Twinning with Crosne - Maybole 1982
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Michel Berson, Mayor of Crosne, and David Kiltie , chairman of Maybole Community Council, in Maybole Town Hall signing official twinning documents linking the French town of Crosne with Maybole. The year was 1982 and in the background is Alan Murray, chairman of Maybole Town Twinning Association

Duncan Cron was Maybole Citizen of the Year when the French twinners visited Maybole in 1982 and here presents Michel Berson, Mayor of Crosne, with the key to Maybole .

Michel Berson (right), Mayor of Crosne, accepting the key to Maybole from Duncan Cron. Interestingly Crosne is pronounced the same as Cron.

Monique Trouette and George Foulkes MP plant a commemorative tree. On the left is James Boyle, Provost of Kyle & Carrick, and on the right is Alisdair Hutton MEP

Alan Harvey presents a bust of Robert Burns to Marylene Laug, deputy Mayor of Crosne. Alan owned a butcher's shop in Maybole High Street which had a bust of Burns to mark the the fact that the parents of Scotland's National Poet first met at a market in the street and were married in Maybole.

Pupils of St Cuthbert's Primary School who took part in the celebrations in Maybole Town Hall.

Maybole guides took part in a parade from the top of Garderose Path to the Town Hall.

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