Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 27
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Mrs Thomson is present and is to pay to the teacher 2/- on Friday and she agrees that John Houston to whom she works retain 1/- per week from her earnings to be paid over to the School till the arrears are paid up.

 Maybole April 30 1851

 Present Mr Gibson Mr Brown

The case of Widow Brannagan’s two children James and Mary aged 9 and 7 was considered, when it was agreed to admit them on their Mother paying four pence per week for each - at least for some little while.

Maybole 16 May 1851

Present Mr Dykes Mr Main W. Gibson W Murdoch Rev Mr Thomson Mr Brown

This Meeting, Mr Brown explained, had been called to have their mind on a complaint lodged with him against the teacher, of an alleged undue punishment of Jean Johnstone, a girl about 8 years old. The teacher, who is present, was requested to make his statement, which he did - admitting that he had punished the child with a small wand plucked from the garden hedge on the back, in consequence of her having been detected repeatedly destroying the school books, by tearing them in pieces - that he regretted he had made use of a wand altho’ small, and assured the meeting that he would not again use such a punishment. The Meeting intimated to the teacher their disapproval of the mode of punishment and expressed their determination thro’ the Secretary not to permit such - and that he must use the tause – but in consequence of the assurance given by the teacher they resolve that no farther procedure take place.