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Philip Maltman     Spring 2003    Artist's Statement

I make continuous reference in my work to objects on surfaces. The shore, or more accurately, the "littoral" and the ephemeral nature of this area between land and sea is my original point of departure. I also take into account other instances of randomly scattered or discarded objects, natural and man-made, which attract with their inherent, apparently dormant, energy. This is also echoed in on-going work about Ailsa Craig the island in the Malin Sea off the coast of South Ayrshire near where I lived as a child. I observe externally, internally, referentially and historically; making works whose subject is not the depiction of the world but what it feels like to encounter the world. For more information on availability and prices please contact me. Details of London Exhibit May 21st - June 7th 2003

1.Ailsa Craig above. Click on the images to view them full screen. Contact Philip Maltman for prices and availability.

2. Barwhin Wave 1

3. Beach Out

4. Cha Cha Cha
5. Charmouth 6. Clouds of Steam 7. Exhibition of Seaweed
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10 Paintings | Paintings 1  | Paintings 2  | Paintings 3  |  Cards  | About Philip Maltman  | Exhibits |  Spring 2003Contact