Service at Crossraguel 2014
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The annual service at Crossraguel Abbey

2014 King and Queen with Rev Baldock

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Founded in 1244 by Duncan, Earl of Carrick, Crossraguel Abbey was a place of worship for more than three centuries. Last Sunday, June 8, it was once again the venue chosen by Maybole Council of Churches to launch the town’s annual gala week.

Rev. Andrew Baldock, Rector of St Oswald’s Episcopal Church, welcomed representatives from all of the churches in Maybole on an afternoon which varied from brilliant sunshine to a threat of rain.

As usual, the hymns were chosen by individuals from each church who explained why they had chosen the particular hymn.

Gerry Murphy, Our Lady & St Cuthbert’s Church, picked “Christ Be Beside Me” ; Moira Gill, Maybole Baptist Church, selected “As the Deer Pants for the Water”; Elizabeth Riome, Maybole Parish Church, chose “You Are Before Me, Lord”; and Gilly Baldock, St Oswald’s Episcopal Church, opted for “Amazing Grace”.

The annual service at Crossraguel Abbey is also the first opportunity for the Gala King and Queen of Carrick to be introduced in public. Gardenrose Primary pupils Owen Grant and Zoe Lamont, were allowed to show their crowns to those attending, although they will not be officially crowned until Saturday June 8 at the annual gala.

Before concluding the service, Mr Baldock thanked everyone who had attended and  all who had helped to organise the event. He added, “We owe grateful thanks once again to Historic Scotland for the use of Crossraguel Abbey.”