Ragged School Rhymes by Alexander Maclagan
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Ragged School Rhymes was written by Alexander Maclagan in 1851 for the children of the Ragged Schools and to "enlist the sympathy of a few warms hearts in the benevolent and truly Christian movement".  The book has been scanned and made digitally available through the Google Books Library Project. A full copy of all pages is available as a pdf file.

Beginning of the first piece in the book.

The Lost Found - Lo! A servant of the Lord. Whilst wandering to and fro, Feeding-clothing-teaching-blessing, The helpless here below, In a breadless, bedless hovel, Not on a barren wild, But in a wealth city, found A little starving child. "Go, bring thy parents hither, boy," The good man cried - anon. The child turn'd up a face, to see Would melt a heart of stone: "Alas! I have no parents, sir," The  little trembler cried; "For my poor mother broke her heart The day my father died.

 Below are some of the illustrations from Ragged School Rhymes. Click on the images to view full size.