A Flight To St. Kilda - by Rev. R.L. Lawson - Page 6
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The images and text of Rev. Lawson's booklet - A FLIGHT TO ST. KILDA - contributed by Ewen McGee whose grandfather was captain of the SS Hebrides from 1899 to 1921.

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                         A FLIGHT TO ST. KILDA                         6

witnessed; for women will stand a great deal with equanimity, if it is graceful! 
And here, in case I forget, I wish to record the fact, that when looking out of my berth at my neighbours dressing in the morning, and wishing in my heart they would be quick about it, that I might get up myself, I was struck with surprise at the pains the young men took with their personal appearance.  I had thought, in my simplicity, that it was only young ladies who paid much attention to their hair; but this is an entire mistake.  I saw a young man comb and brush and twist his moustache in a way a young lady could not have surpassed with the hair of her head.  It was quite a revelation to me.  Once at breakfast in the Hydro, I had remarked to a young lady sitting beside me that I wondered why ladies were so frequently late in the morning, seeing they had not to shave.  No, she replied, somewhat testily; and you have not to put up your back-hair.  An old lady sitting opposite, thinking I had been snubbed, quietly added: Yes, Mr Lawson; and the less hair you have, the more time it takes you! 
Our steamer called at a number of places on the way, most of which I have forgotten.  We had an hour or two at Oban (or Qbn, as the Cockneys call it), and saw the big Colosseum-like building where statues of the twelve MCaigs are soon to be erected all to be as like the donor as possible.  We called at Tobermory, too, but had little time to wait; saw Morven, and Ardnamurchan, with the black hills of Mull behind

And Ulva dark, and Colonsay,

And all the group of islets gay

     That guard famed Staffa round.

Mountainous Rum came next into view, and Eigg with his curious scuir, reminding me of the old College joke, that it would be pleasant to be minister of the united parishes of Rum and Eigg; to which sonic one added by way of moral, that it was a rather flippant joke for a young minister to make.
We had an hour at Dunvegan Castle, on the west side of Skye, the seat of the Macleods of Macleod, the proprietors

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