Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 2
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a circular stating that fact. He also begged to state that he had received from Lady Hunter Blair a second subscription of two pounds along with a parcel of her children's old clothes and from Lady Dalrymple Fergusson of Kilkerran a subscription of two pounds for both of which he had tendered the thanks of the Committee.
                                        The Secretary stated that with the view of saving trouble and time of the meeting, he had drawn up a few rules for the regulation of the Institution for their consideration and the same having at the request of the meeting been read over and considered verbatim, And such amendments as seemed necessary made. Thereon the Meeting approved of the same as amended and which are of the following tenor.

                                                 1. That a small Sub Committee be appointed to consider and dispose of all applications for admission into the school, and that in disposing of such applications the Committee while they be regulated by the circumstances of each case, will no doubt keep in view two general rules which are thought to be worthy of notice and which have been found useful hitherto - namely that of a strict enquiry into the moral character of the parents or parent or other parties in charge of the child or children and the ability of these parties to afford maintenance and education and that in every case where there is both moral qualifications and pecuniary ability, the application be rejected and that the exception to the rule be those cases where although pecuniary ability does exist, there is a want of a moral or religious qualification for the training