Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 34
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obey her when he is from home, and run about the streets all day idle - and he wishes these two children to be received into the School to be taught, receiving their victuals and bed at home. The father resides in Kirklands and is a Catholic, but does not object to them being taught the Bible and Catechism.

The Meeting, impressed with the necessity of giving their aid to preserve these children from falling into bad habits, agree to their being taught in the Ragged School on condition of their father regularly paying one penny for each per week.

Mrs Hudgel, a widow in Welltrees Street, who has one son John, aged 16 - a daughter, Rachael aged 7, and wishes to have Rachael received in to the School, but is unable to pay anything, owing to her son John, being disabled by a disease in legs from working at anything. She is not upon the Parochial Board. Mrs Hudgel, being called in and examined, states she will give her child her food and hopes the Committee will give the education gratuitously. The Meeting agree to her proposal.