The Ragged School Minutes
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Transcribed by David Law 7th of Jan 1850  |  6th Feb 1850  |  7th Mar 1850   |  See also complete transcription all pages by Margaret Dick

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At Maybole this seventh day of January Eighteen Hundred and Fifty

Convened the following Members of Committee appointed to superintend The Maybole Ragged School and for taking such steps as may be considered necessary for raising funds and placing the Institution on a more permanent and efficient basis.

Revd Mr Dodds
Baillie Porteous
Mr James Murdoch
Mr Alex Gemmell
Mr Mathew Gibson
Mr William Hannay
Mr R. McMillan

Mr Murdoch is chosen Chairman in the absence of Mr Dykes the Convener.

The Secretary reported to the meeting that in compliance with the request of the General Meeting hels on twenty fourth October last, he had got the report printed and had circulated about one hundred and eighty copies, and that the oversight committed in not embodying the approval of the Revd Dodds motion in the Report had been supplied by a circular statting that fact. He also begged to state that he had received from Lady Hunter Blair a second subscription of two pounds along with a parcel of her children's old clothes and from Lady Dalrynple Fergusson of Kilkerran a subscription of two pounds for both of which he had tendered the thanks of the Committee.
              The Secretary stated that with the view of saving trouble and time of the meeting, he had drawn up a few rules for the regulation of the Institution for their consideration and the same having at the request of the meeting been read over and considered xxxxxxx, Aand such ammendments as seemed necessary made. Thereon the Meeting approved of the same as ammended and which are of the following tenor.

1st . That a small Sub Committee be appointed to consider and dispose of all applications for admisssion into the school, and that in disposing of such applications the Committee while they be regulated by the circumstances of each case, will no doubt keep in view two general rules which are thought to be worthy of notice and which have been found useful hitherto - namely that of a strict enquiry into the moral character of the parents or parent or other parties in charge of the child or children and the ability of these parties to afford maintenance and education and that in every case where there is both moral qualifications and pecuniary ability, the application be rejected and that the exception to the rule be those cases where although pecuniary ability does exist, there is a want of a moral or religious qualification for the training of the child - and with regard to such exceptional cases if the child is admitted that efforts be made to obtain such a stated weekly payment from the paternal party as their, his or her circumstances may seem reasonable. It is also earnestly recommended to the Sub Committee to endeavour to find some sort of employment for such of the children as may be of an age fitting for such.

2nd. That all aplications for admission into the school be lodged with the Secretary and laid by him on the first Monday of each month before the Sub Committee along with such information in relation thereto, regarding the circumstances of the child, as will enable the Sub Committee to dispose of the application, with power however to the Secretary in reference to all cases of emergency, whether in relation to an application, or to any other matter requiring immediate attention, to call a meeting of the Sub Committee, to consider and dispose of the same.

3rd. To enable the Secretary to obtain the requisite information concerning applications for admission, he is requested to associate with him in the investigation any one or more members of the Committee, and it is expected that the enquiry will embrace domicilary visits to the applicant's residence and family, and a full examination into the whole circumstances.

4th. That the School be examined by the Sub Committee or quorum quarterly, and commencing the first of these examinations on the last Wednesday of March next and so on quarterly thereafter.

5th. For further promoting the efficiency and prosperity of the Institution, it is resolved that two Ladies, be invited fortnightly in succesion, to visit the School, the Secretary always giving previous notice to the Ladies by a card intimating the day and hour when their visit is expected.

6th. That a General Meeting of all interested in the Institution be held annually in the month of April when the Treasurer will exhibit a full account of the income and expenditure and when also is expected that a report will be produced and read of the progress which the Institution has made during the past year and embodying such suggestions and recommendations as experience may dictate calculated to promote it's further usefulness.

7th. That the Treasurer be requested to issue circulars under the auspices of the Committee to the xxxxxx and others soliciting subscriptions for the present year and as it will be proper that the Inhabitants of the town be waited upon personally it is agreed that the town be subdivided into Districts and that two gentlemen be appointed to obtain subscriptions in each District.

The meeting appoint the Sub Committee above referred to, to consist of the following Gentlemen xxxx

The Revd Mr Menzies.
The Revd Mr Dodds.
The Revd Mr Thomson.
Mr Dykes.
Mr Porteous.
Mr N. Rennie.
Mr M Gibson.
Mr Hannay
Mr Main.
Mr S Rennie.
Mr R McMillan.
Mr Brown.
- any three a quorum.

The Meeting divided the town into the Districts underwritten and appointed the gentlemen whose names are ammended thereto.

1. The Main Street on both sides commencing at Coral Glen down to the Jail including Welltrees Street   } Mr Stewart
} Mr Nimmo
2. From the Jail down the Main Street to my Lord's Well   } Mr Murdoch
} Mr Hannay
3. The School Vennal and Greenside as far as Whitefaulds farm house.   } Mr R. McMillan
} Mr A. Gemmell
4. The Newyards on both sides as far as Lynstone and including Townend.   }Mr Gibson
} Mr Porteous
5. The Kirkwynd and Post Vennal including Barns   } Mr Main
} Mr Mr S. Rennie
6. The Kirklands commencing at Mr Rankine's house on both sides down to Thomas Bell's house   } Mr xxx Baird
} Mr John Farquhar
7. Weaver Vennal onwards to Spout of Welltrees and including the Coral Glen and Ballony   } Mr J Campbell
} Mr N Fergusson

The Secretary is requested to hand to the Gentlemen of each District a collecting book.

The meeting having considered the case of the girl McCafferty said to be aged about 13 years whose Mother died lately and who is for the present without any means of support and who has got no education, agree to receive her into the School for five weeks till it is seen whether she has a claim on the Parochial Board or be otherwise disposed of.

The Ragged School of Maybole sixth February Eighteen Hundred and Fifty

Convened the following Members of the Acting Committee -

Reverend Mr Dodds
Mr M. Brown
Mr R. McMillan
Mr Murdoch
Mr Hannay

The Teacher reported that the case of Helen McCafferty was brought before the Parochial Board when it was arranged, that she is to continue in the Ragged School and be maintained for one year at the rate of One Shilling and six pence per wek for food and education.
            The Meeting then took into consideration other claims lodged for admission to the School on behalf of children since last meeting per took when the same were severally considered. The meeting refused the claim for admission of Mary Fisher's son (14 years of age and can read a little)
            They admit Agnes Heggart's child on the condition of paying 2d per week, not charging the first week and paying it each a Monday.
            They admit Hugh XXXXX child of Helen Fisher for one month and on condition that he ceases to beg and if found begging to be dismissed.
            They admit Mrs Hendersons child on condition of paying 4d per week.
They admitted Henry Higgins on the condition of paying 9d per week also Edward Higgins child of Mrs __________ on condition of paying 6d per week.

Messrs Murdoch and Hannay reported that they had visited their District for subscriptions and had obtained in whole 6-10/-

The Ragged School of Maybole seventh March Eighteen Hundred and Fifty

Present :

Revd Mr Dodds,
Revd Mr Thomson,
The Secretary,
The Teacher.

The meeting was opened by prayer by the Reverend Mr Thomson.

The Teacher reported that Mrs Henderson could not pay 4d per week for her child but she says that she could pay 2d per week. The meeting agree to accept of her own proposal.
              Mrs Kechie claims for the admission (P4 of Record Book) of two of her 3 children (aged 5, 8, & 11) for whom she offers to pay 9d per week, having been considered, are of opinion that as these children are supported by the Parochial Board (who pay her 2/- per week for their support) the expense of their education falls upon the Board & they request this be notified to the Chairman of the Board.
             Mrs Trousels claim (p4) for admission of her child of 8 and a half years was next considered. She is not on the Board and offers 3d per week, has 3 other children 19, 14, & 11 from whom she gets no assistance they having all left her. The meeting request the Teacher make further enquiry into the facts stated by her and if true to receive the child.
           Mrs Bashford's claim for admission of her second child David Bashford aged 11 (p5) and her offer to pay 4d per week agreed to.
           The Meeting request the Revd Mr Thomson to endeavour to prevail on Mr Gemmell Shoemaker to receive the eldest son (James Bashford) as an apprentice or if he cannot, that he will endeavour to prevail on some of his brothers in the trade to take him.
The meeting think it right to request the Teacher to desire the Parent or other applicants for the admission of children along with the children or child to appear at the monthly meeting that the Committee may satisfy themselves by further examination.
           The Meeting understanding that Wednesday is thought not generally convenient for several of the members of Committee agree to meet on the first Thursday of next month and to consider if that, or any other day be more suitable. Meeting closed with prayer by the Reverend Mr Dodds.

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