Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 40
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what allowance is given and to endeavour to secure the payment for the children by the Inspector to the teacher.

The case of Mrs Bonarís children, John and William, stands over till her application to the Board is disposed of.

Mrs Wallace and Mrs Trousel and Mary Ann Laidlaw are to pay each one penny per week additional to credit of old arrears.

Widow Taitís case (p25 Note Book) - a claim to have her two boys, William and Andrew, received into the School and to receive food, was considered. - whom the Meeting decline to admit there unless their mother pay the usual weekly allowance.

Mrs Keachyís request to have her boy and girl admitted to food in addition to education and to pay 3d each, is declined - and if children are withdrawn application to be made to the Board to secure payment of their education - and to enforce regular attendance.

The application of John Edgar to have Robert and John admitted to School and to receive food without paying anything at present - the Meeting decline to admit.