Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 31
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Maybole 13 August 1851 Ragged School

Present Mr W Brown Mr Mathew Gibson

Widow Wallace who has two children at the School for whom she pays 2d per week for each and now desires that another of her children, Mary, aged 10, be also received, for whom she will pay 3d per week. See her case stated Page 19 of the Book of Cases.

The Meeting agree to receive the child at 3d per week - the Mother having born the posthumous child referred to in the Book - and Mr Gibson recommending her on point of character.

The case of Widow McClelland (p23) is remitted to Mr Gibson to examine and report.

William Closs, son of Robert Closs, ( who has now sufficiency of work and who owes 2/6) is to be dismissed from the School on Saturday first, unless his father pays up. The teacher reported that Mrs Irvine owes 1/8 for her boy aged eight and a half years. The Meeting, in consequence of her not having yet much work agree to continue the boy till next meeting.

Isabella Reid desires her child to be taken into the teacherís house for a time or until she returns from the shearing - but the Meeting declined the request as being contrary to their rule and in this case not expedient.

Margaret Reid who has a girl, Margaret Stevenson, at School is in arrear 2/-. She is present and it is agreed that she pay 6d on Saturday senight and 3d the end of each of the 4 following weeks. The teacher reported that Mr R. McMillan had sent 9/- to be given to the boys at the School. The Meeting direct the teacher to apply it to.