Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 32
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purchase biscuits and distribute the same among the children on Sabbath after having been at Church.

Maybole 8 September 1851

Mr Gibson Rev Mr Thomson Mr Brown Thos. Dykes Esq.

Mr Gibson reported on the application by Mrs McClelland’s children, that she is a woman of good character and very poor - that she is unable to pay for their support or education - that she will find their food and wishes to have their education gratis.

The Meeting agree to receive her two children Sarah and David to be taught in the School gratis. The Meeting resumed the case of Mrs Irvine who now owes 4/- of arrears - and she having been called in declares her inability to pay up those arrears at present but assures the meeting that she will commence paying the usual weekly rate of 2d and will continue to do so - and will pay the arrears as soon as she is able. The Meeting agree to continue the child and if she faithfully pays the weekly rate for 6 months they will discharge the arrears.

The arrear of Margaret Reid was reconsidered, she has paid 9d since last Meeting but she still owes 2/-. She is called in and it is proposed that