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Maybole's Dead End Club was started in September 1976 by a group of former members of Maybole Youth Club. The D.E.C. is a voluntary club which started after former leader of Maybole Youth Club, Mr. Roy Robb, had to give up his work because of pressure of business. Some committee members of the former Maybole Youth Club led by myself, who was at that time President of Maybole Youth Club's Members Committee. Drew up a series of plans and ideas for starting a club of their own run by the members themselves, which basically would cater for the older members of the youth club that is 16 and above.

These ideas were put to the Community Education Service who are responsible for the organizing youth work and are also responsible  for the building at present used by the Dead End Club. We were given the go ahead to run this experimental club for 6 month so see if it worked out and it has. The Dead End Club elected an executive committee composing of: Mr. R. Campbell, Chairman and leader in charge; Raymond Cooper, Secretary/Treasurer; R Wilson; David Dickson; Craig McNair; Ben McVey. Within four months, The Dead End Club had raised over 200 through disco's and other fund raising events.

Since then the club has won football shield and run many disco's as well as organizing trips to dinner/dances, organizing special events like Halloween Parties, Christmas Parties, Day Outings and trips to the Apollo in Glasgow. As well as this one night each week we have a guitar instructor in the club and from time to time hire the games hall at Carrick Academy for sporting activities. From the Start the Dead End Club has been trying to get premises of their own for their sole use, but so far nothing has materialized. The membership fee for the club in 1 per year.

When the Dead End Club first started they had a rough time because other people and other organizations showed no great sympathy for this group of teenagers. They thought that we were not responsible enough to run our own club, but I believe we have proved them all wrong, they felt that we were just a bunch of hooligans who couldn't be left to act in a responsible way, funnily enough none of these people were ever up at the club to see what went on, they just thought that since we were teenagers and had long hair and preferred our own styles to theirs that we were useless, but as I say I think we have proved them wrong. When they see that we can run a disco without any trouble, win trophies, and take parties of members to dinner. Dances and even to Arran for a week

Ronnie Campbell (Club Leader Chairman )


Martin Bone 2002  Dead End Club History Website