir Adam Fergusson of Kilkerran. James sister Jannet (Mc)Murray born 1753 married David (Mc)Murray (shoemaker of Dailly) around 1773. David and Jannet are buried in the Secessionist Graveyard in Ayr. A Margaret McMurray of Cultezeon who died at an advanced age around the year 1760 is reputed to have been the last native Gaelic speaker in Carrick. Any information on the McMurrie/McMurray family of Carrick welcome.

From: David Avery
Date: 07 Jan 2000
I am trying to trace my mother's relatives and I am starting with my parents marriage certificate. Unfortunately they got divorced in 1948 and I never had chance to get to know much about her. She was Violet Mcquiston aged 25 at her marriage in 1932. Her father is given as David Paterson Mcquiston, Carpenter, and a witness was named as A.M Mcquiston. So far I can find no record of any of those Mcquistons or a sister named Olive. The LDS gives Maybole as birth place for a David Mcquiston Kind regards, -- David Avery

From: Scot McMath
Date: 07 Jan 2000
I have my McMath ancestors in Maybole beginning with James and Helen Kennedy Aitken McMath 1st child William born April 14, 1864 in a "house on Main Street, Maybole" My grandfather, Thomas Aitken Was born in the same house December 31, 1865, as well as his son Frank Styles McMath, my father.
Thanks, Scot C. McMath

From: Debbie Foster
Date: April 20th, 2001
Thomas McQuater (GGGGrandfather) who was a tailor in Maybole.  My Great GreatGrandmother, Janet McQuater and GGGrandfather Andrew Boa, were married at Whitehall St. Maybole. I am curious to know if there are any other McQuater's related to the original Thomas, still in Maybole. I would be very interested to learn as much as possible.  Thank you for your time and effort on my behalf!
Sincerely, Debbie Foster 

From: David McCreadie
Date: 19 May 2000
I am Victor McCreadie's nephew. He is currently researching his family tree. He received a letter from Elizabeth Pearse, but I am having difficulty sending to the address quoted. E-mail me at

From: Elizabeth M Pearse
Date: 09 Feb 2000
Looking for information on a James Robertson married to Catherine McCreadie He was killed or burned to death carting slag from a coal mine Catherine later married Andrew Jess Her daughters Ella, Margaret and Mary still live in Maybole and would really appreciate if someone knows of them I visited them in 1994 but do not have their addresses. I would like to get in touch with them. Also another cousin lives in Maybole a Victor McCreadie If someone knows of them you can give them my address
. Elizabeth M Pearse 175 Albert St. W. Fergus, Ont Canada N1M 1X3

Date: 29 Apr 2000
Elizabeth - a message from Victor Mcreadie - I have recieved your letters and will reply as soon as possible. I am at Carl's address until 1st May - please contact - I will be able to reply to some of your enquiries,
Best regard Victor.

From: Richard McRonald

Date: August 9, 2001
I am researching my family history and pre 1863 my ancestors hailed from Maybole. Thomas(No3) McRonald (1800-1870) was made a Burgess of Maybole on 25 Aug 1836, which I understand was a rare honour.  I wonder whether you can shed any light on an interesting facet of my research?  The aforementioned Thomas(No3) had a son, Thomas(No4), born in 1832. According to my father, Charles McRonald, who had some correspondence about the subject--alas lost-- this Thomas met an untimely end. He was arrested for a Breach of the Peace, in Ayr. He was found guilty and sentenced to seven days' hard labour. He died, in prison, after three days. It is not known whether there was an inquest or where he was buried.It probably happened about 1852 because the whole family moved to Kirkliston in 1853. In 1862 the whole family moved to Birkenhead and never returned to Scotland.
Kind Regards, Richard McRonald

From: Patricia Martin
Date: March 2002
This is my McWhirter line and Maybole connection and I am interested in contact with anybody who has connections or interest in this family or any information about them.
Click here for full details.

MCWHIRTER - Transcripts of the Old Parish Records (OPR)

Date: March 2005
From: Mary-Ann Baker The Bakers
Looking for a family of Mc Whirter that include Jane who was baptised in 1845 as the daughter of Robert McWhirter and Sarah MCClure in Girvan. I know she had a sister Mary who later lived in Dalmellington and a sister Agnes who was at her wedding in 1865 to Edward McQuat in Maybole. Because of the similarities I had her pegged for Sarah McCrindle and Robert McWhirter but that family tells me that is not so. I now think sarah may have died at Janes birth or near to it as I found a probable 1851 census entry for Jane and her father Robert at Kirkmicheal Robert McWhirter Bower age 27 born New Galloway Kirkcudbright Janet McWhirter 23 wife Born Dalrymple Jane McWhirter 6 born Dailly Agnes McWhirter aged 1 month born Kirkmicheal. Could this Robert be my Robert and also the Robert McWhirter who married Janet Milligan in 1850? My Grandmother - Jane McWhirter's granddaughter remembers visiting Mary and Agnes and was told that the McWhirters were shopkeepers in Maybole. She was (grandma ) was 20 when she came to Australia and was raised by her Pettigrew grandparents as her mother died in childbirth. Jane McWhirter then McQuat died in Sanquhar Dumfries but the family always visited McWhirters in Ayr and Maybole and Girvan. I have searched and paid for searches of the 1851 and 1861 census but nothing I found sticks. Jane and Edward McQuat had a daughter Agnes who was my great grandmother. She married James Pettigrew from Dalmellington.

From: Terry Donlan    tjdonlan @
Date: May 2011
I am looking for information on the parents of Patrick Mellon (born abt 1911), Agnes Mellon (born abt 1917) and Edward Mellon (born abt 1923). They lived in Crosshill at 26 Park Street in the 1920s. Patrick, Agnes and Edward immigrated to the United States in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Patrick listed his occupation as a coal miner when he was 18 and later as a hospital attendant. If anyone knows where to obtain a copy of these folks birth records, please let me know.

From: Cheryl
Date: November 2003
John and wife Ann (Murphy) migrated from Maybole via Southampton 5 May 1863 on the 'Caduceus' bound for Melbourne Vic. With them were George b 1854 Maybole and Ann(Annie) b 1857 at Maybole. The family were Roman Catholic. The parents could read and write, George at 9 years could read only. John's trade in Maybole was a laborer by 1889 he was a weaver. His parents were John Mellan and Margaret O'NEIL. His wife's parents were Peter MURPHY and Hannah TATE. No more children were born once they arrived in Australia. According to the undertaker when Ann (Murphy) Mellan passed away aged 60 in 1889 there were two older children deceased by that year, Margaret and Annie, I assume dying before the parents left for Victoria. My guess is that they may have originated in Ireland and at some time migrated to Ayrshire. Once in Australia all certificates are all under the spelling of Mellan. The shipping record into Victoria is under Millen and Annie's baptism in Maybole is listed as Mellon. Geoege of my ancestor. If anyone out there has any details about any of these families I would like to have contact.

From: Ian Miller New Zealand (
Date: 08 Jan 2000
I am trying to research my family in Maybole. My Grandfather, Hugh Miller, was born there on 8 Jan 1876, and Baptised on 3 July 1876 by Rev George Porter. My Great Grand parents were George Miller, described as a Curor by trade, And my Great Grandmother Martha Miller nee Thornton.
There address was described as Whitehall Maybole. There name is listed on the register of subscribers to the stained glass window at the old church. Should anyone be able to be of assistance it would be very much appreciated. My father is getting old now and I would like to be able to pass on to him any information I may be able to get. Thanking you in advance. Ian Miller, New Zealand

From: Paul Mitchell
Date: 07 Jan 2000
This is a great website.
My grandfather was Thomas Mitchell who married Catherine McWhirter and lived at 29 High Street, Maybole where they conducted a butcher's shop, Living above the business. The whole family emigrated to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 1907 on the ship "Miltiades". The premises in High Street later became a cafe but has since been demolished to make way for a shopping centre, I believe. I wonder if anyone in Maybole has a photograph of the original building as I would like to get hold of a copy.

From: Kurt Dohn
Date: 26 May 2000

From: Kelly Connell
Date: 24 Feb 2000
Hi there, I just read your message in the Maybole pages and think the mother's brother of Andrew Kidd, (who was a baker), was my grandfather. He was Andrew Moore and was married to Jeanne Moore (maiden name Baird) my grandmother. My mother was Irene Moore who has a brother presently living in B.C.Canada.We are also related to the Kidds in Maybole, if you would like to get in touch the address is enclosed. Isn't it a small world!!!

From: Simo Muir
Date: November 2010
I have recently been doing family research and have found the website and pages of the Maybole Historical Society extremely interesting! I have learned a great deal about the town where my ancestors once lived. My great, great, great grandfather Gilbert Muir from Barr married Helen Murdoch in Kirkmichael in 1757. They had five children in Maybole, Mary in 1776, Elizabeth in 1771, Agnes in 1773, John in 1776 and Margaret in 1778. At least John and his children lived on the Littleton farm in Maybole. I would be interested to know more about the ancestors of Gilbert Muir. There are three Gilberts born in Barr that could be him, i.e. Gilbert b. 1710 to William Muir, Gilbert b. 1714 to William Moor (same as previous?) and Gilbert b. 1721 to Hugh Mure. Hugh Muir/Mure and his son Gilbert are mentioned e.g. in Irene Anderson’s presentation “The MacIlveans of Carrick”, held at the Maybole Historical Society in May 2002. I have tried to find Irene Anderson’s contact information - without luck. Could anyone help me to get connected with her or is there someone else who could help me in this matter? I would be also interested in all information regarding the Littleton farm.

From: Lynne Muir Mitchell Frizzell
Date: November 2001
I have been trying to contact James Douglas Muir who left a message regarding the Muir family but unfortunately my e-mails have bounced. My great grandparents were Bryce MUIR and Agnes DUNLOP. I am descended from their youngest daughter, Jane b. 1885. I would be most interested to hear from and exchange information with James Douglas or anyone else who may be researching this family.

From: James Douglas Muir (email address no longer valid)
Date: May 15th 2001
My name is James Douglas Muir, and I was visiting Maybole in April, 2001. I was at the town hall, and a gentleman, showed me the way to the registrars office down the street. While there, a very nice lady brought out books concerning my father, who was born in Maybole, July 29,1880. Now, I am wondering if there is anyone in or around maybole, that may have known my father and his family. My father's father was a Bryce Muir, and whose wife was Agnes Muir- m.s Dunlap. My father had a brother, Wilson Muir, also of Maybole. His birth date was nov2, 1882. There was also a Thomas Dunlop Muir. july 15 1878. I would be very happy to know of someone that may know of these Muir's and would be happy to correspond with them. Hoping you may be able to help me in my search, thank you in advance.

From: Jane Reid
Date: 11 Dec 2001
Looking for any information about Alexander Murdoch and Jean Welch. They were married in Kirkmichael in 1790 and were buried there in 1819 (Alexander) and 1829. (Jean). They moved to Dalmellington after they were married and farmed at East Chalmerston and I have some information on the family from that point onwards. I would appreciate help with their family lines and confirmation of their burial in the churchyard at Kirkmichael.

From? Liz
Date: January 12, 2002
My great grandparents were married in Kirkland St. Maybole in Mar 1885 by the Rev Roderick Lawson. Neither of them were born there. Elizabeth Kennedy Anderson(domestic servant) was born in Ardrossan in 1863 and John Murdoch (joiner) was born in New Monkland in 1864 and living in Whiteinch Glasgow at the time of his marriage. In the 1881 census she was a domestic servant in Maybole and the rest of her siblings were in various places. Her younger brother was at an 'Industrial School'. Family stories suggest there was a drowning accident in the family and the children may have been at Barnardos, but I have not been able to confirm this. Any help would be appreciated

From: Ellen Reid
Date: 11 Dec 2001
I am looking for information regarding Ian (Iain) Murray born approx 1903 in or around Maybole, Ayrshire. I believe his father was William John Murray a bootmaker and William John Murray who married twice had a least one other child, a Thomas Murray born 06.02.1901 and died 13.10.1974

From: Karen
Date: 23 Sep 2000
Looking for the Nimmo families from Maybole, Kirkmichael,and Dailly. Robert Nimmo m Jannet Carnochan in 1822 in Maybole. They had 6 children - Annaple,Thomas, Matthew, Robert,Janet and Annaple Edgar.Any information on the family will be gratefully accepted.

From: Kirsty
Date: September 6, 2005
Hello Karen I think these Nimmos may be related to my family. My great-great-grandmother's father was Thomas Nimmo, her mother Annie McClymont. She was born in Maybole, but the family moved to Wigtown about 1859. Thomas Nimmo was born c.1825 according to his gravestone in Wigtown. A Thomas Nimmo was born to Robert Nimmo and Jannet Carnochan in Maybole on 5th Feb 1825 according to the old parish records register of births. (This is the only record of a Thomas Nimmo born in Maybole between 1823 and 1827)

I suspect that Robert and Jannet were my Thomas Nimmo's parents since Thomas called one of his daughters Jessie Carnochan. However, I don't know the names of Thomas's siblings, and I have never heard of anyone called Matthew, Edgar or Annaple in my line of the family. I tried sending an e-mail message to you, but it bounced. If you see this message please get in touch.

From: David Thom
Date: December 2005
Researching the following Paterson family from Maybole in Ayrshire, around 1856 to 1873 :
John Paterson & Helen Galbraith(b.1829, Stair) Children - all born in Maybole Parish except Janet who was born in Stair Parish :
Janet b.1854
James b.1856
Sarah b.1859
Jane b. 1861
Mary b.1863
Helen b.1865
David b.1867
John b.1870
Robert & Alexander (twins) b.1873
Helen Galbraith's mother
was JANET HAY (1811-1888). Her paternal grandmother possibly named Wright. I am attempting to trace back from Helen Galbraith to her aunt (Janet Galbraith, b.1794) who is in my direct line.

From: Campbell Paul
Date: 4 Jan 2001
Does anyone have information re James Paul or his family..he sailed to Australia in 1920 ?..was a ships electrician

From: Linda Temple lindaannetemple @
Date: February 2009
John Primrose b.1745 Carmichael, Lanark appears to have taken his family to Maybole sometime before 1830. I think he was a weaving agent and owned property in Welltrees Square. I believe he died at a great age (90s) about 1841 as it looks like he is on the 1841 census with two daughters, Margaret and Helen at Welltrees Square in 1841 (although the ages are all about 20yrs too young for some reason!). Daughter Margaret also states in her will that her father died in Maybole. His daughter Janet Primrose married Richard McMillan (Irish), a manufactures agent of cotton and spirit merchant, in Glasgow in 1817 and the family are on the 1841 census for Kirklands and 1851 for Coral Glen. By 1861 they had moved back to Glasgow. Their daughter Margaret McMillan married a Thomas Dunlop, merchant in Maybole. Daughter Jean Primrose married Hugh Frazer (Irish), grocer and spirit merchant in Girvan in 1834 Maybole/Girvan and they lived in Dalrymple Street, Girvan until after Hugh died in 1863. Jean and her son Hugh Frazer are found living in Glasgow in 1871. Daughter Helen Primrose did not marry and died in Welltrees Maybole in 1849. Daughter Margaret died in Girvan in 1858 aged 72yrs and left a will detailing the property in Welltrees square which appears to have been rented out to no less than 13 tenants. Son Abraham Primrose married a Margaret McClymont who though born in Glasgow was probably related to the McClymonts in the Maybole area. They remained in Glasgow as far as I am aware, but Abraham may well have been with his father in Maybole before his marriage and met Margaret there. The eldest son John Primrose married Anne Bolton or Moulton (who I have been unable to find anything out about) but I have found no marriage in OPR so don't know when or where. He seems to have headed for Stirling and later back to Glasgow so may not have been in Ayrshire at all with his father.

The McMillans seem to disappear after 1871 as do the Frazers. I can't find them on any of the UK census records after 1871 and there are no death records for Janet, Richard, Richard jnr McMillan; Jean and Hugh jnr Frazer. I would have thought the old people would not have emigrated at their advanced ages after 1871, but they may have or went to the continent or somesuch. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any connection to these families and/or has information/records about the weaving trade and its 'manufacturers agents' from the time period in this area. I would assume that by 1871 the handloom weaving industry was starting to wane due to the mills, but fancy weaving and embroidery work was likely still carried out at home.

From: Patti Noonan British Columbia Canada
Date: January 2003
Pyper - John Pyper born about 1836 in Maybole...married Margaret Caldwell of Ayr - children Nellie, James, Elizabeth, John, Andrew, and Robert. I believe only James was born in Maybole, John was born in Tarbolton (Annbank), Elizabeth in St.Quivox & Newton. John (son of John and Margaret) married Jane Pettigrew of Dalmellington, and after having 4 children (John, Elizabeth, Adam, and Maggie), the family came to Canada. Unfortunately, Elizabeth (Lizee) died before the family left Scotland. Nellie (daughter of John and Margaret) married Harry Orr and also came to Canada. James stayed in Scotland. Looking for any descendants of this family interested in filling in empty spots in their tree and filling ones in mine. Thanks.

From: Judy Brice
Date: 08 Jan 2000
ELIZABETH RAMSEY, Woodend Farm, Maybole b approx. 1840/1850. Married John Kirkwood of Low Games Farm, Dunlop. Children Mary, Janet died 1889 prob. in childbirth, Allan and Hugh.

From: Andrea Reid Sherwin sheraco @
Date: March 2011
Looking for descendants of Gen1. Joseph and Martha Reid, hand loom weavers originally of Ireland—children Margaret, James, Martha, Samuel, Gideon, Jannet, Alexander and Joseph. Gen2. Joseph (jnr) married Elizabeth Rusk, children Gideon, James, Martha, John Sarah, Joseph and Samuel. Gen3. James married Mary Muir and was a compositor at the Glasgow Herald in the 1890s.
From census records the family appears to have been living at the locations below at the dates indicated.
1845 Maybole
1851 Wallacetown
1861 Queen St, Ayr
1871 Gordon St, Ayr (St Quivox)
1881 Allison St, Ayr (Newton on Ayr)
1891 George St, Ayrshire
1901 Wallacetown

REID, William
Date: 07 Jan 2000
Does anyone have any information on Willima Reid who had a chemist shop on high street Maybole around 1910 ?


From: F. Lowe
Date: January 2006
Robert RENFREW born about 1811, Ireland

Elisabeth HAINING/HARNON/HANNAIN born about 1811, Ireland

Married :          About 1830 Ireland or Ayr

Children:           James born about 1830, Ayr

                        Margret born about 26 Jul 1831, Maybole

                        Robert born about 12 Aug 1834, Maybole

                        John born about 20 Jul 1836, Maybole

                        Robert #2 born about 22 Jun 1838 ,Maybole                                       

                        Elizabeth born 1 July 1840, Maybole married Joseph COLQUHOUN
                        (born about 1837  possibly Ireland) 27Apr 1864, Maybole

                        Latimer born 27 Aug 1842, Maybole

                        Mary born 18 May 1844 , Maybole

From: Peter Robb - Sydney Australia
Date: 07 Jan 2000
My father's line goes back to Maybole - Welltrees Street, Robb's and Sloans. My grandfather was Robert McKinstray Robb- will be putting your site on my favorites so I can watch.
Regards Peter Robb - Sydney Australia

From: Chris Webber, Comox, BC, Canada
Date: 07 Jan 2000
Hi, Thanks for the Maybole site. The first one I've found. My Irish relatives moved to Maybole because of the famine, and from there, some came to Canada, (British Columbia) in the early 1860's. The name is Rhoddy/Roddy/Roady. The 2 sisters who came here were Ann Elizabeth (Lizzy) and Mary Ann Roddy, (Annie). A brother, Michael, came to visit and settled here in the early 1900's. He went back to visit fairly often. Family history has it that 1 sister and the father and second wife stayed in Maybole. I don't know the father's name and would like to put the Roddy name on your surname list, in the hope that there may be some of the family still in the area. Thanks. Chris Webber, Comox, BC, Canada

From: Andy Roseweir
Date: July 2004
My Great Great Grandfather was amrried in Maybole in 1813. His name was JAcob Roseweir( Roseware) he married Catherine Torbet. We are trying to find more info on his birth etc. We know that his mothers name was Janet McMurtrie/McMurtry. This info came from his nephew William McKail at Jakes death in 1857 in Newton on Ayr. ANy info please contact me at . Thanks Andy Roseweir

From: Fiona Hawke (nee Wotherspoon)
Date: February 2011
I am looking for information on one of my great-grandmothers, Charlotte Craig, who was born in Strichen, Aberdeenshire in 1872. She married Andrew Thomson in 1891 and had a daughter, Charlotte (Lottie), born in 1895. Andrew Thomson died in 1897 and Charlotte Craig then married James Ross, a prison guard, in 1900 in Peterhead. The family story is that, after being injured at work (possibly attacked by a prisoner) James Ross moved his family to Maybole. In 1921, at the time of his death, he was the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel in Maybole. His son, John Ross (1901 -1936) married Jane (Jean) Strachan Colquhoun (1900-1995) in Maybole in 1928. According to the marriage certificate, John Ross was proprietor of the Commercial when he married Jean Colquhoun. Charlotte Craig and John's sister, Louisa Charlotte (a dwarf, known as Louie), also lived at the Commercial. When John Ross died at the young age of 35 in 1936, Jean Colquhoun stayed on with her four children, mother-in-law Charlotte Craig and sister-in-law Louie Ross to run the pub until she met and married William McGarva Bevan in 1944. Charlotte Craig and Louie were still residents of the Commercial when Jean Colquhoun's cousin, Dorothy McMaster Strachan, took on the pub with her husband John Gorman. Apparently the arrangement wasn't a successful one and Charlotte Craig and Louie eventually left the hotel and, I am told, went to live with other family members. Charlotte Craig's first daughter, Charlotte Thomson (Lottie), supposedly married a Yorkshireman and moved to England. I have not been able to find any information on the Charlotte Craig/Thomson/Ross, Charlotte Thomson or Louisa Ross members of the family since they, presumably, left Maybole. I would be grateful for any leads. I am also curious as to why James Ross and Charlotte Craig chose to settle in Maybole. Is there maybe a family connection to other Ross' or Craigs' in Maybole?
With thanks for any assistance, Fiona Hawke (nee Wotherspoon) Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

From: andrea
Date: 19 Jun 2000
Does anybody have or have you seen the above names, this appears to be a family name for my lot. I have Margaret Nelson Shaw and her brother John Neilson Shaw, John gave the names to his son. John Snr was a farmer at Garryhorn. Their parents were Walter Shaw and Mary Ann Neilson/Nelson. For more details on the Shaw family click here.

From: Margaret Smith
Date: Feb 2001
Looking for information on JAMES SMITH and JANET CRAWFORD, married 30
Jun 1809 in Kirkmichael (FR 485), whose first child, JEAN SMITH, was
born 14 Oct 1809 in Maybole (FR 535). The family then apparently moved
to Barr, where their next child was born in 1812.

James Smith was the son of JAMES SMITH and JANET THOM, of St. Quivox and
later Pentclantie, and Janet Crawford was the daughter of WILLIAM

The dates above are from Scots Origins. If James and Janet were married
in June and their daughter was born in October, could there have been a
note in the Session records at the time of their marriage, or before,
rebuking them? If so, would those records be available for search?
Margaret Lindsey Smith, Colorado, USA

From: Stewart Stacey     nature @
Date: March 2010
My second times great grand father, Quintin Stewart was born at Maybole in 1810. his father was Quintin Stewart, born at Maybole in 1781 and died their in 1850, his mother was Janet Graven, born in 1771. Quintin “ 1781” his father was also Quintin born at Maybole in 1747 and died their in 1823. he married Agnes Crawford. I have Quintin “1747” father as John Stewart and his mother as Agnes Mclinteen, but have never found a baptism for Quintin “1747”. All the Quintin Stewart’s were Taylor’s and had a shop in Main Street. If anyone has more information on this Stewart family I would be very pleased to hear from you.

From: Jacky Carter
Date: Nov 2003
I have found a family link to Maybole. It is John Tait DOB not known but probably 1883. He was resident in Maybole at the time of his marriage to Janet McKie on 16th July 1913. They married in Kirkmaiden. John's occupation was a Motor Builder. His parents were Charles Tait (occupation Carrier) and Jane Tait nee Allan. I am sure the McKie family from Kirkmaiden had considerable connections with Ayrshire I believe that John and Janet Tait moved to Canada.  If you know anyone who may have some interest in this information would you please pass it on.


From: Sanda Gordon  sgordon @
Date: January 2002
Please could you assist me with finding out about Ann Tait Born circa 1836 in Maybole daughter of a John Tait with a brother or relative called William Ann's death certificate records her birthplace as Maybole.  Her marriage certificate states her father as John and the witness was a William Tait.  I have located and verified that Ann Tait (my great great grandmother) was born in Maybole in 1836 and resided at no 69 Coral Glen according to the 1851 census. She lived with her father John and other family members eg sister Janet Ann aged 23 years sailed to South Australia along with her sister Janet aged 21 years and another family member William and his wife Cathryn William was aged 25 years and a witness at Anne's marriage in 1864 to Robert Harvie(Harvey) We have yet to establish who William was and where he was at the time of the 1851 census. They sailed to SA via Liverpool in June 1864.


From: Keith Tait

Date: 14 Feb 2001

I am trying to find any info I can about a Robert Mofitt Tait born mid 1800s in Kirkoswald would very grateful for any help received.


From: Jones Reece
Date: Nov 2002

My mother's ancestors came from Maybole. My great grandfather was James Benjamin Thomson, born 20 July 1841 in Maybole, his father was David Thomson, b. 8 October 1800 , Laigh Cullean, Maybole. David's father was William Thomson, b. 10 November 1775, New Cummock, Ayr.

David married Agnes Bryden, b. 21 January 1802, Ayr

William married Elizabeth McMurtrie, b. about 1778, Laigh Cullean, Maybole.

From:  Evan J Vincent
Date: , updated 5 Jan 2001
I am currently researching the VINT family of Maybole. I am a direct descendant of one John VINT born 1818 in Maybole and married a Margaret FITZSYMONDS at Kirkmichael, Ayr Scotland in 1840. John and Margaret had several children one of whom, Agnes, born in Maybole in 1854, is of particular interest to me as she is my G Grandmother. She married an Englishman named Thomas Bullen VINCENT from Cornwall and they emigrated to NZ. Here I have a problem. I have seen both her birth certificate and her marriage certificate. Both have her born in NZ in 1864 and the name of the mother is different from that of the mother from Scotland. However her death certificate has her mother as the same one from Maybole. I am confused. Is there a record of Agnes born in Maybole? What happened to her? What happened to the rest of the family? Can you throw any light on these vexing questions? If you can help me please put me out of my misery or if you cannot is it possible for you to tell me who is able to help me

08 May 2000
Trying to find information about John VINT/VEINT dob 1818. Emigrated to NZ. Married in 1839 in the County of Ayr. The first born son, William, dob 1841; daughter Mary, dob 1842; Margaret dob 1846; John dob?;Robert dob 1853; Agnes dob 29 Sept 1854; James dob 3 June 1856. All emigrated to NZ and settled in Southland. Any information would be gratefully received and passed on to NZ relatives

From: June & Ernie Millichip
Date: October 2002
My wife is seeking information on her great grandfather who hailed from the Maybole/Barrhill area. His name was Robert Wallace, a shepherd. Thought to have been born 1860/1870's.Robert Wallace had 5 children, Annie, Jessie, Nancy, Maggie & Robert. His wife was thought to have been a McQueen. He was commonly and largely known as Tunsken [or Tunskin], presumably after a farm or area where he hailed from or worked. The article on the web site about Tunsken Cottage brought this to mind and whilst in Glentrool recently we heard about a Tunsken Bothy but were unable to glean any further information on it. I appreciate the above info is very scant and there's not a lot to go on but any info you or anyone you know of may have would be greatly appreciated.


From: F. Lowe
Date: January 2006

James WHYTE born about 1870, Scotland, died 1931 Maybole.

Jane (Jean) BOAG born about 1870, Scotland, died 1942 Maybole

Married:           about 1890 in Scotland.

Children:        Ellen (also known as Nellie) born 5 Dec 1892 in Kilmaurs, Ayr married Joseph                                          COLQUHOUN (born 20Jan 1894) 1913, Maybole


            Jean (who marries and becomes Jean HAMILTON)


            William Boag Whyte/White.

Family lives on Welltrees by 1907.  James is a shoemaker.

From: Alister Wilson
Date: July 2002
Looking for any descendents of William Wilson, born 5/4/1817 in Kirkoswald, married to Agnes Gary (born 7/8/1830) on 12/12/1851 also in Kirkoswald, especially any descendents of Margaret Wilson, born 23/3/1855 in Drumbeg Cottage, Kirkoswald, Agnes Wilson, born 26/4/1858 same place, and Ruth Wilson, born 16/3/1863 in Main Street, Maybole.  All three were last known to be living in Maybole according to the 1891 census.
Please send any info to:-
Alister Wilson 402 Great North Road WINTON New Zealand Or phone (before 14/7/02) 01988 403423

From: Anita Lorenz
Date: 08 Jan 2000
My Great Great Grandparents John Wilson and Jane Campbell were married in Maybole on December 21st 1838, and their son David was born there on 16th September 1847. I am wondering if any of their descendants are still in Maybole.

From: Toni Chamber
granddragon @
Tom's grandpa (Thomas McCrindle Wyllie) came from Maybole to the US in 1910, leaving behind a full family of 12 brothers and sisters. Two of the sisters married McQuirters. One of these McQuirters paid the passage for Grandpa Tom to come to America. Family surnames of interest are: Wyllie McKie Murdoch McCrindle Fulton Pettigrew

From: Mr F P Coady (Frank)
I am trying to locate my Gt Gt Grandmother who was a Eliza Jane Young born in Maybole c 1823.

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