January 2001
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Week of January 26th 2001


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Members of Carrick Speakers Club enjoyed an excellent evening last Thursday evening at their first meeting of the New Year.

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A Night of reels at Kirkbride house, near Crosshill, raised over 500 for local training agency May-Tag.

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Fifteen members of Maybole OIR's walking group trekked in the Dailly area last week - led by well-known Carrick historian David Hunter.

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A controversial plan to build almost 100 new homes in Maybole will go ahead - despite claims it could cost lives.

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Six-way benefit from roadworks. An upgrade begins on Monday at a Maybole junction where six streets meet.

Week of January 19th 2001


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MAYBOLE branch of the Royal British Legion (Scotland) is the oldest in the UK.

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Alpha course a hit in Maybole. An internationally-acclaimed course on Christianity has just been complete by a group of people in Maybole.

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Maybole geared up for postal voting. All of Maybole's community councillors are due to give up their seats in March.
Dice one ... lucky Jim wins a car! Wee James Macaulay is riding high on dad Jim's shoulders. And Jim will soon be sitting comfortably, too - behind the wheel of a brand new car he won with an amazing throw of the dice.

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LOOKING BACK. 25 YEARS AGO: Carrick Speakers Club's first meeting of 1976 is in the new Burns Lounge of the premises in Maybole's Whitehall with Girven the guests.

Week of January 12th 2001

miss.jpg (116677 bytes)CONGRATULATIONS, MISS ON YOUR 100TH.
MAYBOLE-BORN Catherine Crosbie is pictured on her 100th birthday, with a card she received from The Queen. As Miss Tweedily, she taught at Dalrymple Primary School from 1920 to 1928, when she left to marry Tom Crosbie. She has been able recently to get in touch with several of her former pupils and their siblings, giving her a reat deal of pleasure.
sarah1.jpg (29300 bytes) A bouncing 10lb 3 1/2ozs, he arrived at 6.19pm in Ayrshire Central Hospital on January 1. sarah2.jpg (71996 bytes) So, how did you spend the first day of 2001? Carrick folk certainly don't believe in enjoying a traditional New Year's Day.
mcdg2.jpg (29375 bytes) WELCOME ....Peter Walker with Mrs. Ellen Hawkes on his arrival in Maybole. mcdg1.gif (61320 bytes) PETER'S PLAN IS TO BOOST MAYBOLE. Peter Walker has been appointed community development officer for Maybole.
masons1.jpg (161414 bytes) Hugh takes lead role at lodge. Brother Hugh Mundell is the new Right Worshipful Master of historic Lodge St. John Maybole No. 11. masons2.jpg (63106 bytes) New RWM Brother Hugh Mundell with installing masters Brothers John Graham, Campbell Milligan and James Dicke.
oldphotos1.jpg (105061 bytes) Memories will be stirred with our visit to bygone days. [Choirboys and Cairn school.] oldphotos2.jpg (80904 bytes) ...40 strong group from the former Kilgrammie School, near Dailly, around the late 1930's.
snow1.jpg (72322 bytes) Fun - and beauty - in the snow. It all seems like a distant memory now, but Carrick was enveloped in snow...  snow2.jpg (62921 bytes) The castle stands proudly on guard over the snow-covered scene. [more photos here]
amateurs.jpg (76391 bytes) Alan's double 'Bole's 'em out. Maybole AFC 3, Balmore AFC 2. Alan Brownlee grabbed a double and assisted with another as Maybole raced to a 3-0 lead after 20 minutes. lookback6.gif (25646 bytes) LOOKING BACK. 100 YEARS AGO. The vanman who previously failed to appear at Maybole Burgh Court on a charge of leaving his horses unattended in High Street on December 28, 1900 is fined ...


Week of January 5th 2001

nails5.jpg (108897 bytes) French walker puts on a show to say 'merci'. Frenchman Joel Buton believes in peace on earth - and he's making his point .... nails4.jpg (71884 bytes) Joel Buton proves he really is hard as nails as he allows THREE Maybole folk to press him into a bed of nails.
nails1.gif (32314 bytes) Andy's new slant on council tacks! bits.gif (27496 bytes) Busy month for the Tackety Bits.
nails2.jpg (22867 bytes) No, Councillor Andy Hill isn't trying to collect council tax from a reluctant resident! The South Ayrshire Council leader is actually supporting a man's dream for world peace. nails3.jpg (29264 bytes) Another nail-biting experience as this young woman stands on Joel's head!