Citizen of the Year
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The Citizen of the Year award was organised by the Maybole Community Association. Normally in the spring of each year nominations were invited from the public as to who should win the honour. The presentations were made on the town's gala day in June of each year. The trophy which was awarded is called the Carrick Television Trophy donated by William McCubbin, proprietor of the firm.

The Trophy Trophy Detail

Isobel Seymour 1999

Rich Pettit Isobel Seymour James McDowall Hearton William L. Kenny Alex Kelly
2001 1999 1998 1997 1996

William Cuthbert Kay Cuthbert Janette M Paterson Dr. Elizabeth Haggerty  William Paterson
1995 1994 1993 1992 1991
Mary Sargent David Kiltie MBE Jean Falconer Margaret Kidd James Boyle
1990 1989 1987 1985 1984
Duncan Cron Karen Paterson Marjory McCulloch Agnes Carmichael Dr. Harry Grieve
1982 1980 1977 1976