Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 13
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case of Alexander Findlay’s children (p. 9 of Book of Applications) six in number - 12, 9, 6, 4, 2. He wishes to have the two eldest received at 1/- per week. The Meeting considering that these children are destitute of education and have in some respects got out of the parental constraint, agree to receive the two eldest, but under the condition to be strictly enforced, that if the children fail to attend regularly they are to forfeit a meal for each instance of absence and also the 1/- must be regularly paid.

The teacher respectfully directed the attention of the Meeting to the salary at present allowed to him by the Institution, being 6/- per week, which he felt to be inadequate for the comfortable sustenance of himself and wife - both of whom are engaged in the service of the Institution. He would be satisfied with an increase of 1/- per week.

 The Meeting direct the application to lie over till a future meeting for consideration and at same time expressed their opinion in favour of the increased allowance.

 The teacher represented the case of James Thomson who had been lately at School and whose Mother had turned him out of doors as being beyond her constraint. The Meeting with the view of reclaiming the boy authorise the teacher to receive him into the Home on the same terms with the Parish children, namely at 1/6 per week for two months and to report the result to the Committee at the end of said period.

The teacher read his report as to the present condition and conduct of some of the children who had left the school which was satisfactory.