Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 38
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Widow Taitís case considered - and agreed that if her three daughters and son and herself pay the School 1/- per week they will be received and the teacher to communicate this.

Widow Brown owes of arrears a considerable sum. She is a labourer - cannot pay at present. Pays at present 1/- per week and now wishes to pay 6d per week. The Board allows 1/- per week for these children and Mr Murdoch is requested to request the Poor Inspector hereafter to pay the 1/- per week to the Ragged School.

McLachlanís case is adjourned till next week.

Margaret Reidís case resumed - child to be continued till communication be had with Joseph Reid, Elbow Street. Pensioner, and the teacher is directed to write to him to persuade him to pay the weekly allowance.

McLaughlane being now present, his case was reconsidered, when it was agreed to admit his two elder sons : viz Robert and John at 1/- per week.

Mary-Ann Laidlaw appeared and stated that she was still unable to