Monumental Inscriptions for Carrick Ayrshire
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The Carrick, Ayrshire - monumental inscriptions pre 1855 is a publication of The Scottish Genealogy Society, edited by Alison Mitchell. This book is one of about 15 other monument indexes for Ayrshire found at The Scottish Genealogy Society, Publications and Sales which you are encouraged to visit and patronize. If any viewers have photos of the cemeteries below and would like to contribute them for display here please contact the site administrator at

The pages below are presented to help you determine if your surname is indexed and what cemeteries it may be found in. The numbers after the surname in the index identify the cemetery as follows:


1 Ballantrae 6 Kirkmichael
2 Barr 7 Kirkoswald & Crossraguel
3 Colmonell & Barrhill cemetery 8 Maybole-KirkwyndMaybole cem. & Kirkbride
4 Old Dailly, New Dailly church, New Dailly cemetery 9 Straiton & Patna
5 Girvan St. Cuthbert & Girvan cemetery 10 Alloway

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Cover Map of Cemeteries Preface page i Preface page ii Preface page iii
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Adair - Carual Carruthers - Fergus Fergushill - Hose Houstoune - M'Clannanan M'Clarchie - M'Klhagu
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M'Kluray - Munro Murchie - Sinclair Skeen - Vincon W. - Young