Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 33
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she pay up the arrears in the course of one month and keep up the payment of the weekly rate, to which she agrees.

The teacher reports Mrs Findlay to be in arrear 2/6, and that she is at present shearing. The teacher is requested to intimate to her that the arrears must be paid up within 8 days or otherwise the children will be dismissed.

The children of the Board are at present much in need of shirts - and the girls in want of petticoats. The Meeting direct the teacher to furnish the Chairman with a statement of the clothes awanting, that the same may be attended to.

The teacher reported that three of the children of the Board had gone to service and that he could now receive three in their room. The Meeting direct the teacher to report this to the Chairman of the Board.

The teacher is authorised to give a week’s vacation to the School.

Maybole 7 October 1851

Present The Revd J M Thomson Mr W Brown

The case of the two children of Richard McLaghlan, labourer, Robert and John, aged 10 and 8, was explained. The father is a widower and his home kept by a daughter - but the boys will not obey.