Maybole Parish Church Project History
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 Please see the Maybole New Church Project Website for the latest information and The Carrick Centre

February 2007. The Carrick Centre In the Heart of Maybole. The Maybole New Church Project committee has named the new community facilities at the Greenside the Carrick Centre.   This new centre, which is estimated to cost about £2,000,000, will accommodate a youth facility, a coffee shop, conference and community facilities, as well as the new Maybole Parish Church.   A new Community Advisory Management Committee is to be formed with representatives from local voluntary groups and the congregation.   This new advisory committee will form a community company limited by guarantee to make funding applications to funders for the community facilities.   The new site has been cleared ready for construction work to begin, and this innovative project is a clear partnership between the Church and the community   To date the Maybole New Church Project committee has succeeded in raising over £1,000,000 for the church and community facilities from the sale of properties, trust funders, and donations.   A further £100,800 has been raised towards £500,000 needed for a youth wing.   A public meeting will be held on Monday, March 26, when the new Community Advisory Committee will be elected.


Dave Whiteman Induction. Click image for larger photo.

 Dave Whiteman and local ministers. Click image for larger photo.

The official launch of Maybole New Church Project was held in the Town Hall last Friday evening. The launch was hosted by Provost Gordon McKenzie who said a few words of welcome to all those attending who included council leader Andy Hill, Lord Lieutenant Richard Henderson, Cathy Jamieson MSP, Councillor Alan Murray, trustees of the Church of Scotland, representatives of Ayr Presbytery, local organisations and, of course, local minister leading the project Rev Dave Whiteman.

Councillor Hill said how honoured he was to have been asked to address the meeting adding, " The Church of Scotland here in Maybole is leading the way in a quite emphatically radical way. Preparations are under way for a profoundly ambitious project - an exciting one." Describing the project as an incredibly and unusually bold and innovative one, he commented on the unity shown by the joining of the two churches, Old and West. "And unity, " he added, "is the key word which will be pertinent to the creation of a new church building - but it is unity with a difference." "This will be not just a place of worship but a community resource for the whole of Maybole and surrounding villages. The Church, which has relied for so many years - indeed centuries - on the community supporting it, is moving with the times. It is very much giving to the community. It is leading the way and putting its resources to a more relevant use for tomorrow's world. By working together with the community as a whole, the Church should reap the benefit of greater involvement and through the new church centre cement an active relationship with the community. This can only be good for the community ...and for the church."

Councillor Hill paid tribute to Rev Whiteman, "He is clearly doing a wonderful job", and everyone who had put in a tremendous amount of work. "I am wholly supportive of the imaginative project," he said, "and as leader of South Ayrshire Council I recognise the benefits which will surely accrue." Gardenrose pupils then provided a musical interlude before architect Gordon Fleming made his presentation using slides to show what was being planned. Mr Fleming said, "The new Parish Centre for Maybole is intended to bring together a wide range of church and community facilities under one roof, demonstrating a welcome to all the people of Maybole." He continued, "The Congregational Board studied many sites throughout the town before settling on Greenside. The site on Greenside provides a location in the heart of the town, highly visible to residents and visitors and where it will be accessible to all. The proximity of the railway station and bus stop reinforces the significance of the site on the Town Green.

The brief to the architects asked for a flexible multi use building that will provide comfortable modern facilities for the activities of the church and local residents. A range of spaces will be provided from a large hall down to small private meeting rooms. Local interest will be supported by the presence of the Maybole Historical Society and a Drop-in cafe for all. A substantial car park is envisaged to serve the new building, the Health Centre, railway station and the Town Centre as a much needed resource for Maybole. The car park will be accessed from the station forecourt and with a pedestrian connection down to Castle Street and the Health Centre. Within the building the smaller spaces will be arranged along the Culzean Road frontage providing a lively façade to the street with the more internal spaces of the large hall and worship space being positioned towards the railway. All the spaces are accessed from welcoming entry courts that lead into a well lit central gathering place. The range of spaces and flexible furnishing arrangements allows a wide variety of functions to be accommodated from private meetings to conference and cinema functions. The design of the building allows this wide variety of activities to take place alongside the worship requirements of the Parish.

The final design of the building will provide a centre of great presence in the town, a modern landmark building for the future." Project Architects were Gordon Fleming and Rebecca Cadie of ARP Lorimer and Associates. After the presentation Rev Whiteman rounded off the proceedings with a very comprehensive vote of thanks. "We hope you caught the vision that we have to put a new heart in the town of Maybole," he said. "A vision to provide the town with a much needed facility, a community facility which will be open and used seven days a week and not just an hour on a Sunday." Cathy Jamieson MSP commented: "This is a very exciting and ambitious project which will bring a lot of benefits to Maybole. It will offer not only a new church but a range of facilities which will be used by the entire community. I certainly look forward to seeing this become a reality." (Ayrshire Post Dec 2003)

MAYBOLE people are being urged to play a part in shaping the town's new church. The aim is to make it a 'community church' and it will be the first significant improvement in community facilities in the town since Carrick Academy was formed more than 150 years ago. Maybole Parish Church will be planned not only as a centre for worship but also to provide facilities for many organisations that currently have difficulty finding suitable premises. Project leader Bill Miller said: "The most important of these organisations are those which provide support for disadvantaged people. "This is one of the core responsibilities of the Christian church, and by combining the resources of the recently united congregations we have the chance to change the way the church operates in the town. "In addition, there are other needs in the town that a project of this kind can address which can make the town a much more attractive place for people to visit and live in.

"This is being enthusiastically supported not only by the Church of Scotland but also by South Ayrshire Council who have assured us that this project is exactly what they believe the community requires, so they have promised whatever support they can legally provide! "However, projects of this kind do not just fall into our laps but will depend on the enthusiastic support of the whole community. "This is not simply a project to replace a couple of 19th Century buildings but one to meet the 21st Century needs of the people of Maybole. Project workers are urging Maybole organisations to contact them. Mr Miller stressed: "Only by identifying themselves and letting us know what their needs are can we begin to design the buildings to meet their needs. "Of course we may not be able to meet everyone's needs exactly, but the more we know the nearer we can get to satisfying the majority. "Individuals can also help us define the shape of the project by writing to us with their ideas for the kind of facilities that might be appropriate." Townsfolk and groups keen to see the project come to a successful conclusion can write to Maybole New Church Project, c/o Hugh Paterson, Secretary, 54 Culzean Road, Maybole, KA19 8AH. (Ayrshire Post August 29th 2003)

TWO prominent Maybole landmarks are the target of new housing developments. Plans have been lodged for the conversion of the B-listed Old Parish Church in the town's Cassillis Road. And in a separate application, there are similar plans for the conversion of the West Parish Church in Coral Glen. The move by the Maybole New Church Project follows a resolution to unite the existing Old and West Church parishes. The aim is to build a new church centre in Maybole at which point the existing churches would cease to be used by the Church of Scotland. And a recent study by the committee has identified the possibility of the buildings being converted into houses. The application to convert the Old Parish Church into 12 flats and the West Parish into three residential units of 10 houses will be considered by South Ayrshire Council's planning committee next week. However, in their report to the meeting, planning officials have recommended that, in the case of the Old Parish Church proposal, they be given delegated powers to approve the application subject to conditions. In respect of the West Parish Church application, they have recommended approval subject to conditions. (August 1st 2003)

THE united congregation of Maybole Old and Maybole West is to be known simply as Maybole Parish Church. Members were asked their views on a name, and also on the time of worship, which they have decided should be 10.30am. In the meantime, services during June will take place in the West parish building. (From the Ayrshire Post May 23rd 2003)

MAYBOLE is one parish again — after more than 160 years. But a name has yet to be decided for the new united congregation. A service of union was held in Maybole West Church on Tuesday, March 18, to link its congregation with Maybole Old. And the Rev Dave Whiteman of the Old Church was formally introduced as minister of the new parish. The union was hastened by the retirement, through ill health, of West Kirk minister the Rev Tom Bogle. Officiating at the service were Mrs Isabell Montgomerie, Moderator of the Presbytery of Ayr; the Rev John Banks, immediate past-Moderator; and the Rev James Crichton, clerk to the Presbytery.  Mr Banks gave a stirring sermon, which was both humorous and thought-provoking. And he highlighted the relevance of the Gospel to a troubled 21st century. Mrs Montgomerie brought the best wishes and encouragement of the Presbytery of Ayr to the new congregation and its minister. And she spoke of the very exciting times which lie ahead as the congregation looks to a bright new future. Mr Whiteman said he was touched by the tremendous turn-out from both Presbytery and the joint congregation. He pointed out: “This union brings much-needed financial and ministerial security to the Church of Scotland in Maybole. “And I am looking forward to a very bright and exciting future.” Office-bearers will consult the congregation to gauge opinions on times of services and a new name for the united charge. (From the Ayrshire Post March 28th 2003)

Plans for a new church in Maybole were announced in 2001 when the two Church of Scotland congregations in Maybole voted to unite. An article regarding these plans appeared in the Ayrshire Post in April 2001 . There are two proposed sites for a new church with plans drawn for each of them.  Plans for residential development of the Old Parish Church and West Church have also been prepared. These plans will be reviewed by the planning department. Plans for the new and old churches can be viewed by clicking on the images below. Plans were prepared by ARP Lorimer and Associates Architects.

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 Plans for new church at Greenside   Full screen   Larger view

Plans for new church at Ladyland Road Full screen  Larger view

 Old Parish Church and plans for redevelopment.


  West Parish Church and plans for redevelopment.

Full screen plan view   (130k) Larger view (425k)  

Full screen plan view (191k)  │  Larger view (529k)