Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 24
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At Maybole 10 February 1851

Present the Reverend Mr Thomson William Brown

The Meeting having considered the case of Mrs Bell’s children and called her in for examination, they find that her youngest child has died since her application - that she is still in much distress - as her earnings after deducting her weekly rent (9d) is quite inadequate to maintain herself and three surviving children. She farther stated that she had got notice of her husband being in Carlisle and had communicated the fact to the Inspector, but that nothing had been done to compell him to do his duty. The Meeting think it proper that her eldest child (who cannot yet read) be received into the School for the present free of charge.

The Meeting having considered the case of McLachlan are of the opinion that the two children, John and Robert, be received into the school at 4d each per week until the end of March - and after that date 5d each per week to the end of April and thereafter 6d each. McLachlan and his family are of the Catholic faith.

The Meeting adjourn McCabe’s case for farther investigation.