Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 30
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who has no place of lodging was also considered when it was agreed to be the unanimous opinion of the Meeting that this boy should be provided with a bed in the Poor House - and he to continue to have victuals and education at the Ragged School. Mr Hannay is requested to lay the case before the Pxxxxxx of the Parochial Board.

Margaret Reid applied to have her child admitted to the School. The child is a female, the illegitimate daughter of Robert Stevenson, a weaver in Girvan. The child is aged five and a half years and was never at any school - offers to pay three pence per week per advance.

The Meeting agreed to admit the girl provided the money be paid per advance.

Maybole 1 July 1851

Present The Revd J M Thomson W Brown

The Meeting in regard there is no business of such importance as to require to be disposed of in so small meeting, agree to adjourn the same till next monthly meeting.