Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 26
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Maybole 8 April 1851

 Present The Revd Mr Thomson Mr Mathew Gibson William Brown Mr William Hannay

The teacher reported, with much regret, that the boy McCulloch had still followed the mischievous practice of destroying books - that one night he tore four books - and has continued to destroy occasionally - and in fine the teacher considers this boy to be incorrigible by any efforts of reformation which he has been enabled to put forth.

The Meeting having again considered this case recommend that he be transferred to the Poor House under the charge of Mr Fergusson for at least some period with the view of trying the effect of some discipline there - and if he shall be improved with Mr Fergusson’s management he may be afterwards received back into the School.

Widow Wallace’s request for the admission of her two children, William and Robert, aged 8 and 6 (out of 6 children). See Book of Claims 28 March 1851, was considered. It is believed to be a very pressing and deserving case, and the Meeting therefore agree to receive these two children at the rate 2d each per week on the faith that the Parochial Board will pay an additional one penny for each child per week - and request Mr Hannay to bring this last before the first monthly meeting of the Board and to report. In the meantime the children are directed to be received on Friday first.

The case of Widow Beattie’s children is delayed until it is seen what the Parochial Board may be disposed to do.