Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 16
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one period and one day at another - the days to be selected to suit his own convenience.

The Meeting was opened with prayer by the Revd Mr Dodds and closed by the Revd Mr Thomson.

Maybole, 21 August 1850

 Present Mr Mathew Gibson Mr William Brown

 The teacher reported that David Bashford left School on the 10th Current and went to learn weaving with William Heron in Kirklands for three and a half years, the boy receiving half of his own earnings. William Heron is a quiet man. The Teacher has arranged that the boy is to continue to attend the Sabbath School kept in the Ragged School. The Teacher is requested to keep his eye over this boy and also to endeavour to secure his regular attendance at church.

 The teacher reported that several of the children are now in need of clothing, particularly trousers. The Meeting think it would be proper to give notice in the several churches that donations of clothes will be gratefully received, both to meet the present demand and the approaching winter.

Maybole, 17th September, 1850

Present The Rev Mr Thomson Mr Dodds Mr Gibson