Ailsa and Craig - Picture Perfect!
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Earlier this year we received a request from a site viewer, Stephanie Rizk, to be put in touch with the photographer responsible for the website photos of Ailsa Craig, an island ten miles off the South Ayrshire coast from Turnberry in the Fifth of Clyde. We put Stephanie in touch with Davie Law. Stephanie told Davie…

I'm interested in purchasing some prints of photos you've taken of Ailsa Craig.  My husband, Craig, named our daughter, Ailsa, after seeing the island on a trip he took right before she was born.  So I'm looking to get a print for her and a print for him, at least. I live in Maryland in the U.S.  My husband was golfing at Turnberry and just simply fell in love with the name and since his name is Craig, it just seemed right.  I was pregnant with twins at the time, so one of them became Ailsa.  He tried to convince me to name the other one Drew, after St. Andrews, but I couldn't let him pick both of their names!

Davie sent Stephanie some of the original files to make some prints from which she did and later wrote back…

I presented Craig and Ailsa with the prints this morning. They were ecstatic. Here's a picture of dad and daughter!

 More photos of Ailsa Craig by Davie Law and the story of Ailsa Craig.