Watch Presented to Hugh Fairlie by Maybole and District, Hamilton, Canada
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We were recently contacted by Hugh Fairlie with the following inquiry.

My name is Hugh Fairlie, I am a GP in Cornwall, and am the son of Hugh, the late Director of Education of Renfrewshire, and descended therefore from Hugh who was the Provost of Maybole at one time. He must have been my great Grandfather, and my Grandfather was Tom Fairlie, who lived in Ayr and who was a Baker.  I have a family heirloom, a fob watch which was presented to the Provost Hugh, by the people of Maybole and District, Hamilton, Canada. I wondered if there was any record of an official visit by him, during his term in office, which might relate to this?

"About 1908 .... one of the larger shoe factories (Grays) closed down and gradually the industry dwindled and Maybole again returned to hard times. It is said over 2,000 of the townsfolk emigrated around 1910 many of them going to Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, where there is still a district known as "Wee Maybole"." from Chapter 7 of the book Maybole, Carrick's Capital by James T. Gray.
Also see: William Ross - Maybole to Hamilton Ontario ( Little Maybole)

If there are there any of our website visitors that can answer this question please contact us so that we may solve this little mystery.

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Provost Hugh Fairlie
 and his wife Jane

Above: Provost Hugh Fairlie and his wife Jane (nee Hunter) on the occasion of dining at Culzean Castle with the then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII and then Duke of Windsor when he abdicated). The Marquess of Ailsa gave the dinner on the evening after the Prince had reviewed the British Legion in Maybole. In the next photo Provost Fairlie is striking the first ball at he opening of Maybole Golf Course on May 17, 1924.