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May-Tag has now moved out of Maybole Castle and using the offices upstairs in the Resource Centre. The May-Tag Ltd Learning Centre in Maybole Castle was officially opened on  Friday 15th June 2001 by Councillor Andrew Hill, Leader of South Ayrshire Council. The occasion also marked the launch of a partnership between May-Tag Ltd and Ayrshire Electronic Community to further ICT awareness within the communities of Ayrshire.

Maybole Castle was the headquarters of May-Tag Ltd, which was founded by the Community Council in 1986 as a training company to combat local unemployment. The company  now has premises in 48/50 High Street and has a website at

Today the company employs fifteen full-time and two part-time employees as well as offering volunteering opportunities to locals to help train people in core work skills. Today trainees number about 80 and skills taught to national certification level include Information Technology, Administration, Customer Service, Horticulture, Literacy and Numeracy, Communication, Work Ethics and Job search. There are also training projects which benefit the community environment.

Judith Waters, a resident of Maybole, has come up with a  plan which could be of mutual benefit to the community and to disabled people in and around Maybole. more

Ladywell Gardens

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Ladywell Gardens Project

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In the course of its history the company has progressed over one thousand local unemployed people towards jobs, further education and labour market skills. Over fifty per cent of trainees have learning difficulties and the company prides itself in its commitment to social inclusion and life long learning for the most disadvantaged in the community.

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Scottish Executive Minister Wendy Alexander with Christine Kennedy of May-Tag Ltd with two trainees Andrew Young and Ross Campbell.

The company’s core business is still employment training but it has also a community development role in assisting the Community Council to identify beneficial projects and to seek funding for them. One such community project developed by May-Tag is the jobs access project, SIGNPOSTS, now mainlined by South Ayrshire Council and employing two full-time people. Another successful project is the setting up of a voluntary forum network to manage The Maybole Charity Shop in the town, which generates funding for different groups. The benefit to the town’s fund-raising activities is beyond expectation and good quality second hand clothing on offer locally is proving a popular and necessary stimulant to High Street trading. The Shop also provides unlimited scope for volunteering enthusiasts. The very successful painting & decorating and garden maintenance scheme for low income families is now in its fourth and last year, some two to three hundred families having benefited.

Current projects being progressed include a project to develop Ladywell Gardens and the setting up of a local network to obtain premises and funding for a Community Development programme.

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Contact for more information regarding May-Tag Contact:
Sam Campbell, Maybole Castle, High Street,
Maybole 01655 882644

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