More Photos from the Postal History of Carrick
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Presented below are additional items from a collection of  The Postal History of the Kingdom of Carrick. The collection whose earliest piece is dated 1697 spans all the postal markings and offices of Carrick through to the present day. An exhibit of this collection will be on show at Glasgow in November of 2000 by its owner Tom Fowler, former resident of Maybole. For those with an interest in viewing this collection in Glasgow return here later for details of the show. The images and text below generously contributed by Tom Fowler . Click on the images to view a full screen image or the Large image captions for very large images.


maybolecastle.jpg (22364 bytes)

highstreetmaybole.jpg (26488 bytes)

maybolecastlefromhighstreet.jpg (18179 bytes)

maybolefrombalony.jpg (62933 bytes)
Maybole from Balony 
c. 1904
Large image
shoreroad.jpg (55979 bytes)
Maybole Castle 
c. 1902 Large image
High Street - Maybole 
c. 1902 Large image
Maybole Castle from High St. 
c. 1904 Large image
The Shore Road, Maybole  
c. 1904 Large image

ayrmaybolerailroad.jpg (69339 bytes)


Left: Ayr and Maybole Junction Railway Company. Certificate for seventeen shares issued to Mrs. Grace Hannah or M Lean in 1883 Large image

alexanderjackinvoicesmall.jpg (37622 bytes)

Right: Alexander Jack & Sons. Maybole manufactures of agricultural implement makers. Invoice dated 1882 to Mr. J. Crawford. Large image

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