Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 11
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to the boy Irvine, that there had not as yet been a meeting of the Parochial Board, but that he will attend to the matter at the first meeting.

William Brown, the second eldest son of Mrs Brown, appeared and was examined regarding the circumstances of the family, in relation to the brothers, James, Charles and John, and he states that he is the only one of the family who assists them, as his eldest brother is not with the family and gives no aid - that in these circumstances they cannot pay more than 6d. per week.

The Meeting unanimously agree that the family must pay 1/- for the three children during summer months and 6d. per week during the winter months - and direct the teacher to intimate this to the family.

The case of Catherine Murdoch’s child of eight and a half years (see Application Book p.7) was considered, but as it is a case for the consideration of the Parochial Board, Mr Murdoch is requested to lay the same before the first meeting along with the case of Irvine, with the view of having it arranged that the boy Murdoch be sent to the Ragged School as otherwise his education, it is believed, will be neglected, and at the charge of the Board entirely.

Andrew Higgins (see original application p.3) presented a note stating that he is not able to pay 9d. per week as hitherto - and can now only give 6d. per week. The Father having been sent for, stated that he had other three younger children