Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 3
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training of the child - and with regard to such exceptional cases if the child is admitted that efforts be made to obtain such a stated weekly payment from the paternal party as their, his or her circumstances may seem reasonable. It is also earnestly recommended to the Sub Committee to endeavour to find some sort of employment for such of the children as may be of an age fitting for such.

                                 2nd. That all applications for admission into the school be lodged with the Secretary and laid by him on the first Monday of each month before the Sub Committee along with such information in relation thereto, regarding the circumstances of the child, as will enable the Sub Committee to dispose of the application, with power however to the Secretary in reference to all cases of emergency, whether in relation to an application, or to any other matter requiring immediate attention, to call a meeting of the Sub Committee, to consider and dispose of the same.

                                  3rd. To enable the Secretary to obtain the requisite information concerning applications for admission, he is requested to associate with him in the investigation any one or more members of the Committee, and it is expected that the enquiry will embrace domiciliary visits to the applicant's residence and family, and a full examination into the whole circumstances.

                                 4th. That the School be examined by the Sub Committee or quorum quarterly, and commencing the first of these examinations on the last Wednesday of March next and so on quarterly thereafter.

                                 5th. For further promoting the efficiency.