Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 17
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The teacher reported that several articles of clothing had been received from Mrs Mxxxxxxxx and Mrs Menzies since the notice was given in Church that such articles were required.

The teacher mentioned that the Rev Mr Reid wished to be a member of the sub committee. The sub committee allow this matter to lie over till next meeting to see if they have power to assume Mr Reid - but at the same time express their feeling that Mr Reid should be allowed to sit as a member if competent.

The teacher reported that the boy Logan (admitted 12 July 1850 minutes) had left. The teacher is directed to see to bring the boy back on paying 4d per week and to report to next Meeting.

The teacher is authorized in the meantime till next meeting, to procure for the use of the School 3 creels of crabs. The Meeting took up the application on behalf of John McHutchison’s (2) children. McHutchison offers to pay 1/- per week (see Application Book page 11). Having heard the teacher as to the circumstances of the child, the case is deferred till the next meeting.

They also took up the case of Hugh McCulloch’s daughter Margaret (see App. Book p11). He offers to pay 6d per week for her. They agreed to admit the girl in these terms. McCulloch is a widower and always out of work.

The Meeting was opened with prayer by Mr Dodds and closed by the Rev Mr Thomson.