Maybole Monument Inscriptions
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The Carrick, Ayrshire - monumental inscriptions pre 1855 is a publication of The Scottish Genealogy Society, edited by Alison Mitchell. This book is one of about 15 other monument indexes for Ayrshire found at The Scottish Genealogy Society, Publications and Sales which you are encouraged to visit and patronize. For those looking for ancestors in Maybole, some of the pages of the book pertaining to Maybole only are presented below, testament citations are not included. A full cumulative index of the book may be found here. Click here for a photo of Maybole - Kirkwynd cemetery and here for a photo of Maybole "New" Cemetery. A new and more complete index of Maybole Kirkwynd Cemetery has now been completed with family history details and photos for many of the entries. Click here to view this updated transcription.

Index to Entries
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Aird - Dunshie Eaglesham - M'Craith M'Crindle - Rankin Rannie - Young
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At left is the inscription on the monument of Rev. Chas. Logan who died 14th of April 1823 as recorded in 1908 by Rev Swan of Maybole. (Found by Rev. Tom Bogle, current minister of Maybole West - Church of Scotland.)

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