Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 12
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children whom he must educate and that he has already one of these at Mr McGarrach’s School and is to send the other two on Monday first, and that therefore he could not pay more than 6d. The Meeting are of the opinion that the rate should be reduced to 6d. provided the Father send the other two to school on Monday and so long as he keeps the three younger children at school, but that if he fails to do so, the rate be raised to 9d. - and direct the teacher to see to this.

The Meeting consider it very desirable that some notice be taken of those children who have left the Ragged School, that the Committee may be acquainted with their future progress in life and will then now request the teacher to make reports occasionally to the monthly meetings.

Maybole 5 June 1850

Present Reverend Mr Dodds Mr Richard McMillan Mr William Brown

Meeting opened with prayer -

The case of Edward Hempkin’s children, a Widow with 5 children - Book of Applications p.7 - was taken up. This man’s family is in deplorable condition, apparently, of poverty and xxxxxx. He offers 8d. per week for two children - the youngest two. The Meeting agree to receive the two children in the terms specified. The Meeting next took up the case