Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 25
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At Maybole 4 March 1851

 Present The Revd Mr Dodds Mr Brown The Revd Mr Thomson Mr Jas. Murdoch
Meeting opened with prayer by the Rev. M. Dodds. The Meeting’s attention was directed to the case of the little boy Andrew McCulloch who has got an almost inveterate habit of tearing and destroying the books given him to use in school, and the books of the other boys. The teacher reports that he has tried every method to correct his fault, both by advice, by personal chastisement xxx but without effect, and that he was now at a loss what course to follow with him. The teacher exhibited a number of books which had been destroyed by this boy. The Meeting having duly considered the case and before dismissing the boy from the school direct the teacher to put him under the charge or surveillance of two of the most active boys in the school who will watch him and restrain him from doing any injury to books and to report the result to the next meeting, when the case will be finally disposed of. The two boys to be paid one penny each for their attention. The two boys named are Andrew Hathorn and Joseph McCafferty.
The meeting took into consideration the case of William Milhall who wishes to get his girl Margaret admitted into the School. It was agreed that she be admitted on condition that he pay up the existing arrears & also sixpence per week for his two children.
Mrs Thomson appeared and promised to pay one shilling on Monday week and a shilling per week until her existing arrears are paid up. The teacher to report at next meeting. Meeting closed with prayer.