Ailsa Craig
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These photos were taken by brother and sister Jim and Margaret Campbell in August 2000. For more photos see page 2 and page 3. Click on the images below to view them full size. Click here or on the photo to enlarge the image above. Click here for sketches and a brief description of Ailsa Craig or here for a map and complete topographical details. Article in Scottish Curling Magazine featuring photos by Davie Law. A unique amoebae has been discovered on the island. Read more about this here and here.  The Pointe Claire Curling Club in Quebec, Canada has a great website and a very active membership. Other links:  Stories of Stones and Shipwrecks - an article by Rowena Love   |  Short clip  |  A Tragic Accident at Ailsa Craig  |  Kiseki Museum of World Stones   |   Oil Painting Mystery    |  Ailsa and Craig Rizk   |  Aisla Craig be be sold to nature conservation trust   |  Wikipedia article

Puffins are returning to the island

 Paddle Boat Waverley

Painting circa 1891

Turnberry lighthouse-Ailsa Craig

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acbldg1.jpg (16067 bytes)

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Cliffs Very large image. Top photo
The Craig
Bottom photo
Fog Horn

Ailsa Castle

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