Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 29
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bed throughout the week and with victuals on Sabbath till his allowance from his Master be increased.

The Meeting having called in the Mother she repeated her total inability to give any assistance and especially as she has her other two boys to support - and in truth that she must seek support from the County, that nevertheless, she will so soon as she can return and pay what she can for James. The Meeting agree to provide bed and Sunday victuals to James in the meantime.

Maybole 31 May 1851

Present Mr Murdoch Mr Hannay Mr W. Brown Mr McMillan Mr Gibson

The case of John Laverty was considered. He is an able-bodied man but without any settled place of abode, and wishes to have his two children William and Sarah admitted to the Ragged School and will pay 9d per week for each which is considerably beyond the usual rate - or the rate paid by others.

The Meeting agree to the request, it being understood that the allowance is to be always paid per advance. The Meeting in reference to the case of the boy Henderson agree to provide him a bed throughout the week and with victuals on the Sunday until communication is held with the Parochial Board with the view of obtaining their aid to provide these.

The case of Samuel Thomson whose Mother has deserted him and