Other Notes Regarding Kirkbride
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On a final note, we now know from an article in the "Ayrshire Post" dated Friday, January 12, 1912, that at an ordinary monthly meeting of Maybole Parish Council after complaints of overcrowding and of the condition of Old Kirkbride Burial Ground "it was unanimously resolved to instruct the law agents of the Council to have a petition presented to the Sheriff for the closing of this ground". Exceptions were to be allowed for the burials of husbands beside wives andd vice versa and "the committee to consider any other applications that might be made for interments". Dave Killicoat. ( April 2002)

I have just visited the site and have been looking through your info on Kirkbride. I was born and brought up in Dunure and have been fascinated by the cemetery all my life. My mum and dad visit it often and recently tried to rebuild the wall to keep the cattle out. when if was at Fisherton school in the 70s we did a huge project on the history of Dunure and spoke to many village elders who have long since passed away. We were told by a few of them that the font in Fisherton Parish Church was found in the field at Kirkbride and had been taken to Fisherton for use where it remains to this day. Im not sure if this is true but would like to find out if it is. The web site is excellent and I look forward to seeing the completed work on Kirkbride. Yours faithfully Angela Rhoda