Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 15
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The Meeting took up the application on behalf of Mrs Loganís eldest son (15 years old) Book of Applications p. 9 - who cannot read - and her own circumstances not admitting of paying more than sixpence per week.
The Mother and boy having been called and conversed with, the Meeting agree to receive the boy on Monday first.

The teacher is directed to keep a book or record of the name and conduct of each child while attending the School - the date of leaving - the trade or employment in which he engages after he leaves School - and of his behaviour, so far as he can discover it, while being taught a trade, or otherwise engaged - so that the supporters of the Institution may thus have the means of knowing the history of the child after leaving the Institution. The Secretary will provide him with a book for this purpose. The teacher has hitherto kept a record, but which is not in a shape which provides of a ready reference to each child.

The teacher reported that Hugh Knocker had left the School and he had been previously attending very irregularly - that he had also found that he goes out and begs over the parish. The Meeting approve Mr McMillan and the teacher to make another effort with the boy and his Mother to effect his regular attendance at School, and to report to next Meeting.

The Meeting on the request of the teacher, allow him three days for recreation, two days at one