Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 35
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At Maybole 10 Dec 1851

Present Revd Mr Dodds Revd Mr Thomson Tho. Dykes Esq W Brown

The Revd Mr Dodds opened the Meeting with prayer. The case of Widow McDade regarding her two illegitimate children - Marion and John Devine, aged 6 years and 4 years to be admitted to the School to be taught, was considered. She gets no aid from the Board and desires that these two children be taught gratis - and to be fed. The Meeting are disposed to admit the children to receive education gratuitously, but not to receive food.

The case of Margaret Devine’s child James Davidson, aged 5 was considered. The Mother was present and states that she resides with her father Edward Devine ( 6d chxxx). The Meeting agree to give the child education gratis, but not food as they think the Mother and grandfather should be able to pay for the food, but if they agree to pay 4d per week the teacher will give the food.

The case of the children of Mrs Blyth whose husband has deserted her was considered. She has 4 children (boys) aged 12, 9, 4 and 11/2 - she gets 6d per week from the Board. The Meeting agree to receive the two boys of 9 and 4 for education and food, provided the Board pay the Ragged School weekly one shilling per week - and recommend to her