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Welcome to The Dead End Club History Website.  The site is now looked after by Rich Petitt. If you wish to add to the Website get in touch with him at the Maybole Website.  Below is just some of the contents of the website which I hope you all will like.   Feel free to send me an E-mail .

The Club has now disbanded and has no connection with any Youth Club currently running. The site will grow as I get the pictures to Rich who will administrate the website as I will no longer have the time due locating to London England.

Many thanks to everyone who is in the pictures. And to everyone I spent my time growing up with  in Maybole, and as a Leader of the Youth Club and in Maybole. Special thanks to Ronnie Campbell, Allan Murray, Rich Petitt, Kenny Anderson, Tom McEwen, Peter McNair, Sargie,  Alex Kelly and to all the other former Leaders and helpers over the years not mentioned.

Martin Bone  (Web Creator)

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